Going Out Of Business To Own The Libs

So I guess he showed them?

“I didn’t give in to big Nike and big dollars. I didn’t give in. I did it my way,” he told News5.

“That part of the military respect that’s in me just cannot be sacrificed or compromised, as I believe Brandon Marshall and Colin Kaepernick both did. I don’t like losing a business over it, but I rather be able to live with myself,” he added.

This is Colorado Springs – home of Focus on Family and probably the most conservative area of the state. Go figure.  Between this and the bakery guy, so much winning going on here.

We are getting ready to meet Baby’s prospective new family. I talked with her at length last night and they’d all be lucky to have each other if it works out.

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Trump Crime Cartel Open Thread: Roger Stone Update

Politico‘s take:

[T]he judge said [Stone] could keep talking about the case with the caveat that she could change her mind and amend her order “if necessary.”

She also lumped Stone in with all the parties in the case and potential witnesses when they are around the D.C. courthouse. In those circumstances, Jackson cautioned that any comments must not “pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case” and cannot be “intended to influence any juror, potential juror, judge, witness or court officer or interfere with the administration of justice.”

Jackson concluded her ruling with a warning that Stone should consider that any excessive public comments may come back to bite him.

“While it is not up to the court to advise the defendant as to whether a succession of public statements would be in his best interest at this time, it notes that one factor that will be considered in the evaluation of any future request for relief based on pretrial publicity will be the extent to which the publicity was engendered by the defendant himself,” Jackson wrote…

To paraphrase comedian Ron White: Stone has the right to remain silent, but does he have the ability?

Related reading, from Jeffrey Toobin for the New Yorker, “Roger Stone’s and Jerome Corsi’s Time in the Barrel”:

The Stone indictment reads like a political black comedy. It stars a pair of mismatched operatives, Stone and the right-wing author Jerome Corsi, who, without formal connections to the Trump campaign, went on a transatlantic quest for dirt. Mueller’s indictment does not charge Stone with any involvement in the hacking, but accuses him of lying to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence about his (and Corsi’s) efforts to pry loose the hacked e-mails from WikiLeaks. Read more

Greatest Deal Maker Ever

The real reason people voted for Trump is because unvarnished racist, sexist, xenophobic demagoguery appealed to them. But if you ask Trumpers why they voted for Trump, they’ll say something like, “He’s a successful businessman who knows how to make deals.”

That’s bullshit on stilts; the serially bankrupt Trump would be far richer than he (probably falsely) claims if he’d stashed his inheritance in an index fund. But it’s true that he sold his own mottled orange hide to the public along those lines:

Let’s roll the tape on how Trump got his kicks during the DHS funding negotiations, shall we?

March 2018: Democrats offer $25B in border all funding for a pathway to citizenship for the dreamers. Trump kills the deal by tacking on draconian cuts to LEGAL immigration.

December 2018: Trump demands $5B for wall; Democrats counter with a $1.6B offer. Trump shuts down the government, costing the U.S. economy $11B.

January 2019: Trump caves, ends shutdown in humiliating political defeat, vows to get WALL funding as a condition to fund the government after 2/15/2019.

February 2019: Trump indicates he’ll sign a bill with $1.375 billion “fencing” funds to avoid another shutdown.

The prospect of another stinging humiliation in the form of this bill had Trump pre-whining on Twitter yesterday about “the Radical Left” thwarting his “Border Security” plans. He also lied that “the Wall is being built” when pretty much everyone who’s not a slack-jawed moron knows that’s not true.

But he’ll almost certainly sign the goddamned paper when it lands on his desk. McConnell isn’t going to endanger his own political prospects with another shutdown. One way or another, that bill will pass, and the degree to which Trump has been taken to the cleaners in this negotiation will be expressed in hard numbers.

Even math-phobes like me who are routinely swindled in negotiations know that when your opponent’s offer drops from $25B to $1.6B to $1.375B — and you accept the low number along with all the damage incurred along the way — you’ve just had your very own ass handed to you on a silver platter and a giant golden “L” tattooed to your forehead.

After this debacle, Trumpers will need to invent a new justification for their vote. Or maybe just tell the damned truth.

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A Dog Named Verb (Open Thread)

I was going to post something about the mind-boggling hypocrisy of the current Trump-led, GOP congresscritter-abetted campaign to get Rep. Omar of MN to resign from Congress or lose committee memberships over remarks she already apologized for, but fuck those assholes. Check out this brilliant agility run instead:

I love how the announcer sounds exactly like he’s covering a downhill ski run in the (human) Olympics. Maybe someday they’ll add a synchronized farting event and my dogs can join in.

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Late Night No-Sympathy Open Thread: Don’t Go Away Mad…

When Bernie Sanders inevitably bumps up his non-stop nationwide grifting tour to a rerun presidential campaign, he might as well headline it RESPECT THE WHITE PENIS, because there isn’t one of his ‘positions’ that isn’t already being presented by a better (and in many cases more effective) candidate already. But, hey — maybe after last week’s debacle(s), genius ex-Repub media guru Steve Schmidt can persuade Howard Schultz to ‘defer’ his own vanity campaign in favor of supporting the dude voted Most Likely to Undercut Successful Opposition to Trump 2020!

And then these two can duke it out (quite possibly literally) for the undercard position as Sanders’ ‘In case of senile decline, break glass’ vice-presidential candidate:

Also, speaking of political traditions I hope 2020 will finally put into their coffins, let’s hear it for the end of the Great Whitebread-States Media-Mulcting Processionals:
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