Monday Evening Open Thread

I just realized (with maximum horror!) that it’s December, so the holidays are almost upon us. I’m not ready!

Here’s a pretty Green Heron to look at:

Saw this amazing creature perched on a hazard marker right outside the channel. I don’t know about y’all, but the sight of such a lovely bird calms me down a bit.

Open thread!

Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

Here’s an Eastern phoebe that landed on my dock:

And here’s a nearby spring that can only be reached by canoe or kayak:

The water temp at the spring is 71 F year round, according to a neighbor. I might work up the nerve to swim in it someday — if I have a gator lookout.

Open thread!

ETA: Sorry about the sideways photo earlier. The WP mobile app interface sucks for managing images.

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread

Here’s a limpkin looking for apple snails by the river’s edge:

It got a big honking snail a few minutes before I took this shot and scurried off into the vegetation with it. I saw a pair of limpkins near this spot escorting some downy younglings along the bank a few days back. The little ones looked exactly like mallard ducklings, only with extra-long necks. Anyhoo, I suspect it is hustling for snails to feed the family.

This is the greatest spot for birding I’ve even been in, let alone lived in. That same limpkin was foraging next to three other species earlier: a little blue heron, an ibis and a tricolored heron.

Last night when we were sitting on the porch, we kept hearing barred owls calling all around us, and then one swooped down right across our field of vision in pursuit of a small critter that was shrieking in terror. I think the prey got away, but it was very close.

It’s a bit chilly here today by our standards — lows in the mid-40s and highs in the low 60s. The mister works outdoors, so I’m making pot roast to knock the chill off. (I’ve forgiven him for forgetting my Pepcid the other day.)

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Any predictions on which shoe will drop next off the Trump-Russia millipede? Feel free to discuss whatever — open thread!

Thanksgiving Eve Open Thread

Hunting egret at sunset:

So, tomorrow we gotta make the obligatory green bean casserole, roasted asparagus, and cranberry sauce as our contributions to the family feast. We’re getting off easy this year.

How about you?

Wednesday Morning Open Thread

Here is what I believe may be a juvenile Great Blue Heron wading near the riverbank. It is approximately the size of an ibis. If I’m wrong on this bird ID, please set me straight in comments.

The mister and I both have the day off, and rather than doing responsible things like painting or caulking, we’re going to have fun. First, we’ll have breakfast at a delightful mom-and-pop diner we recently discovered. Who knows, maybe some NYT reporter on a post-election Deploraville safari will buttonhole us for our views on Trump — and boy, will he or she get a goddamned earful if so!

Then, we’re going shopping for Thanksgiving side dish supplies, hardware odds and ends, etc. Shopping together is an activity that strains the bonds of our partnership since we have radically different philosophies on how to approach it. (This isn’t the fun part, BTW.) We’ve mostly avoided joint shopping trips during our two decades-plus marriage. But since we now live in a literal howling wilderness, trips to town for supplies require time and planning, so we’re learning to reconcile our shopping styles perforce.

Then, we’re going to come home, pack a picnic lunch in a cooler, and go explore the river in a jon boat. That’s the fun part. I hope to return with more waterfowl and wildlife photos, which I may share if y’all behave.

Open thread!

Deep Breaths and Calming Thoughts Open Thread

Was just reading more about the three- or four-hour wait times and broken-ass equipment at polling places in Georgia, Texas and elsewhere. It’s an outrage, and the people responsible should be fired for incompetence and/or prosecuted for election fraud. It’s not like Election Day creeps up on corrupt, cheating fuck-sticks like Brian Kemp; they know exactly what they’re doing.

New rule: state secretaries of state receive a year in jail for each hour a constituent at their slowest polling place has to stand in line. I bet they’d make sure poll workers plugged the goddamned voting machines in then, wouldn’t they?

Oh wait, yeah, deep breaths and calming thoughts — here’s a beautiful limpkin that landed on my dock this morning:

Limpkins have a serene look, but for my money, they have the most blood-curdling call on the river. So, no sound — just the bird photo.

Open thread!

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread

How about some uncontroversial birds to look at? Here’s a gorgeous Little Blue Heron, who was stalking fish by the riverbank yesterday:

That slate-blue color just knocks me out!

And here’s an Anhinga drying his extra-fancy wings:

And here’s a glimpse of the elusive Black-and-White Banded Bra-Snatcher:

Sorry about the poor quality of that last shot; it’s hard to get feral creatures like that to pose. Fortunately, this species only steals undergarments from laundry baskets rather than heisting them from one’s person.

That’s all I got. Open thread!