We are all badgers now

When Texas House Democrats went on the lam to try to stop Tom DeLay’s redistricting grab, Willie Nelson sent them a case of whiskey with a note that said “Stand your ground”.

Likewise, Atrios has an ActBlue page for Wisconsin Senate Democrats up, if you’ve got a few ameros to spare.

Reader blogs

Haven’t done reader blogs in a while so here goes:

What’s going on on your blog, if you keep one?

Late Night Open Thread: Nixonland

If there’s going to be a Balloon Juice Book Club, commentor Catclub suggests, then Rick Perlstein’s Nixonland might be a good place to start.

I’ll admit that I’ve been avoiding this worthy tome (I did read various excerpts when it first appeared) because it’s 900 pages of stuff I didn’t enjoy living through, and which will no doubt piss me off all over again to read about. It’s available electronically, there’s plenty of cheap used copies out there, and the waiting list at public libraries should’ve worn down by attrition. If enough BJ readers are interested, I’d be willing to read / blog about it, maybe at the rate of a chapter or two every week. What say you?

Reader’s blogs a day early

I’m doing my reader’s blogs a day early, because something very exciting is happening: Can’t Explain will announce its number all-time pop song of all time tomorrow. I also wanted to get this post up before he announces his number 2 song, because that way I am twice as likely to have one of my picks (below) show up. You can see the list so far here. I have a bad feeling that it will be something by the Who based on the blog’s name. If it were up to me, given what’s on the list and not on the list so far and the general aesthetic being praised here, I would go with either something by Aretha Franklin (probably “Chain of Fools” or “I Never Loved A Man”) or something by Smokey Robinson (“Tears Of A Clown” or “Ooh Baby Baby”) because there’s nothing of theirs on the list yet, or possibly “Walking On Sunshine”, “Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain”, or “She’s Not There”.

In other reader blog activity:

  • Athenae has a new book out about Irish pubs of Chicago.
  • This isn’t a reader blog in the usual sense, but James Joyner comments and links here, and he has a very good post on the question of whether libertarians do, or should, care about corporate abuse of power.
  • Moderate Urban Champion has one of the most interesting pieces about architecture and lay-out in a mid-sized American town that I’ve ever read (I may be biased because it’s in the same general area where I grew up).

Who have you been blood-libeling on your blog? And what do you think will/should be Can’t Explain’s pick as the number one pop song of all time?

We are all openly gay now

This would have all happened much sooner if Hillary were president:

The Senate just voted 63-33 to break the filibuster on the DADT repeal bill.

Late Update: Just so we’re clear. This is not the passage of the actual DADT repeal bill. This is the vote that allows a straight majority vote, which will likely come tomorrow. And since there are many more than 51 votes for repeal, that means that the actual bill will pass tomorrow and likely be signed by the president early next week. This vote means that DADT is history.