Open Thread: Notes from the Beltway Underground

… aka ‘sewers’. Charlie Pierce reports that “one of creepy-peepy James O’Keefe’s operatives is spilling the beans to Howard Kurtz that Andrew Breitbart’s personal Bill Sykes is a fraud and a bit more creepy than even I’d imagined, and I can imagine the desperate flop-sweaty little homunculus being pretty damned creepy indeed.

In the words of journalistic herpetologist Kurtz (warning, Daily Beast link):

James O’Keefe, the man behind the undercover project, wanted to make the hidden-camera video public immediately last February as Congress debated whether to kill NPR’s funding. Templar insisted on waiting, and a confrontation ensued.
In a series of interviews with The Daily Beast, Templar says he had designed the effort to be “a very thoroughly researched and impeccably executed project that was by no means limited to NPR. James wanted it to be a hit job.”
What’s more, says Templar, O’Keefe “didn’t seem to care about the reasons why we were doing this. All he cared about was that he had people saying embarrassing stuff on video. I came to learn how desperate he was in terms of money and needing to rehabilitate his reputation.”
Shaughn Adeleye, who worked with Templar in posing as another member of the phony Muslim group, also disagreed with O’Keefe’s tactics. “We were both sold a false bill of goods,” says Adeleye, who devised the NPR scheme and persuaded O’Keefe to adopt it…
“I felt deceived and misled because James did not live up to what we all agreed upon would be a multifaceted project,” says Adeleye, who was born in Nigeria. “After a while I could not deny the truth anymore.”

Well, sir, as the old parable tells us: You knew what O’Keefe was when you agreed to collaborate. But — to riff off Pierce — Simon Templar?

I propose the next young wannabe-wingnut-welfare imago go back to his ideology’s Victorian roots and christen himself after Arthur Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman. Or perhaps Raffles’ mouthpiece/assistant, Harry Manders, who had just the right humectant tone for Breitbart-supported “journalism”: Reader, I was tempted — and I fell!

The God Given Right To Bully Gays

These are just sad, sad people:

A proposed policy change that protects West Virginia’s gay and lesbian students from school harassment has drawn criticism from some conservative groups.

Groups like the Family Policy Council of West Virginia have lambasted the policy for threatening religious freedom and free speech, while civil rights groups say the rule will finally give LGBT students much-needed help.

Jeremy Dys, president of the Family Policy Council, told State Board of Education members Wednesday that anti-bullying laws that target homosexuality can take schools down a slippery slope.

But the president of the state school board said Dys doesn’t understand the policy.

“If a student makes a comment in opposition to homosexuality and what Scripture teaches about homosexuality, they could be in violation of the proposed bullying policy,” said Dys. “Bullying policies need to make sure they apply categorically across the board, but in reality, we have an infringement upon religious liberty.”

These freaks think they sound like good Christians, just wanting to preach the Lord’s work, but to everyone outside their bubble, they look just like the Fred Phelps hate parade. I mean, really- you’re worried about the state infringing upon your “right” to tell teenage kids that “God Hates Fags?”

Fucking sociopaths.

Unhappy Valley Morning After

Here’s the Daily Collegian coverage of the riots last night at Penn State. They quote a few more students who support Paterno’s firing than does the New York Times, which found more than one Penn State student who sounds like a real moron.

Paterno’s late night talk with students was also captured by the Collegian. At about 00:40 in this video, he says that we should all “pray a little” for the victims. That statement makes an interesting counterpoint to this Times profile of Mike McQueary, the then-graduate assistant and now-assistant coach who discovered Jerry Sandusky raping a 10 year old boy in the PSU showers in 2002:

He immediately left, met with his father and determined he would report the incident to Paterno, according to prosecutors. A person familiar with his account said McQueary did not spare the details when he met with Paterno. Nor did he when he met with the university’s athletic director and another senior administrator, the man in charge of Penn State’s campus police.

Paterno Out

Just watched a testy press conference on CNN in which the Penn State Board of Trustees threw up their first firewall to try to contain the damage of the Jerry Sandusky one-man child rape gang by firing Joe Paterno and the President of Penn State, Graham Spanier. It was testy because the person speaking refused to answer basically any questions, while half of the reporters seemed intent on defending the legacy of Joe Paterno and attacking the board.

Like I said, though, this is just the first firewall, and it will not contain the damage. Reading the reports of the charges, it seems obvious to me that a large number of people knew what was going on and basically did what they could to quietly hush things up while not really addressing the disgusting criminality of the situation. Like every scandal of this nature, it’s just absurd to think that only Spanier and Paterno knew- dozens of people had to know. The next firewall the Board will likely throw up is having Schultz and Curley fired and have the university stop paying for their lawyers, and I fully expect McCreary, the GA who saw the anal rape in the showers and who was rewarded with a coaching spot, to be in the next firing line. And as it always is, the more bodies that turn up, the more links to other people who knew will turn up, and the press will get motivated, and in a couple months we’ll have a clearer picture of what happened. These don’t happen in vacuums, and once the floodgates open and the people involved realize silence is no longer their best option (and that immunity sounds enticing), we’ll get some pretty amazing stories coming forward.

My personal guess is that we’ll find out the dozens of people knew, including people on the board, and that there were all sorts of machinations and bribery involving campus police and who knows what else. We may even learn that this was what was behind the attempts to push Paterno out in the early 2000’s. And best of all, I’ll bet it was all done in the name of preserving JoePa’s legacy.

Cain Still Unable: The Entire Shoe Warehouse Drops

This afternoon not only did a fourth woman come forward to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment, not only did she hold a public press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred, but the accusations themselves really were nothing short of sexual assault.

Sharon Bialek alleged at a news conference today that Herman Cain reached under her skirt in 1997 as she sought help in finding a job.

The Chicago-area mother, who is described as a Republican, urged the GOP presidential candidate to “come clean” and admit how he was “inappropriate” with her and other women.

Bialek’s story was immediately denied by the Cain campaign, which sent out a news release as the woman spoke publicly at a New York City news conference with her lawyer, noted defense attorney Gloria Allred, by her side. The stories of three other women have been reported by Politico and the Associated Press.

Oh, it gets worse.

Bialek described an incident in July 1997 where she and Cain were in a car and her offered to show her the trade group’s headquarters.

“Instead of going into the offices, he suddenly reached over and … put his hand on my leg, under my skirt toward my genitals,” Bialek said.

“He also pushed my head toward his crotch,” she said.

Bialek replied that she was married had a boyfriend when Cain allegedly did this, his response was “You want a job, right?”

And if the unremittingly awful context of “You want a job, right?” doesn’t sum up the entire Republican Party over the last several years, then I don’t know what else could.  Cain’s stated policies are disgusting as it is, but this pretty much seals the deal.  Big gorram line between sexual harassment (which is never okay) and sexual assault, and Herman Cain just sailed over it.

Oh, and if that’s not enough to make you try to dent your monitor in with your fist, El Rushbo’s response to the presser will do it.