Lights for Liberty – Providence, Durham, Frederick

Here’s more positive news, because it’s going to get worse later.

dr. bloor: Providence [Rhode Island] Journal said the crowd was “hundreds;” I thought it might have broken into four figures, but I’m terrible at that sort of thing.


Libby’s Person: A couple of hundred people gathered in Durham, NC.

Dan Z in Frederick, Maryland:


Lights for Liberty – Cookeville, Madison, St. Petersburg

Alcanox in Cookeville, Tennessee: It was a nice event with a little over 100 people in attendance, which is not bad for a small college town.

Omnes Omnibus: Some photos from the Madison WI vigil. We had a good 300+ Sorry for the Cole-esque quality of some of the photos.

Joy in FL: There were a lot more people by the time the event began at 7, probably about 300. After the vigil, Indivisible FL 13 and ACLU had 4 breakout sessions about contacting legislators, protecting immigrants, visiting the Homestead detention center, and Actions to Enforce the Flores Agreement.

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Lights for Liberty – Tucson, Elk River, and Camano Island

RandyG in Tucson, Arizona: About 1,500+ attendees, 98° at game time. Scheduled for 7:00-9:00pm, with a candlelight vigil scheduled for 8:30pm. Sounded great, started on time. Apparently the organizers thought it made sense to keep bringing up more and more people essentially saying the same thing and very little in the way of actually following up with some useful action items. At 9:00pm we (my wife and 2 other friends) left…. more speakers were still being brought up, no candlelight segment in sight, about 3/4 of the crowd had already left. Yes, I give the organizers a lot of credit for doing the heavy lifting of getting this organized, but gee, most left-wing grassroots groups have no feel for effective tactics or strategy. Did I mention that it was hot and late?

esme: These are from the Sherburne County Jail in Elk River, MN. A good crowd for a small town. A bunch of us from St. Cloud drove down.

thalarctosMaritimus: About 30 dedicated activists turned out for the vigil on Camano Island, Washington, a community about 65 miles NE of Seattle. We chose it over the Everett vigil because we thought that in a smaller, more rural community, 2 more supporters could have more impact than in a larger city crowd. The weather was warm and sunny, and the Camano Island Democrats chose a location where a lot of Friday rush-hour traffic passed by. We were encouraged by horn-honking and waves from passing drivers, and Mr. thalarctos and I made some contacts to stay in touch with for upcoming events.

More to come…open

Lights For Liberty – Manhattan Beach, Lexington, and Taos

The vigil at the New Mexico State Capitol went off extremely well last night, thanks to our own Felix O. Culpa.

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FelonyGovt was at the Manhattan Beach, California, vigil. They had about 200 people.


From Noncarborundum: Here are a few shots I took outside the Hancock Church in Lexington MA last night.  There was a brief meeting inside the church with readings, songs and information about ways to help, then we all went outside for the candlelight vigil.  Not everyone got a candle; they said they’d been expecting about 50 people, but by my estimate there were at least 150 there.

From Gus diZerega in Taos, New Mexico (Hi, neighbor!):

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Reminder – Vigils Tonight!

Lights for Liberty vigils tonight everywhere! Click here to find one near you.

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