Open Thread

I’m almost afraid to do this, but I will be going to a party for my friends who are getting married on Saturday, and I have to leave the blog unattended for a few hours. Yesterday, I took a 45 minute nap in the afternoon, and that was enough time for you all to crayon the walls, put saran wrap on the toilet seats, feed Rosie a half pound of chocolate, and by the time I woke up the Wednesday race riot had broken out and JSF was daring EEMOM to stick her tongue in the wall sockets.

I’m begging you all. Please behave.

Someone Got a Puppy

Not me, but one of you did. Check out this adorable pile of pudge and fur:

I’ll let you all guess who the owner is. I’m not sure if this little fellow has even been named yet.

I’m off to take the neighbor to the doctor, so I hope to be back tonight. Behave and don’t burn the place down.

Only the echoes of my mind

Thanks to everyone for their karaoke suggestions. I ended up doing Easy Like Sunday Morning, Rock With You, and Raspberry Beret. All went well though Rock With You really was too high for me. I decided against wearing the western-themed get up I wear when I do karaoke with my friends in Texas because I felt it made me look Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy.

Mistakes were made last night (though not by me). No one could have predicted that Dead Man’s Party and Innocent Man would go be such epic karaoke disasters.

Reader email

I’ve gotten a lot of good emails from readers the last few days:


  • A pretty solid Bobo impersonation (could be slightly better but the tone is dead on) from that new Onion NYT parody all the kids are talking about (from reader J)
  • Sitting for hours a day is bad for you.  This is a bit of a fixation of mine, I’ve always felt that this was the case and have made a fetish of getting up from my desk every hour or so (from reader F).
  • And finally, the big gubmint looters at the US Postal service are helping moochers get by by delivering food directly to the strapping young bucks.   You can learn more at the link.  I just gave $100 — you can also leave non-perishable food out on Saturday.    Guess the non-perishable part rules out T-bones.   Call it fiat food, I guess.  (From another reader F.)

Karaoke and guilty pleasures

I’m busy refereeing a paper today, so I don’t have time for a real post, but I’d like to thank all of you for your karaoke suggestions. I have to say, though, that as much as I like Night Moves, Bob Seeger is just a bridge too far for me. Ditto Bob Dylan, at least as far as karaoke goes. I’m also canning Sweet Caroline in favor of Brandi, possibly.

I thought of a few others that no one mentioned — Must’ve Got Lost, Celebration, and Do For Love.

Bear in mind that I live in Real America, so this isn’t like one of those places on U Street where Megan McArdle and Matt Yglesias do Arcade Fire duets — if it wasn’t in the top 40, it won’t be on the play list. Has there then been anything good in the top 40 the last 20 years? The only things I’m aware of are Macy Gray, Justin Timberlake, that one Strokes song, and maybe Sublime. I can’t do any of those very well (I may try Last Night or Senorita or What I Got sometime though) — is there anything else? I haven’t been keeping much track.

Since I’m rambling here, I thought I’d bring up related topic: guilty pleasure songs, because they often make good karaoke songs. What are your favorite guilty pleasure songs? They’ve got to be bad, no Walking On Sunshine or Prince or pre-Lion King Elton John. Mine are Hey Jealousy and It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over