A Kind of Specialized Balloon Jobs Thread

I know, I know.  I never write. I never call.

And I haven’t got anything substantive to say just now (or rather not the time to untangle thought from rage).  But I do have notices of two faculty searches in my general purview at MIT — and while they are very specific and pretty demanding in terms of qualifications, this is a big, bad, beautiful crowd here.

So I thought that I might let social media take up a little slack and alert you all — who may then alert any qualified friends as well — to the possibilities.  And all that seems like a good excuse for everyone else to put up any other suggestions they may have for gainful work for our crowd.

Here’s what’s on offer at my shop:

First up — a junior, tenure track professorship of science writing. You can see the advertisement and check out the application process here.  The deadline on this one is coming up fast — November 1, so if this is of interest to you or anyone you like, go for it.

Second:  there is a senior search for a professor of rhetoric.  Ad and applications details here.  There is a little more time available on this one — till December 1.

That’s it from my end of the patch.  (BTW — I am not on the committee for either of these positions, so there’s no point in lobbying me.  I am happy to answer questions about the nature of the science writing job, and y’all know how to reach me if necessary.)

Now you know what I got.  What do you have?

Jobs anyone?

PS — something more on the main line of Balloon Juicing coming soon.  I’ve made that promise before, and I’ve always meant it.

Image:  Frederick Stuart Church, Tiger Having Eaten Professor, 1905.

Balloon Jobs

It must be time for another one of these…

If you are looking for work, looking for talented people, or just have ideas as to how the aforementioned might contact each other, you know what to do.

Last jobs thread was here.

Note to Cole: If you get into a Category deleting frenzy, I’d ask that “Balloon Jobs” stays so that the punters can find the previous ones…

jobs, jobs, jobs

Sorry to contribute to the conventional wisdom, but– I thought the president’s speech last night was excellent, both on substance and in tone. I would tweak a few things myself, but the fact is that we desperately need a jobs program and we need it now, and I thought he and his team did a very savvy job of framing the proposed bill. I don’t believe that there is any endeavor which the nihilists across the aisle will jump on board with, but it was very effective for setting the media narrative.

Speaking of tone, I do want to say that I think the question of tone, narrative, and attitude from the president is being discussed too narrowly on blogs. Yes, I agree that those who speak as though tough talk will somehow pass the president’s agenda, magically, are being naive. A party that holds the Senate and the presidency certainly should be able to enact more of its agenda, but we’ve got a foolish system requiring a supermajority and Obama’s tone can’t affect that either way. At the same time, I also think people are running too far in the other direction, particularly among some Beltway types who want to flex their Cult of the Savvy status. I don’t think tone has much of an effect on short term legislative issues at all. But I do think that the embrace of a fighting spirit helps determine both the outcome of elections and the mandate that arises from those elections. Sad as it is to say with our failed media experiment, the way that the media presents the outcome of elections makes a big difference in legislative outcomes. I also think that party allegiance and self-identification have a lot to do with whether individual voters feel that their party is a point of pride. Tone can’t pass cap and trade, but it might make things easier for this president or the next Democrat in the years to come.

To that end, the path from now until next November seems pretty clear to me: Democrats and liberals bring everything back to jobs. Always. Like a mantra. Obama makes a speech: what about job? Activists go to a Republican town hall: what about jobs? A Dem appears on Meet the Press: where are the jobs? At the Presidential debates: what is your plan for jobs? Make raising employment synonymous with the Democratic party’s efforts in 2012. Make the question so constant and so insistent that people in the media feel compelled to ask Republicans these questions themselves. Any hint of intransigence from Republicans on the issue has to be leaped on immediately. And there will be value apart from partisanship: owning the issue will make Democrats who are perhaps skittish about their own reelections prioritize it and do all they can to help reduce unemployment. We’ve seen the importance recently of keeping centrists on the reservation.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, from politicians and bloggers and activists. I know it sounds obvious, but now we’ve got the concrete proposal and the commitment from the top.

ZOMG! ScheduleGate!! President Obama is a Cave-Dwelling Cave Meister!

This is Obama’s Katrina.

 For those of you who aren’t aware, Obama caved BIG-TIME yesterday… or something.

See, he wanted to address Congress about his jobs plan on September 7, which is Congress’s first day back from summer recess. (You remember jobs, right?  Most of you probably don’t have one because Congress refuses to do its job and come up with a plan to put Americans back to work.)

