Excellent! More Citizen Journalism!

The next generation of wingnuts cut their teeth:

A politically conservative student armed with a video camera and a Web site is trying to force a Democratic congressional candidate out of his teaching job at Central Michigan University.

Dennis Lennox, a 23-year-old junior, has posted videos on YouTube of himself questioning assistant professor Gary Peters about campaigning for office while holding a prestigious position at the university.

Some say Lennox is persistent. Others accuse him of pandering for attention.

“What I’m doing isn’t about getting media attention,” said Lennox, a political science major. “I’m speaking for the hundreds of students, alumni, taxpayers and even legislators who have complained because Gary Peters won’t pick between Congress and campus.”


Lennox helped start the group Students Against Gary Peters and created a Web site for what he calls “Petersgate.” He insists that he isn’t targeting Peters because he’s a Democrat.

But some see it differently.

“Basically, he’s just an extreme partisan. Anybody that’s a Democrat, he’s going to try to get at,” said fellow political science major Eric Schulz.

I regret that there was no information available regarding the good prof’s kitchen counters. Stay tuned, though!

*** OBLIGATORY TROLL PROTECTION *** – I am sure there are JUST as many douchebags on the left doing this sort of things to Republicans.

On This, We Still Agree

Common ground between me and Little Green Footballs. Ted Rall is still an asshole.

More Beauchamp

How exciting! Via Kevin Drum, the story that never mattered but was the biggest thing since Dan Rather in Greater Wingnuttia is back, and apparently Franklin Foer is worse than Hitler. Or something.

I would tell you what I thought of the leaked documents if the links at Drudge worked. From Kevin’s snippet, it appears that the latest transcript show that Beauchamp basically told everyone to piss off, that he just wanted everything to go away. Or, precisely what anyone with a brain would have predicted he would do (note the date I wrote that- 10 September) once the nutters had the brass jumping down his throat.

The Instapundit senses a conspiracy, though, as “Scott Thomas” can not be found on the TNR’s brand new website. Alas, no searches work, the good professor later finds out. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, FRANKLIN FOER, WITH YOUR CRAFTY NEW FAULTY SEARCH FEATURES?

As a side note, it is amazing how quick this shit goes viral with the right- I worked for a little bit, came back, refreshed the browser and saw Kevin talking about it, and immediately noted that every 24%er in the blogosphere already had an opinion up at memeorandum.

*** Update ***

And now Drudge appears to have pulled everything.

*** Update #2 ***

Fourteen pages of Beauchamp refusing to talk about the story (again, who would have guessed that would happen?). That sure clinches it!

Now- on to the speculation as to why Drudge pulled the story. Was there identifying data on the fax that would let us know who leaked the documents (assuming they are legit?). Someone in the military, perhaps? Did TNR make it all up to screw with Drudge?

And finally- how many of you knew who Franklin Foer was before this whole thing? Or had read any of Beauchamp’s dispatches?

A New High (or Low)

Thousands of immature, prickish, and generally assholish remarks happen every day in the blogosphere, and I am proud that half of them happen here either on the front page or in the comments section. But this is just taking it to the next level:

“I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today.”

And what makes it even more awesome, is that he said it during the middle of a rant in which he believes we need to come together( listen to the audio clip).

Maybe we can all get together and kick Glenn Beck’s ass?

Mukasey Testifies, Right Wing Yawns

Michael Mukasey, in his testimony today, compared torture to the Holocaust:

The Bybee memo is “worse than a sin, it’s a mistake,” Mukasey said. He referenced the photographs taken by U.S. troops who liberated the Nazi concentration camps in 1945 to document the “barbarism” the U.S. opposed. “They didn’t do that so we could duplicate what we oppose.” Beyond legal restrictions barring torture clearly, torture is “antithetical to what this country stands for.”

I am glad that Steve Benen and Andrew Sullivan both remembered the collective FREAK OUT when Dick Durbin said the following:

If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings. Sadly, that is not the case. This was the action of Americans in the treatment of their prisoners.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane and see the response to Sen. Durbin’s rather benign (and accurate remarks).

Ace of Spades:

Hey, DICK, Here’s What Death Camps Look Like

Fucking asshole.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Contains pictures of real death camps, probably of the type that Dick Durbin would engage in a little apologia over, as they’re not American and one was even conducted by “peasant reformers” just interested in redistributing a little land.

Hot Video of DICK: Watch this filthy little twat make his accusations.

