More Thursday evening fun

Hilts requests another “what’s on your Ipod?” I’ll start, I can’t remember how that works, if it’s what’s on your Ipod right now or what comes up when you shuffle, so I’ll mention both. Little Red Corvette is what was on my Ipod to start with and when I shuffled Windfall by Son Volt came up.

And Cleek has a new Name That Tune up.

Update. Okay, it’s the first *ten* songs that come up on shuffle.

Song of the week

Trying to make it a fun Thursday evening with an early Song of the Week.


Barbara Lewis, “Baby, I’m Yours” (1965)
Written by Van McCoy. Barbara Lewis was a singer who first caught on around Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the early ’60s. Her first and biggest hit she wrote herself, “Hello Stranger,” but I couldn’t find a YouTube version any better than the one below. (Here’s a Grooveshark version from Bob Dylan’s XM show with somewhat better sound.) I think this might be my favorite anyway, because I actually remember hearing it on the radio. It’s really a sweet one. She had two more hits, “Make Me Your Baby” and “Make Me Belong to You.” There might be a kind of story in them if you get the right order.

Big hit: “Hello Stranger”
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Paul Krugman is Fat!

There is so much pent up anger and fail in this comment that I don’t know if I can contain myself:

Fucking primary him yesterday or deal with the choice you’ll have in 2012. Instead of adding to his near Jonah Goldberg-sized paunch with cocktail parties with David Brooks and churning out boilerplate for the Gray Lady, perhaps Krugman should’ve taken it upon himself to collect some signatures and raise funds.

Look- Krugman is RIGHT about the economics. Period. What is irritating is that he really does not seem to understand that the House and the majority of the country disagree with him and that there is some way we can enact his policies with the House and the Senate (Blue dogs + Republicans = fuck you progressive policies) in the way. And I agree with him that Obama’s deficit rhetoric ain’t helping.

But seriously- Paul Krugman is fat? Get a grip, people.

*** Update ***

From the comments:

Oh, and I overlooked this flatout falsehood:

“a majority of the country disagree with him.”

In fact, Krugman’s views on virtually all economic issues have widespread support, progressive taxation, creating jobs are more important than deficit cutting, don’t cure Medicare or Social Security, etc.

This is 100% accurate, and I spoke carelessly. The public does support the policies that Krugman advocates. They overwhelmingly support liberal positions in poll after poll. But they also support generic notions of deficit cutting and are hopelessly susceptible to rhetoric about “cutting back in hard times,” And polls be damned, the most important thing to remember is they keep electing Republicans.

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

(Tom Toles via
Let’s talk about anything that isn’t this week’s Republican man-crush.

Song of the week

From Can’t Explain.


Ultravox!, “The Man Who Dies Every Day” (1977)
Somebody, maybe a record store clerk, sold this to me as punk-rock back in the day, but in retrospect it’s much easier to see it as late-breaking glam. It’s hard to imagine anyone playing it without a face caked and streaming with makeup. It’s cartoonish, but irresistible, with its dramatic dynamics, rubber-ball tempo, harmonies at the top of the lungs, and all the B-movie pseudo-noir spy subterfuge affect and gesture. If it’s practically stalking around in a trench coat and fedora, to me that just means it’s in character: “Someone stood beside me for a moment in the rain / A silhouette, a cigarette, and a gesture of disdain,” etc., etc. In the ’80s, Ultravox experienced some personnel changes, dropped the exclamation point from the name, and went New Romantic. That worked too, although maybe left a few purity questions

Pretty: “Reap the Wild Wind”

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