John Boehner, in an unprecedented yet unsurprising move, sent a letter to Administration saying, “No” — after initially offering no objection to the Obama administration’s chosen date:

[A]s the Majority Leader announced more than a month ago, the House will not be in session until Wednesday, September 7, with votes at 6:30 that evening. With the significant amount of time – typically more than three hours – that is required to allow for a security sweep of the House Chamber before receiving a President, it is my recommendation that your address be held on the following evening, when we can ensure there will be no parliamentary or logistical impediments that might detract from your remarks.

Despite the fact that the date was floated to the GOP and the GOP didn’t object, the White House pushed the address back a day because getting into a slapfight with Boehner would have only served to make everyone — not just the GOP, but also the Administration — look like asshats.

He pushed back the date by a whole day? The horror! The horror!

Delaying the address definitely proves that Obama caves on everything, and this is why he’s going to lose in 2012. Voters will remember the Day the Address Got Delayed By A Day, and voters will view it as Obama being a wimp (as Markos called him) or petty and incompetent (as Jon Walker of FDL called him) or so weak that he doesn’t even realize he’s being weak (as Cenk Ugyur called him).

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Every single Professional Left blog has front-page posts claiming that Obama is a wimp, a cavemeister, naive, petty, or incompetent:

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Balloon Jobs – I pull to the left, I heave to the right…

Friday afternoon seems like a decent time for our (semi) regular job thread…

If you are looking for work, looking for talented people, or just have ideas as to how the aforementioned might contact each other, you know what to do.

Our first two threads are here and here in case anyone wants to go back and check if someone responded to their message. If you posted before, feel free to post again. As my great uncle Rupert (the pretender to the Perrott Baronetcy of Plumstead) used to say to me when I was just a young girl, “No one ever got their end in without asking. Several times, if necessary, eh what?” No matter how many times I kicked that man in the groin, he always tried on his next visit. Still, he came to a sticky end, so that all worked out alright.

Oh, and if I was asked, I would say that this is an open-ish thread. Don’t stomp on the job talk, my little loves, but feel free to chat amongst yourselves. ETA: Oh, and don’t feed the you-know-whats.

You might also like to go and visit the lovely Mr Clark at Slacktivist and see what’s happening on his jobs thread. Go for the jobs, stay for the glurge. Great post, even better word… “Glurge”. Like “moist”, only more so.

Speaking of work, this is an opportune moment to explain why I haven’t been posting as much. I have a job. Well, at least a volunteer one. I am, get this, traveling with Michele Bachmann’s campaign entourage. Read more

The job thread that would not die…

Yesterday’s job thread is still going, and there have been some good posts yesterday evening and overnight from people with job opportunities and suggestions and some more people who are looking for work.

I don’t know if it will do any good, but you never know. If you folk think it’s a good idea, I’m happy to make it a semi-regular thing.

In the mean time, this is yet another open thread.

ETA: I’m bringing over a few of the more interesting posts. If for some reason you don’t want your post on the front page let me know and I will take it out. Sorry if I didn’t pick yours – I’m just sticking in what caught my eye in a quick scan of the second half of the thread. There is lots more good stuff on the original thread or feel free to repost on this one. Squeaky wheel and all that…
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And then dance and drink and screw, because there’s nothing else to do…

The lovely harlana notes that:

Ordinary people have sacrificed enough already. Come on! I saw 2 people on the blog last nite who have recently lost their jobs. I really wish we could have an open thread for that, for their stories, nobody around here seems interested.

I don’t know very much about struggle and hardship (not least because I’m imaginary), but I am happy to admit that in a week when London is burning, stockbrokers are behaving like Michele Bachmann in a k-hole, and thousands of Somali children starved to death, listening to those in our little community who are having hard times is much more worthwhile than yet another post about Sullivan or McArdle or Brooks.

Have at it.

ETA: Via Arguingwithsignposts:

The Slacktivist does this, I just noticed. Here’s his post format:

Job seekers: Let us know where you are and what you’re looking for.

Everybody: Skim through and see if you know something, or know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who might help out one of our job seekers.

Duly stolen. And yes, feel free to mention friends or family.

[Image: David Vinckbooms (1576-1632) – Distribution of Loaves to the Poor.]