Cheap Mockery Open Thread: Some GOP Drone Has Expensed His Secret Hobby

There is no shame in being a furry, of course. But if a furry is *also* paid by the GOP, I can understand why they’d want to keep their identity secret.
Speaking of bad conservative styling choices, I cannot highly enough recommend:

… Wherein (along with more obvious targets) Mr. Magary refers to “Richard Cohen’s curls” as “A maltese that found a magic lamp and wished to become a man”.

Back, and to the left…

A depressing thought occurred to me recently. Those of us who experienced the 2016 election as a national and personal trauma could be forever doomed to live with the mysteries and what-ifs associated with it, in the same way my parents’ generation is still haunted by the Kennedy assassination and the horrors that unfolded from that.

Am I being a drama llama to compare the two events — an assassination and a fucked-up election? Possibly. In 1963, a sitting president was murdered — a shockingly violent act. The violence associated with the 2016 election has thus far been indirect and mostly out of sight: people dying of treatable diseases, hurricane victims left to fend for themselves, people brutalized by emboldened rogue cops, folks murdered by re-energized white supremacists, etc.

In the future, the 2016 election’s body count may very well be increased by women who die from back alley abortions, children silently poisoned by polluted water and air, cities drowned by rising seas, a higher suicide rate among LBGTQ youth and victims of a war John Bolton is itching to start. Horrific results are already here, and more definitely await us; only the magnitude is in question.

James Comey’s current halo-polishing tour inspired this depressing line of thought, specifically his struggle to explain his decision to insert himself into the election at critical inflection points, which arguably set the current nightmare into motion.

Among Comey’s rationales was his perceived need to counter Russian bullshit about Loretta Lynch controlling himself and the FBI on Clinton’s behalf. So, Comey was the biggest fly by far caught in the “fake news” web Putin’s operatives spun. We’ll live with the consequences of that, one way or another, for the rest of our days.

Maybe that’s why I’ve felt compelled to watch the bastard’s “aw shucks, I’m just a big ol’ Boy Scout” book tour. It’s horrifying and fascinating to watch him explain why he did what he did — kinda like watching the Zapruder film. You know the outcome is catastrophic. But you watch it anyway, wondering how things might have turned out differently, marveling that so much turned on such insignificant things, like one man’s massive ego.

Eh, fuck it — let’s watch something more pleasant, like these birds on my hanging feeder. They’re house finches, maybe?

That feeder hangs from a tree and is located about four feet from the window where my my workstation is. When we have high winds like we did the other day, I take the feeder down because I’m afraid it will start swinging hard enough to bust through my window — possibly with squirrels attached to it, which would obviously result in chaos.

Anyhoo, open thread?

Soft, Squishy Comic Relief Open Thread: Richard Cohen Feels Himself OPPRESSED!

Give Cohen this much: Unlike the 30-something MRAs fulminating on Reddit, he’s actually old enough to remember when white men did own the world. Maybe they can adopt him as their Angry Shouty Granpa, once the current Oval Office Occupant has been carted off. Or maybe they’ll look at him, and realize how ridiculous their Very Heartfelt Grievances really are! (I kid, I kid… )

White guy BJ jackals, don’t be wounded — consider this a little Wednesday evening gift. You can look at this and remind yourself, Well, I may not be totally woke, but at least I’m not Richard Cohen.

In Plain Sight (Open Thread)

TPM has an interesting article about Trump’s shady fixer, Michael Cohen, who grew up ass-deep in Russian mobsters on Long Island. An excerpt (link to article here):

From the 70s through the 90s at least, the bosses of the Russian mafia in the U.S. literally ran their crime organization out of the El Caribe.

So Michael Cohen’s uncle Morton Levine’s social club was the headquarters of Russian organized crime in the U.S….

According to Levine, who is apparently still alive, all his nieces and nephews owned shares of the El Caribe and still do. Levine told the AP that Michael Cohen owned his stake in the club until Donald Trump was elected President when he “gave up his stake.”