Red State:

Okay, I’ve read Durbin’s non-apology, and it’s nowhere near enough. In the first place, the Distinguished Senator does not apologize for what he said, but only apologized if others misunderstood what he said. This, essentially, says that given the chance, Durbin would say it again, if only the rest of us were smart enough to understand what he truly meant.

Censure remains the only appropriate response to Durbin’s nonsense. As we have been shown on a number of instances, the Muslim world is watching us very closely, and there are people who are looking for any excuse to throw gasoline on the fire of anti-U.S. sentiment abroad. If clerics can use a story about flushing a Koran down a toilet to spark riots that kill 15, how many people can be signed up to Al-Qaeda when a disingenuous cleric waves this silly quote of Durbin’s in front of their face and says, “One of their own Senators, a very important one, even, compared their administration to the Nazis and the Stalinists, and he refuses to take it back. How can you doubt that our cause is just?”

Durbin’s inflammatory remarks have hurt the image of this country and our armed forces abroad and at home.


I called Senator Dick Durbin’s office this morning at (202) 224-2152 and, after being on hold for a while, laid out the reasons why I think Durbin should resign from the Senate. His staffer told me that as of this morning, he is standing by his statement comparing American soldiers to the Nazis, the Communists and the Khmer Rouge. There was one caveat, however: the staffer told me that Durbin never actually said “American soldiers,” and that there are also contract interrogators at Guantanamo Bay. I asked whether Durbin was trying to claim that everything bad about Gitmo was the fault of civilians, and the army has nothing to do with it. She backtracked quickly and denied that this was Durbin’s theory–it would, of course, be an absurd claim since the military runs Guantanamo Bay and sets the policies there. Her evasion shows, though, how deeply dishonest Durbin’s position is.

Bill Kristol:

Conservatives (and, one trusts, many liberals) have been appalled by Sen. Durbin’s comparison last Tuesday, on the Senate floor, between “what Americans had done to prisoners in their control” at Guantanamo and what was done by Nazis, Soviets, and Pol Pot. Conservatives (and, one trusts, many liberals) have also been appalled by Sen. Durbin’s non-apology last Friday: “I have learned from my statement that historical parallels can be misused and misunderstood.” In other words, Sen. Durbin apparently still believes there could be a proper use and understanding of an “historical parallel” between American soldiers and Nazis.


DURBIN’S REMARKS should not be allowed to be edited away with an apology. The American electorate does not believe the conditions at Guantanamo are “torture.” They do not agree that the criminal conduct of Abu Ghraib is illustrative of the American military. They do not worry that we are being overly inclusive about the population at Gitmo. They do not believe that any part of what America been about since September 11 is in any way connected with the Nazis, the Stalinists, or Pol Pot.

They are disgusted over this slander of the military, and they deserve a vote on whether Senator Durbin’s argument deserves anything except complete and quick condemnation by responsible members of both parties intent on supporting the war, the military, and the country’s defense.

Dick Durbin hasn’t been misunderstood, as his Friday web statement claims. He isn’t the victim of a right-wing media, as his Friday interview argues. Dick Durbin has been perfectly understood. All of his words have been read and listened to, in their original context and in his original delivery.

Durbin stands with the Michael Moore left, the Howard Dean attack-America-first caucus, and the international chorus that assigns the responsibility for the jihadists to American overreach in the world.

And those are just a few. I haven’t the desire to check out the swirling vortex of stupid that will be Michelle Malkin’s archives.

A few quick things:

1.) In light of the recent blogstorm over Graeme Frost, it is instructive to go back and look at the reaction to Durbin. This behavior the past week from the right regarding Frost is nothing new. It is their tried and true methodology.

2.) How will they respond to Bush’s nominee saying what is roughly the same damned thing as Dick Durbin? Will they demand his nomination be shot down? Will they slander him, call him a twat and a dumbass and tell him to go fuck himself? Will they break out the epsom salts and begin the necessary gymnastics to pretend this statement by Mukasey is somehow substantively different? Or will they ignore it completely, just like they completely ignored the murder of Win Shwe, who was tortured to death in Myanmar last week (and we couldn’t really say anything, because we have no credibility on the subject of torture anymore)?

3.) The Durbin affair, on the heels of Schiavo and Abu Ghraib and the excuses for torture and the other lies was the beginning of the real break for me with the current swine who dominate the current GOP. In fact, this post on Durbin was one of my last at Red State (if not the last, although I think there might have been one or two more). I am glad I got out of that cult.

