Sunday Morning Open Thread

I am trying to hold the wonderment these children express so well — especially considering that, for example, California would be infinitely grateful to have such troubles — but nine inches of wet snow in mid-November is TOO GODSDAMNED SOON.

And speaking of positivity, there’s this:

Open Thread: Gauntlet, Thrown!

Of course the Repubs will do their best to strangle this vital young bill, but — at the very least, we’ll get them on the record, and let them defend their stance in the 2020 campaigns.

And not coincidentally, doesn’t this make the #FiveWhiteGuys and their fellow anti-Pelosi ratfvckers look like the two-bit schemers they are?

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Delicate Shifts

Today’s Doodle honors the life and legacy of Tyrus Wong (born Wong Gen Yeo) the Chinese-American artist responsible for some of the best-known images in American popular culture. Drawing inspiration from Chinese artists of the Song Dynasty, Wong applied his unique vision to paintings, prints, and even the Walt Disney film Bambi.

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Josh Marshall, at TPM — “Everything Shows a GOP Resurgence Except for the Evidence”:

As I explained earlier this week, I’m watching every headline, poll number and shred of information I can find about this election because the stakes are so damn high. I don’t need to argue or make a case about why it’s the most important midterm or election of our lifetimes. It is. No hyperbole. This is it. And I would be lying to you if I told you I didn’t feel angst and apprehension as I read this stuff. It does all feel different. The climate feels different. And yet I go back to the numbers. And this shift does not seem born out by any data I’m actually seeing. And I’m seeing close to all of it…

I’m not here to unskew the polls for you. The Senate map has shifted significantly against the Democrats over the last month. There are also worrisome nuggets of information. President Trump’s personal numbers have popped up. The latest NBC poll showed Republicans closing the enthusiasm gap with Democrats. Each of these give me pause and make me wonder whether they’re leading indicators of some shift. But when I look at all the numbers combined, there’s just no evidence for this shift which is dominating the media narrative.

The best baseline I think in terms of is the generic ballot poll. That’s been highly consist, between 8 and 9 points for the last two months.

If you think a Democratic takeover of the House is critical to the country’s future, I’m not here to tell you, don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine. That’s not how I feel. But I will say that almost all the evidence that we have is that we’re looking at a high probability of a Democratic takeover of the House and that things look pretty similar to what they’ve looked like for the last six months. The numbers don’t bear this media narrative…

I will say that part of the current moment reminds me of the Virginia Governor’s race a year ago. Now-Governor Ralph Northam was the favorite in that now-fairly-blue state. But in the closing weeks and days the uber-establishment GOP Ed Gillespie went full Trump with a series of hard, racist ads about MS-13 and feral “illegals” looking to overrun the state. There were some polls showing a tightening of the race. Democrats, or at least people chattering in the media and on twitter, started getting demoralized and grousing that Northam was blowing it, that Democrats had blown it by not nominating the more progressive Tom Perriello. Most chilling, it seemed like going full Trump racial incitement might be working.

In the event, Northam won and won big, by a larger margin than the polls suggested.

I’m not predicting this. But I am keeping it in mind…

Late Evening Diversionary Open Thread

For your late evening, Eastern Daylight Time, diversionary enjoyment pleasure.

Open thread!

This Is Kind Of Exciting

Mr. Charles Pierce reads our top-10,000 blog.

I’m going with the Balloon Juice post that includes the text of this ludicrous sludge bucket because I don’t want to give USAT any clicks on it, either.

Thanks to Quinerly for pointing this out to me.

Open thread!


Michael making a mess

Who has good recommendations for local and regional charities that can quickly transform money into productive good work?

In the Nick of Time a Hero Arose, a Funny Looking Dog with a Big Black Nose!

Ach du lieber!

Yes, yes, I know the video in the tweet is actually from 2015…

Anyhow, you all know what this means! An audio-video extravaganza of a dogfight between the leader of Jagdgeschwader 1 (JG 1), also known as Richtofen’s Flying Circus, and a dog!

Open thread!