Back Yard Garden Update

I was super jealous of Marvin’s garden when I saw it this morning, but realized mine is doing ok since this is the first summer for it (last summer I just tilled up half the yard and threw in some tomato plants and yelled “You’re on your own, produce”). At any rate, some pics:

Did some more grass seeding today, and we are slowly but surely getting a thick, lush grass everywhere. Just a couple more thin spots left. Pulled up all the onions today and picked a ton of roma tomatoes:

Planted some broccoli where the onions had been:

Watermelons are doing well, looks like I am going to get a dozen or so out of four plants. The seeds were 99 cents so that’s not a bad deal:

The pole beans I put in last week are doing well (and I sneaked in a broccoli plant where I ran out of seeds). You can see the sunflowers still doing their thing in the back:

Finally, looks like I am going to get about a dozen decent sized apples this year. I could have gotten more, but I picked about a dozen or so and threw them in the compost pile because I didn’t want to stress the limbs on a young tree:

I’m seriously considering putting in three more raised beds next year. Also, I think I am going to hold off on the pathway until next year. I’m tired and broke, and it can wait another year.


Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Onward, Ever Onward

Wise & intrepid gardener Marvel, in mid-July:

We’re finally seeing some serious heat in the Willamette Valley (90s all week) — the Summer started so mild, most of the veggies have just been, well, vegging out. This week I expect (no: DEMAND) some significant growth out there.

This will be our last Summer on the 3/4-acres we’ve called home these last ten years. Keeping this much landscape from overtaking the house, the cars and our good-natured selves is a younger person’s game so we’ve found a home with a smaller lot and will be moving soon. Gonna miss the place and its green beauty, but we’ll carve out some loveliness in the next place, too.


Here north of Boston, we’re among the many suffering what I think of as Florida weather — high temps and horrible humidity, in the 70+ range. Scattered thundershowers bringing down power lines here & there across the region, but not enough precipitated moisture to break the streak. My cherry tomatoes flower but don’t set fruit; their larger cousins refuse to ripen properly; and even with my varmint waterer conscientiously topped up, something is leaving half-eaten green tomatoes littering the yard. UGH.

What’s going on in your garden(s), this week?

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Happy Accidents

From proud commentor Gelfling545:

I thought I’d send along a few photos of my “happy accidents” in the garden.

The first [top] occurred when the neighbor’s daylilies migrated to an area where not much would grow in my yard. The daisies leapt across from the other side of the yard.

The second happened when I was too slack to remove the finial of a garden structure brought down by heavy wind and the roses decided to grow through it.

The third was the result of my greed at the plant nursery – plants I had no actual place for. I stuffed them into a pot to keep them alive and I’m pretty pleased – and surprised with the result.

The garden keeps rewarding my bad garden practice in not having a plan but just thinking hmmm, I’d like one (or 5) of those.


What’s going on in your garden(s), this week?

I Think the Willow Tree Is Too Close to the Blog

Got some stuff done in the yard and took some pics. First, the backyard as a whole and a view of the left side. If you look in the back part of the second picture beyond both apple trees, you can see the wild flowers about to flower:

The grass is really starting to come in, and I think one or two more seedings and it might be thick and lush like I want. Then I can destroy it putting in the path.

Got the pole beans and the trellises set up, and in the background in the mulch you can see the bumper crop of sunflowers coming up. I planted them late, but hopefully not too late, so there would be some color in September:

Watermelons are coming in- have about eight the size pictured, and about 8 more half that size:

Onions are doing well:

Tomatoes are doing super- I have already picked about 50 or so, and have a metric ton more growing. Most impressive are the renegade tomato plants that were seedlings I decided were too wimpy to plant and just threw in the compost:

I guess they showed me. I need to rig something to get them up off the ground so the tomatoes don’t rot.

I just love how green everything is.

My Seedlings are Producing

I think I am going to grow from seedlings from now on- the process was so much more fun and intimate (not hat kind of intimate you perverts). This is only 1/3 of the harvest of tomatoes which have started to turn colors. I think I am going to seriously get a couple hundred tomatoes out of three raised beds. And I have at east fifty green tomatoes that are going to come from the seedlings I decided were going to die and threw in the compost pile and they decided to grow out of it. A good haul.

Of course I immediately turned them into dinner:

The only thing I don’t like about this house is I just feel like several people could be living here and taking advantage of it. Maybe when I win the powerball and move to the middle of nowhere in the new Balloon Juice compound (like Branch Davidians, but without all that creepy child rape and Jesus shit) I will be able to find a nice young couple who will love it and really get the most out of it, because this house has a lot to give.

What’s shaking my people?

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Serenity

Because I think we could all use some serenity, great shots from commentor Dan B:

I think the pictures were taken in south Bellevue, Wa, across Lake Washington from Seattle.

Wobbles the kitty would be in a garden in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

I’m finally starting to get some ripe tomatoes from my rootpouch ‘garden’ north of Boston. Ate the first fine, fat Carmello with some marinated feta from a local farmstand and a little olive oil… and remembered why I go to so much trouble and aggravation every spring!

What’s going on in your garden(s), this week?


Fresh off the vine:

I had not inspected the tomatoes since Tuesday when I watered (we’ve been in a dry spell here, which started approximately the minute I planted the willow tree), and on about four of my plants a full third of the plant had been defoliated by hookworms. Taylor and I just sat on the ground for about 45 minutes and picked a dozen of the bastards. I don’t want to use BT if I don’t have to, so I’m just going to be on these worms like ugly on an ape for a few days. Fuckers.

They worked QUICK, too. It was seriously only about 48 hours. A few of them were three to four inches long and as wide as a sharpie.