Open Thread: Sam Bee’s Not the WH Correspondents Dinner

Seems to have been a fun time! You can watch the whole thing, bit by bit, at the Full Frontal YouTube channel.

NYMag had an interview with Ms. Bee earlier this week:

I am sure you consider yourself to be an entertainer first. But how much do you also consider yourself to be an informer and journalist?

I don’t consider myself to be a journalist. But we rely on the work of journalists. We have journalists working at our offices. We poached a lot of really great journalists to work in our midst. Really, without them we couldn’t create satire. We couldn’t do this show. We are absolutely reliant on them. We are vampires sucking the life force out of all of those great journalists.

Are there a lot of journalists coming to this event? Do you have a sense of that?

You know, some are. We invited a lot of journalists. Certainly, some people felt like they couldn’t come to an event like this, which we completely understand. Our event is on television. That doesn’t prevent anyone from watching it. But we’ll talk about them and thank them whether they’re here or not. But if they come, that’s great…

What has been the most surprising thing, to you, that has happened since Trump’s presidency began? Can you even pick one thing?

I can’t even pick one thing, but I will say the speed at which things were happening for a long period of time. That was very surprising to me. That was very surprising to me. I’m really just getting a sense right now that he’s trying to figure out what are the toys at his disposal. He’s really figuring it out in real time. I don’t think that’s a good thing.

So the degree to which he really had no idea what he was getting into was surprising.

It doesn’t surprise me that he had no idea what he was getting into. It surprised me that someone who had almost no knowledge of what the job required would endeavor to do things as quickly as he did…

If you’re bi-curious, here’s Hasan Minhaj’s monologue at the “real” WHCD. Poor fella tried really hard, but the audience seemed a little stiff…

Time to call the Senate

At this point, the AHCA as revised is on the knife’s edge to get out of the House. The Senate is where the highly anticipated battleground was always going to be. Time to light up their phones.

The great question on policy is Medicaid. There are a number of Republican senators (Portman, Heller are case examples) who represent Medicaid Expansion states whose Republican governors were not on board with the AHCA in March. These are the pressure points.

My read is if the AHCA gets out of the House it solely functions as a vehicle to get to conference committee with whatever the Senate wants to do. So let’s tell the Senate what you think.

Update 1

Call the Tuesday Morning Group and let them know what you think…

Late Night Open Thread: Everyone’s A Cynic Now

It is tree-pollen season here, and while I have a bunch of Serious Constructive articles tabbed up to post about, all I want to do is take another mouth-breathing, stunned-into-submission nap!

Late Night Open Thread: Armed for All Eventualities

All too normal, in these United States of the NRA:

More than 150 local, state and federal law enforcement officials had been searching for Jakubowski, whom authorities suspected of stealing at least 16 high-end firearms April 4 from a gun shop in Janesville, a town not far from Wisconsin’s southern border. Police said he had written a 161-page antigovernment and anti-religion manifesto, which he apparently mailed to President Trump at the White House…

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that local authorities in Vernon County received a call late Thursday about a man matching Jakubowski’s description who was camping and refused to leave the area.

About 6 a.m. Friday, officers approached Jakubowski, who was found under a tarp on the property with four handguns, one long gun, boxes of ammunition, a samurai sword, containers of flammable liquid, a protective helmet and vest, and a copy of his manifesto, authorities said. He was taken into custody without incident, authorities said, and is being taken to Rock County to face charges…

Moore, the Janesville police chief, said last week that Jakubowski has had run-ins with local authorities, including one incident in which he tried to disarm an officer.

But, he said, police had not seen his “antigovernment or terrorist-type” behavior.

“That is a new element for all of us,” Moore said. “Most of his activities have been anger-driven either toward the officers or toward other individuals, but not the antigovernment rhetoric, and that is a new piece to this investigation.”…

No (official) word on the other high-end firearms. Since this originated in the Speaker’s home town, am I a bad person that my first thought was “Somebody check Paul Ryan’s gun safe?”

Thursday Morning Open Thread: NOT Normal

Look on the bright side: Imagine how much pleasure the President-Asterisk’s antics must be providing to other debased empires!…

Apart from reinforcing our work surfaces against further [headdesk]s, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Birdly Beauty Break (Open Thread)

This hasn’t been a good week for many reasons. I think for some of us, the consequences of the election are sinking in anew, what with the elevation of Injustice Gorsuch and the inexcusable media fellating of Trump for scattering bombs ineffectively on a Syrian runway, possible harbingers of worse to come.

My liberal-but-doesn’t-follow-politics hubby was aghast at the Senatortoise from Kentucky’s boast on NPR about his successful theft of a SCOTUS seat. We can only hope these cumulative outrages wake people the fuck up.

Meanwhile, there’s still beauty in the world. Faithful reader “cope” provides evidence of it in this gorgeous photo of an osprey and prey:

It wasn’t a beautiful moment for the fish, but circle of life ‘n shit. Open thread!

Late Night Open Thread: All the Right Enemies, All the Wrong Friends


I am not, in general, a big fan of the ‘Trump’s using this as a distraction’ theory — flinging all the crap he can find to see what sticks is not advanced strategery. But when it comes to their golly-gosh SCOTUS nominee, the Repubs are sure making a valiant, all-out effort to turn the slightly steaming pitcher of vodka-scented yellow liquid of this week’s Trump/FBI revelations into something that could plausibly be sold as lemonade…