Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Respite

From faithful commentor Gelfling545:

A few pics of the garden this week. 😊

What’s going on in your garden(s), this week?

Sunday Morning Garden World Cup Chat: Pre-Noon Games

(Nobody sent garden pics this week, so y’all are gonna have to share with the futbal fans.)

Costa Rica v Serbia at 8am EDT; Germany v Mexico at 11am.

FIFA liveblog et al at the Google link.

Happy nice time World Cup story from my local paper, the Boston Globe“In Cambridge, World Cup brings a jubilant reprieve for local Iranians”:

The ball was in the back of the net, and in the subsequent moment of pandemonium, no one was talking about President Trump, international sanctions, visa uncertainty, or geopolitics.

For the more than 100 Iranians who packed Phoenix Landing, an Irish pub located about 5,900 miles from Tehran, there was only jubilation early Friday afternoon: Their team was about to win its opening World Cup game against Morocco.

Last month, Trump announced he was withdrawing the United States from a landmark nuclear accord with Iran and was reimposing harsh sanctions against the country. In the wake of that announcement, questions about Iran’s political and economic future abound.

Friday’s match offered a two-hour reprieve from that tumult for the local Iranian community, but even on the pitch, Trump’s decision was inescapable: Nike had previously said it could not outfit Iran’s national soccer team with cleats for the World Cup because of new US sanctions, something the country’s fans were acutely aware of.

“It’s a shame,” said Dee Toop, a 29-year-old who lives in Jamaica Plain and holds dual Iranian-American citizenship…

“I think if Iran does well in the World Cup, it can change a lot of politicians’ views, stances, and attitude towards Iranians. If they see them having fun,” he said. “Iranians like to have fun. We don’t just wear black and mourn. We like to drink beer and dance and celebrate.”…

If you have garden — or World Cup party! — pics to share, send me jpgs via the ‘Contact A Front Pager’ link at the right, or directly to annelaurie [dot] bj [at] gmail [dot] com.

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Also Nesting

Commentor Melissa M:

Over the weekend I noticed my own house finch nest located on the eave supports for our garage. One egg was perched precariously on the edge of the nest, so I quickly popped it in with its brethren-to-be. Momma has been seen sitting on them since, so no harm done. I’ll let you know when there are updates!


On a different arm of the home-love axis, a lawn-owner after my own weed-friendly heart, via the Washington Post:

Robert Stricker — 31, insurance actuary, reluctant lawn owner for nearly five years — would be perfectly content if every yard on his block was a jungle of weeds, all equal in ugliness.

He accepts that this is not the world in which he lives.

Rather, he and his wife, Abby, live in the United States — in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, specifically, where lawns are basically social caste symbols, and Stricker has no ambitions of ever leaving the weeded class.

His lawn is “going for that messy I-just-woke-up look,” he said. “It’s just crabgrass, as far as the eye can see.”…

He thought he had surrendered in the lawn battle long ago, but last week the war found him, anyway.

Abby Stricker came home one afternoon after her volunteer shift at an animal shelter to find a sign planted amid the balding grass and stray leaves of their yard.

“Your lawn was not treated today,” the sign read. “Your neighbor’s was.” It listed a 1-800 number for Dr. Green lawn care.

Abby sent a photo of the sign to Robert, who, in a fit of irritation, posted the photo on Reddit.

“Shaming us for our lawn quality I guess?” he wrote. And before Stricker had come home from the office and plucked the thing out of his yard, the sign had enraged the Internet…

Unbeknown to Stricker, however, one of his Reddit viewers was the owner of Dr. Green Services, Ryan Van Haastrecht.

“I thought the posts were actually quite funny, to be honest,” Van Haastrecht said. “What’s amazing about this story and how viral it’s gone is we were literally only doing this for about two days.”

It was a new marketing gimmick gone awry, the owner said. After treating a lawn, his technicians had been instructed to place signs in the yard of all neighbors — not just those with ugly lawns.

“We weren’t trying to shame anybody,” Van Haastrecht said. “Just trying to do something a little bit creative. … Certainly I’m not thinking this was a great idea, necessarily.”

Van Haastrecht said he ended the sign gimmick as soon as he saw the reaction to Stricker’s photo on Reddit. For whatever reason, he said, his business has increased since the short-lived campaign…

Despite the late spring around here (in April, when this article still appeared, there was still snow in our yard) the transplanted mail-order tomatoes are doing nicely. Several of them even have green fruit swelling, so Murphy the Trickster God willing we’ll have home-grown tomatoes in time for Independence Day!

What’s going on in your garden(s), this week?

Sunday Morning (Animal) Garden Chat: “Another Sign of Spring”

Self-propelling garden accessories, via indefatigable commentor OpieJeanne:

Freshly shorn alpacas. We finally got to talk to the owners and were told that these two are 18 years old, refugees of a small petting zoo.

The owner said their hair is difficult to work with and this year they couldn’t find a fiber artist who wanted to work with it.

They have two new companions, two lambs: one black and one white. Running away from the scary lady taking their picture.

The alpacas’ owner says they like having chickens in their pen. The buff one is ten years old and was part of the same petting zoo as the alpacas.

If I can get the Spousal Unit to help rescue the mower from the depths of the shed, today should be the first (long overdue) mowing of the season. I’ve turned as much of our lot as possible into beds & raised planters (and Himself is developing a genuine obsession with vinca as ground cover) but for dog-playground purposes, grass (or at least neatly-mowed weeds) is the lazy landscaper’s choice.
What’s on the agenda in your garden(s) this week?

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: A Garden Shed From Scrap

From indefatigable gardener / commentor OpieJeanne:

This used to be a chicken coop that the previous owner built out of scraps and “found” materials. You can see the flap door next to the door.

The floor had rotted away because it sat on the ground and it leaned to one side.

By the time this was taken we had raised it off the dirt, leveled it, and added 8” to the height because Mr opiejeanne fell in love with a door at Second Use that needed the extra height. It’s bright green and has lots of small window panes.

We had a window we picked up at a garage sale several years ago and we installed it two weeks ago. I’m surprised none of the panes were broken in all of that time.

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Sunday Morning Garden Chat: (Southern) California Dreaming

From the always-excellent photographer & commentor BillinGlendale:

Since I rent The Cave, I don’t have an extensive garden. I’ve managed to carve out a space by the door and have some roses(not pictured) and some wild flowers.

As many of you know, I quit drinking about 7 years ago and soon afterwards decided I’d actually like the place to look a bit better. I purchased some window boxes and mounted them beneath the windows for flowers and spread out some wild flower seed in a bare patch of earth by my front door.

I had a nice growth of wild flowers, including California Poppies(our state flower). The second year, however, my landlord and his minions decided to ‘weed’ and pulled them all up. The wildflowers have been persistent and returned each year, except for the poppies.
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Friday Morning Open Thread: Good Stuff to Ponder, Before the News Dump

I would also like my life to get back to its version of normal, so that I could keep a posting schedule that would please all y’all. Unfortunately, part of the recent discombobulation involves the fact that I can only garden during daylight hours, something that’s not gonna change in the immediate future…

Fun facts to share! (Charlie Kirk is the TP-USA grifter) —

Meanwhile, Maggie Haberman goes full-metal gossip columnist…