Seattle Meet Up Proof of Life: The Up Meeters!

Both CaseyL and OpieJeanne sent me after action reports and pictures from last night’s Seattle Meet Up.


What a great gathering!  HinTN is so delightful, we should get him to move here to the PNW so we can see him more frequently.  We also had two new people:  EthylEster and Jonathan (aka informationdriveway, though he comments, when he does, under his RL name).  And of course the Seattle BJ regulars:  me (CaseyL), OpieJean and Mr. OpieJean, ThalactosMaritimus (whose husband stayed home because the Writing Muse was with him), DanB, and BeautifulPlumage.
We ate and drank our way through the Saffron Grill, where the food is wonderful and so are the staff.
Of course there are pictures.  They’re glare-y because of light coming in through the window, so sorry; and one is blurry because our waitperson studied at the John G. Cole School of Photography.  And I took one of our GoH, HinTN, that is a hoot because he looks like “I Am Not Amused” – which is not at all true; he had a blast (we all did).
Thank you Adam, for alerting us to organize this shindig, and for posting this report on the festivities.
I should also mention that Yutsano, who could not attend in person, called in via cell.  We had him on speaker, and I held up the phone so everyone could say Hi, but we couldn’t really hear him, so I chatted with him for a bit and then held up the phone so we could all say goodbye.
(Harry HnTN, Guest of Honor, Looking Stern.  Self explanatory.)
(The Whole Gang:  From left: Jonathan, BeautifulPlumage, ThalarctosMaritimus, CaseyL, HinTN, OpieJean, Mr. OpieJean, Dan B, EthylEster.)
(Also Whole Gang Tho Blurrier: From left: HinTN, OpieJean, Mr. OpieJean, Dan B, EthylEster, Jonathan, Beautiful Plumage, ThalarctosMaritimus, CaseyL)
(Subset of Whole Gang: DanB, EthylEster, HinTN)
I got a couple of photos at the meetup last night. The Saffron Grill is a nice restaurant with an Indian, Mediterranean, and “American” menu. I only glanced at the American choices and went for the Tandoori prawns. Everything was delicious and the company was great.
(The first one is Casey L. standing and the guest of honor, HinTN.)
(The second photo is Beautiful Plumage on the left and Thalarctos Maritimus on the right, but she’s not really a polar bear.)
Open thread!

Seattle Meet Up Update: The Meet Upening!

Despite the complete failure of the staff here at Balloon Juice Actual to get the initial post about a potential Seattle meet up posted in a timely manner, commenter CaseyL has reached out, informed me that a meet up will occur tomorrow night, and provided the details:

We managed to come up with a plan for tomorrow’s meetup, and would appreciate it much if you could do a post tonight so that more of the Seattle area BJers hear about it:

Reservation is at:
Saffron Grill
2132 N Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98133
At 6:30
There is a FREE parking lot
For 8 people (I will call them and change it to 10)
Under the name: Casey.

Thanks much!


Open thread!

August 14th Seattle Meet Up!!!!!

Apparently this slip past everyone that was asked to put up a 14 August Seattle Meet Up post. I apologize to HinTN, OpieJeanne, and the other folks interested.

HinTN is going to be in Seattle this week and would like to arrange a now, because we here at Ballon Juice Actual dropped the ball, last minute meet up for tomorrow night. So if you’re interested, please sound off in the comments and start working out where you want to connect.

I’ve emailed both HinTN and OpieJeanne to apologize for dropping the ball and to make sure they know I’m putting this up now. I’ll also repost tonight in the hope that you all out in Seattle can still pull this off despite my screwing it up.

Open thread!

Open Thread: Proof of Life, NYC Saturday-Night Meetup

From Guest of (dis)Honor NotMax:

Couple of fuzzy pix the waitress was kind enough to snap for us. Fingers crossed that others who also took photos will be submitting

Picture 1 [at top], beginning from far right, down that row and returning to the front of other row:

Chacal Charles Calthrop, Sam, JAFD, Chigail, Blanche, Paul W., Tom Q, Susan, Aaron, RedDirtGirl, arrieve, NotMax (dark shirt, snowy beard)

Picture 2 – reverse angle.

Tom Q, Susan, Aaron, RedDirtGirl, arrieve, NotMax, Chacal Charles Calthrop, Sam, JAFD, Chigail, Blanche, Paul W.

Here’s a few more, lifted from JAFD‘s comments:

Bonus Last Reminder: NYC Meetup Today!

Samwise will be too busy doing this to make it…

…but for the rest of us, here are the details one last time!

The place: Tír na Nóg, 254 W. 31st Street
(across from Penn Station, just east of 8th Avenue)

The time: Beginning at 6 p.m.

Should you need it to find the table, reservations have been made under the name Jack Alfolk. (Say it out loud.)

Looking forward to schmoozin’ with y’all.

I may be as late a 7:00, but I have faith you will all survive the harrowing hour before I appear.

Open thread, I suppose!