A Tern for the Worse

Bad bird puns open thread?

Or we could discuss what an utterly graceless, classless, clueless, embarrassing clown the president is:

Foul or fowl — your choice.

Friday Afternoon Open Thread

Saw a beautiful lady woodpecker chasing bugs on a light pole early today:

She made it to the top:

Then looked over her shoulder at the morning sun:

The end.

Wednesday Afternoon Open Thread

I saw a couple of fliers at the beach down the road. One was a plane bound for parts unknown:

The other was a gull hanging out on a streetlamp:

We should all look so good when photographed from the rear!

This photo doesn’t look much like Florida, but it is:

The thing that looks like a hill in the distance is an old phosphate mine slag heap.

Open thread!

Friday Evening Open Thread

Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

It sure is a beauty. It is even now perched on the light pole in my yard. I think it made some faint whistling noises, but I can’t be sure.

ETA: Some folks on Twitter, including our own Cheryl, ID’d it as a starling. I shall call her “Clarice.”

Open thread!

Midday Monday Open Thread

I got nothing. Maybe you got something.

Ovenbird Open Thread

This little birdy was hopping around a pile of our hurricane debris this evening, foraging for bugs:

I knew it was some type of warbler or thrush, but I didn’t know it was an ovenbird until a kind person on Twitter identified it for me. Twitter is actually a great place to crowdsource bird identification.

Maybe the world would be a better place had the Twitter platform focused on birdwatching all along — no MAGAts, Nazis, Putin-bots, racist dicks, sexist knobs, etc., just birds. It even fits with the name.

Ovenbirds got their name by constructing domed nests that resemble a Dutch oven. Pretty cool, huh?

Overnight Open Thread

This is a crappy photo because it was misty out that morning, and I did a lousy job of framing the shot, but any picture with two shorebirds in it can’t be all bad:

Is the blog acting up on y’all, or is it just me? I’ve had trouble getting to the site (fails to load), and the back-end is FUBAR; I have no confidence whatsoever the photo referenced above will publish. Maybe it’s just a wee hours maintenance thing.

Anyway. When this damnable insomnia struck a while ago, I made the mistake of checking the headlines and was thus exposed to Trump’s lunatic ravings in Alabama. To sum up, Trump:

– Called on NFL owners to fire (black) players who take a knee during the national anthem
– Suggested that the KKKeebler Elf should get busy locking up Hillary Clinton
– Urged people to vote for Luther Strange primarily so he (Trump) won’t get bad press
– Denied Russian interference in the election
– Rambled bizarrely about “the wall” being transparent

Fuck anybody who voted for that buffoon.

Regarding national anthem protests: anyone who gives a shit about the First Amendment should support the right of the players to protest. The orange fart cloud’s authoritarian overreach on the issue should trouble us all.

The slack-jawed yokels cheering the shitgibbon on in Alabama have no fucking clue what the First Amendment is for; the Constitution is just a bundle of papers they occasionally hump for effect, just as they claim to be Christians while shitting on the poor and enthusiastically supporting a racist, sexist, xenophobic degenerate.

Again, fuck those assholes. But what should non-assholes do, aside from affirming the players’ right to engage in peaceful protest? Should white folks of good will take a knee too?