Stay Classy, Mitt Romney

And the race to the bottom continues for the Republican candidates, as each tries to out-Bauer the other:

Retired General James “Spider” Marks, who has just been named a new national security adviser to Mitt Romney’s campaign, asserted in a 2005 interview that he would readily torture prisoners to save a soldier’s life or stop a terror bomb, saying: “I’d stick a knife in somebody’s thigh in a heartbeat.”

Unimpressed, Rudy Giuliani immediately released a press statement stating he would “skull fuck a kitten to death in order to save a soldier.”

Adorable jihadi kitten before advanced interrogation techniques.

Jihadi kitten after weeks with “Spider” Marks.

Next Stage: Denial

Looks like the wingnuts got out too far ahead of the boys in Washington on this one:

An aide to Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, expressed relief that his office had not issued a press release criticizing the Frosts.

This has not gone unnoticed in some quarters. Captain Ed:

However, the response on the Right sometimes outstripped reason. Rather than just argue the facts, some in the comments section here and elsewhere went too far in speculating about finances and motives of the Frost family. Certainly, their argument was fair game, as well as their claim on federal assistance, which is after all public money. The S-CHIP debate doesn’t just focus on the Frosts, though (and we find out that the expansion argument wasn’t even relevant to them). We have plenty of reasons to oppose the S-CHIP expansion that have little to do with the Frosts, and we should be focusing on policy, not personal anecdotes.

Rick Moran and the American Thinker:

Bloggers who helped circulate financial information about the family over the weekend backed off a bit Tuesday. “It’s the difference between Google and journalism,” said Rick Moran, who penned a piece for The American Thinker. “It’s been proven that the family was means-eligible.” His editor, Thomas Lifson, said, “It’s just more complicated than might have appeared in the first round of investigation.”

The saner elements in the 28% crowd are beginning to recognize how awful they have looked the past few days. Not so, at WINGNUT HQ, where Malkin is taking a cue from Major General Oliver Smith and shouts out “Retreat, hell! We’re just attacking in another direction!:”

Here’s the Baltimore Sun’s nutroots-approved follow-up piece on the Frost family, using a single, rotten comment by a stupid RedState commenter to tar all conservative bloggers as hatemongers. Interestingly, the Sun asked the Frost parents to verify their claimed income and the couple declined. Also, the Sun reported that all four of the children attend private schools, not just two. The paper is silent on when the family started receiving claimed tuition breaks and how much the family spent on private-school tuition each year prior to the accident–i.e., at a time when they chose not to buy private health insurance. The Frosts tell the Sun they put their children in the public arena to support S-CHIP.

Damn that single Red State commenter! Damn him to hell!

Of course, you could scroll up to where she approvingly links to Mark Steyn:

Mr Frost works “intermittently”. The unemployment rate in the Baltimore metropolitan area is four-percent. Perhaps he chooses to work “intermittently,” just as he chooses to send his children to private school, and chooses to live in a 3,000-square-foot home.

Or you could go here, where there was no hate in this sneering aside from Michelle:

Question: How many working poor couples get wedding announcements in the New York Times?

Nevermind that things change with time, and that announcement was from 1992. For example, just a few years ago, I sometimes linked approvingly to Michelle. Now I think she is a gaping asshole and everything that is wrong with the Republican party. See? Things do change.

And you can scroll down to where Michelle asked, “Like why a “working family” in need of government-subsidized health care can afford to send two children to a $20,000-a-year-private school.”

Or to where she linked to Don Surber sneering– ““Interesting that public schools aren’t good enough for their kids but public health insurance is.””

And we could go on and on, through her links and through her comments, and we will see it is simply not the case of one Red State commenter. It is Michelle’s monster that she helped to create and helps perpetuate. You didn’t get smeared by the Baltimore Sun, petunia, you were called out.

At Michelle’s website, denial IS just a river in Egypt.

At any rate, Tom Waits put Michelle’s position into song and verse:

I’d sell your heart to the junkman baby
For a buck, for a buck
If you’re looking for someone to pull you out of that ditch
You’re out of luck, you’re out of luck

Ship is sinking
The ship is sinking
The ship is sinking

There’s a leak, there’s a leak in the boiler room
The poor, the lame, the blind
Who are the ones that we kept in charge?
Killers, thieves and lawyers

God’s away, God’s away
God’s away on business, business
God’s away, God’s away
God’s away on business, business

The wingnuts have spoken. Shut the fuck up until you have NOTHING, and then we will think about it. But don’t get your hopes up, because if we can find one commenter on our website who allegedly may have it worse than you, all bets are off. And get a real job, you lazy bastards.