Isn’t that fascinating? Of course, there’s lots of focus on Cohen now that the FBI has raided his office. But Cohen was a known Trump associate for ages, all the while owning a stake in the Russian mob’s US HQ.

We knew all about the Obamas’ interest rate on their Chicago home prior to the 2008 election. We heard plenty about the preacher at the Obamas’ church.

Reporters dig through records to unearth that shit. I can’t help but think crackerjack New York-area reporters overlooked a rather large story on Trump’s mobbed-up fixer during the run-up to the 2016 election.

Late Night Russiagate Open Thread: Maybe Mitch McConnell Is the GOP Green Lantern?

Elsewhere in the twitterverse…

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Corrupt Cabinet Crook of the Day: Scott Pruitt

This is Scott Pruitt, the man Trump appointed to dismantle the EPA. You likely recognized him immediately because, if you read this blog, chances are you follow politics pretty closely. But most Americans couldn’t pick the shit-bag out of a police lineup. So why does he need bulletproof seat covers? Via WaPo:

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt upgraded his official car last year to a costlier, larger vehicle with bullet-resistant covers over bucket seats, according to federal records and interviews with current and former agency officials.

Recent EPA administrators have traveled in a Chevrolet Tahoe, and agency officials had arranged for Pruitt to use the same vehicle when he joined the administration in February. But he switched to a larger, newer and more high-end Chevy Suburban last June.

One former EPA official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation, said that Pruitt remarked that he wanted the larger car because it was similar to ones in which some other Cabinet officials rode.

Just yesterday, the GAO busted Pruitt for improperly squandering $43K in taxpayer dollars to install a soundproof phone booth in his office. There is already such a facility in his building, mind you, but Pruitt wanted his own.

Before that, Pruitt came under (metaphorical!) fire for his first-class travel expenses (necessary, he claimed, because plebes harass him when he flies coach) and world tours taken on the taxpayer dime. A week or two ago (time telescopes out endlessly these days), Pruitt was criticized for being an entitled, grandiose tenant from hell while occupying a posh condo belonging to an energy lobbyist for just $50 a night.

Pruitt maintains a 19 person-strong 24-hour security detail with a fleet of 19 or more vehicles. None of his predecessors even had 24/7 security. Pruitt spends $30 million a year on this small army because he’s received “unprecedented” death threats, according to his office and Trump. That turns out to be mostly bullshit.

Pruitt has received crank tweets and odd emails, plus a couple of genuinely disturbing messages via social media, which is about what he’d receive if he posted controversial opinions on a nearly top-10K blog.

Anyway, just a reminder that this guy is a crook — perhaps the most crooked official in the Trump administration, excluding Trump himself, of course. Pruitt is living large on taxpayer dollars, which Democrats should continue to point out every fucking day between now and November.

Open thread!

Open Thread: Sean to Be Wilde

Heavy metal thunder… (giant) head out onna highway…

Have said it before, will say it again: Murphy the Trickster God is *not* a subtle scripter.

For context, Margaret Sullivan, just the day before Hannity lost it on-air, had a smart piece in the Washington Post warning us not to get too invested in dreams of a Trump impeachment:

Nixon didn’t have Fox News in his corner.

President Trump does — and that might make all the difference if he were to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein or even special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

The pro-Trump media, led by Fox, would give cover, and huge swaths of Americans would be encouraged to believe that the action was not only justified but absolutely necessary.

Night after night — for many months — Trump’s sycophant-in-chief, Sean Hannity, has been softening the ground. And his message is sinking in.

In a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, three of four Republicans said they believed the Justice Department and the FBI are actively working to undermine Trump…

And now Sean Hannity, Galactic Brain, has taken his own mooted credibility, torn it to pieces on-air, set his feet on fire, and pissed on himself to douse the flames. Good job, Sean!

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