Orville and Wilbur Update

Apparently the cat bleg for Orville and Wilbur was successful. Here are the details from Robin:

HUGE thanks to you and the Balloon Juice community, Adam! My daughter and I just dropped Orv and Willy off with Jenny and her daughter-in-law. We met up in St. Louis and the boys are Topeka bound!

Reid, you did it!

You guys housed my cats!!!

They’re Kansas kitties now.

Seriously, thank you so much.

I cannot thank you enough!


I’m not sure if the adopter is a commenter or a lurker, but hopefully they’ll sound of in the comments and let us know how things are going.

Here are the pictures Robin sent across.

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On the Road and In Your Backyard

Good Morning All,


Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the pictures!


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Seattle Meet Up Proof of Life: The Up Meeters!

Both CaseyL and OpieJeanne sent me after action reports and pictures from last night’s Seattle Meet Up.


What a great gathering!  HinTN is so delightful, we should get him to move here to the PNW so we can see him more frequently.  We also had two new people:  EthylEster and Jonathan (aka informationdriveway, though he comments, when he does, under his RL name).  And of course the Seattle BJ regulars:  me (CaseyL), OpieJean and Mr. OpieJean, ThalactosMaritimus (whose husband stayed home because the Writing Muse was with him), DanB, and BeautifulPlumage.
We ate and drank our way through the Saffron Grill, where the food is wonderful and so are the staff.
Of course there are pictures.  They’re glare-y because of light coming in through the window, so sorry; and one is blurry because our waitperson studied at the John G. Cole School of Photography.  And I took one of our GoH, HinTN, that is a hoot because he looks like “I Am Not Amused” – which is not at all true; he had a blast (we all did).
Thank you Adam, for alerting us to organize this shindig, and for posting this report on the festivities.
I should also mention that Yutsano, who could not attend in person, called in via cell.  We had him on speaker, and I held up the phone so everyone could say Hi, but we couldn’t really hear him, so I chatted with him for a bit and then held up the phone so we could all say goodbye.
(Harry HnTN, Guest of Honor, Looking Stern.  Self explanatory.)
(The Whole Gang:  From left: Jonathan, BeautifulPlumage, ThalarctosMaritimus, CaseyL, HinTN, OpieJean, Mr. OpieJean, Dan B, EthylEster.)
(Also Whole Gang Tho Blurrier: From left: HinTN, OpieJean, Mr. OpieJean, Dan B, EthylEster, Jonathan, Beautiful Plumage, ThalarctosMaritimus, CaseyL)
(Subset of Whole Gang: DanB, EthylEster, HinTN)
I got a couple of photos at the meetup last night. The Saffron Grill is a nice restaurant with an Indian, Mediterranean, and “American” menu. I only glanced at the American choices and went for the Tandoori prawns. Everything was delicious and the company was great.
(The first one is Casey L. standing and the guest of honor, HinTN.)
(The second photo is Beautiful Plumage on the left and Thalarctos Maritimus on the right, but she’s not really a polar bear.)
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On the Road and In Your Backyard

Good Morning All,


Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the pictures!


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Late Evening Cat Bleg: Orville and Wilbur Need a New Home!

Commenter Matthew Reid Krell reached out on behalf of a friend of his with an urgent cat bleg for a pair of brothers in Louisville, Kentucky:

Okay, animal rescue friends: the lovely woman who adopted our two cats six years ago—who adored them—passed away on Monday. She was 10 years older than I am. Her husband called me today to ask if I could either take them or rehome them.

They are beautiful cats. Their names are Orville (the black one) and Wilbur (the grey). They are brothers. 14 years old. Birthday is April 19, 2005. We rescued them when we lived in Wisconsin and only rehomed them when they became horribly stressed in an apartment we were living in thanks to the landlord’s dog. We moved them in with Shari and David, a lovely childless couple who doted on them and cared for them. They have been really well-cared-for and loved.

With Stephen being on one leg and with my (now decidedly confirmed by the doctor) allergies, we really aren’t in a position to give them the home they deserve.

Who do you know? Who can I contact? I will pay all vet expenses to have them checked and have shots updated. I will transport them. I would pay sponsorship to a foster family for all upkeep.

I love these cats. I wish I could bring them home. I can be reached at mozergirl@gmail.com to start the process of getting Orville and Wilbur into a loving home for their twilight years.

Okay you lot of jackals, you know what to do. And here’s some more pictures of these handsome gentlemen as incentive!

As far as I know the baby is not up for adoption.

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