President Obama: On Helping the Midwest, and Mozambique

Lighter Side Open Thread: H-O-R-S-E HARSH!

Speaking of Decency, or a Lack Thereof

Sometimes you see something and it just leaves you basically speechless:

This is the Republican party in 2019.

Sunday Morning Open Thread: Arctic Adventure Iditarod Tales

[Warning: Harry Smith’s audio is pretty loud]

Everyone who’s lived with multiple dogs knows this stalemate — although most of the time, the consequences are smaller:

Nicolas Petit of Girdwood, Alaska, and his 10 dogs were just off the Shaktoolik check point on a stretch of Bering Sea ice when a disagreement between two dogs, a veteran and a younger dog, caused the sled to pause, then completely halt, when Petit raised his voice to discipline the animals.

The 38-year-old’s sled earlier in the day left Shaktoolik in the lead “like a rocket,” he told local television station KTUU. But then one of his dogs wanted to stop for a bathroom break and an older dog jumped on top of it in disagreement. Petit raised his voice and it spooked the rest of the team, which refused to mush.

“Everybody heard daddy yelling. Which doesn’t happen. And then they wouldn’t go anymore. Anywhere,” he said to KTUU.

Petit took his dogs back to a cabin at Shaktoolik to rest, but later decided to drop out of the race entirely for the good of his dogs.

“They’re all fine, they all ate good, no orthopedic issue. Just a head thing,” he said Monday.
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Community Notice: EFGoldman Update!

Front-paging a message from the indefatigable SiubhanDuinne:


Got a call a while ago from mrs efg, to let me know that our beloved efg was moved out of the ICU this afternoon (which came as a big surprise to me, as I guess I hadn’t realised he was in Intensive Care in the first place) and is now in a normal hospital room. He is such an intensely private guy that I don’t feel comfortable sharing any of the medical details. Suffice to say that he is vastly improved, even from a day or two ago, has regained some appetite, and is evidently returning to his curmudgeonly status quo.

He has already received several cards — THANK YOU, Jackals! — and would love to get more. Again, for those who missed or misplaced it, here’s the best address:

E. F. Goldman
c/o M. Ross
32 Anthony Drive
Cumberland, RI 02864

I know a couple of people said in an earlier thread that they were planning to write to him, and I hope lots of you will. Postcards, greeting cards, casual notes, long printed-out screeds, anything and everything legal to send through the U.S. Mail — all lift his spirits greatly.

Happy to be able to share some good news, and may repost this when the night crew signs in.

As Adam would say: YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO, JACKALS!