Sunday Morning Garden Chat

Blessings to you, Ozark Hillbilly!

If nobody else will… I guess I’ll send you some more garden pics.

You can see magnolia blossoms beyond the extravagant forsythia and I’m damn lucky to have a few of their blossoms to enjoy this year. Last Sunday night the lows hit 27. That was OK but Monday night it hit 25. I thought I’d lost them all, again, but as it turned out about 1/3 survived.

The daffodils didn’t care, and the frost did not stop the hydrangea from budding or keep the purple coneflowers from sending up their first tender shoots.

This weekend’s expected mid 30’s lows has convinced me to wait till after the weekend to plant my tomatoes tho.

Bonus pic: The Woofmeister and Percy. “drinkin’ wine, eatin’ cheese, and catchin’ some rays, you know.”

We’ve got daffodils like that, now starting to bloom along the south-facing front yard. There’s a rotation every year — first the old-school yellow daffs that were here when we bought the place, next to the heat-leaking basement window; then the specialty multi-colored daffs along the same axis; next the ones along the north-side chainlink (which are coming up nicely but not yet flowering); and finally the ones in the shaded side yard.

The Spousal Unit is taking an interest in the garden, this year. Which is good, because I can use all the help I can get hauling bags of compost and mulch. But it’s also slightly scary, because his ideas of what makes a good garden are… not always in harmony with mine. He has, for instance, an inordinate fondness for groundcover, and anything with blue flowers; given a free hand, our yard would consist of an expanse of vinca with some species iris and a few lilacs fighting for their lives above the wave — six weeks of early-spring color followed by six months of ‘why does everything look so drab out there?’

What’s going on in your garden (plans), this week?

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

I know it does not look like it, but these two pictures constitute about six hours work (the boys were over):

The grass in the backyard looks like hell, but right around the stairs is where I am putting in bricks and you can see the dogs have created a desire path to the back gate, so I guess I will just put the walkway there. Got everything weeded, the perennials are all cut back, and the thousands of twigs that the pines blew into the yard are all corralled. Next week will be powerwashing, and then another coat of stain for the deck.

Seedlings are late this year, but what the hell, it was freezing the first week of May last year and 70 in the last weeks of October, so screw it. They’ll grow.

My trees look so fucking good I am just over the moon. The ones out front have just really grown and the trunks are sturdy and there is good tensile strength to the limbs, I am just so happy. If you look closely enough you can watch the dammned willow tree grow.

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: California Wildflowers

From faithful left-coast garden correspondent Scout211:

Spring has come a little later than usual in Northern California, due to our wonderfully long rainy season (which is still happening, thank you very much). The wildflowers are finally coming out and beginning their spring showing. All of these were taken on our property in rural Calaveras County.

The top pic is a closeup of our rosemary bushes, a favorite of our local bees. You can see one of them in the center of the pic.

The second pic is of a field of what I think are foothill poppies. They are tinier, yellower versions of our state flower, the California poppy.

The third pic is of a field of blue dicks, one of our earliest and most abundant wildflowers in our area.

We brought home half a flat of pansies yesterday, which cheered me up no end. Murphy the Trickster God willing, I’m gonna spend the afternoon splitting them out into pots, so that I’ve got something encouraging to look at while I commence the great yard clean-up and clear-out.

What’s going on in your garden(s) this week?

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Spring *Will* Come!

From the gifted and gift-giving Ozark Hillbilly:

I won’t be around this wkend but the last 2 pictureless garden threads makes me think I should leave a little hope for all the folks still waiting for a little spring warmth, even if we still have snow on the ground here.

Saw someone digging out bushes in his front yard just yesterday. Of course, he was using a mattock, but I’m gonna consider it a sign of spring anyways…

What’s on the agenda in your garden (planning) this week?

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Waiting on Spring

Just ordered some hardy perennials online, and was informed that our little plot north of Boston is now officially Zone 6-7. It was Zone 5-6 even a few years ago…

Anyways! I also ordered more root pouches, some flash tape, and a Root Slayer spade, so all I need to start my garden over from scratch is a longer daylight window and some unfrozen ground. Also more energy, or at least stamina, but maybe getting out there and digging will help with that part (ha ha).

What’s going on in your garden (planning) this week?