Open Thread: Steve King Will Not Be Out-Bigoted


This will indeed be a tough year for competitors in the Worst Person in National Politics Award, but Steve “Pigmuck” King is a dependable, oft-tested professional!


Despite that, he’s *not winning the wider argument…

Depressing Open Thread: Frank Luntz Gives ‘Em What They Want

On the one hand, Deplorables gonna be deplorable. On the other hand, Frank Luntz — having made a very prosperous living out of encouraging the worst Repubs to act out their worst fantasies — always gives the customer what they want. And I suspect he thinks Vice, not to mention his next client(s), wanted a slope-browed troupe eager to virtue-signal the world and each other about their depraved misogyny / racism “Christianity”. Either way, not an optimistic view of American politics at the moment!

Peggy Olson’s blues

I watched the first season of Handmaid’s Tale. I kept telling people “I know that this sounds crazy, but this show feels real to me, it honestly taps into how a certain portion of the right thinks.” Well, Trent Franks.

My prediction as all these Congressional sex scandals come out is that there will be a roughly equal number of Democrats and Republicans involved, but that the Democratic scandals will involve run-of-the-mill fucked up behavior, while the Republican scandals will involve more exotic stuff. I won’t be surprised if wetsuits and dildos make their way into the storyline. I sincerely hope that we don’t hear about any hanging or eye-gouging, but I’m not sure I’d bet against it.

Look, I know that outside the elite liberal Acela corridor, people bear their bosses’ children all the time. Go to any exurban Panera Bread west of the Hudson and you’ll hear folks talking about it. But this thing just got rolling and we’ve already got one pedophile and one character from the Handmaid’s Tale. The media’s going to have a tough time spinning all the perversion that comes out as reg’lar heartland behavior.

GOP Fustercluck Open Thread: The Donald Went Down to Georgia Pensacola

(McEntee, according to Politico, is Trump’s “body man”.)

He wasn’t gonna campaign for Roy Moore, because Moore could still lose. (Luther Strange? Who he?) He couldn’t not make some kind of show of support, because Moore just might win, and if that happens Trump plans to take 110% of the credit. So, Pensacola’s not that much of a detour from Mar-a-Largofvckyourself and its well-groomed golf greens…
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Late Night Creepshow Open Thread: Grifters Applaud Their Own

“United in Purpose” has an even lower profile than Ginni Thomas’ main grift, “Liberty Central”, whose main purpose seems to be keeping Ginni too busy to drunk-dial Anita Hill again. But if you assume UiP’s real purpose is to provide a conduit from “conservative” suckers with too much money to “activists” with more greed than sense…


The “heroes” honored by United for Purpose had to meet certain criteria laid out on the website for the Impact Awards. These are people who show “tenacity, courage and perseverance even under hostile attacks” and are “respected among their peers,” among other things. O’Keefe, who just made a fool of himself in an attempt to stick up for a sexual predator, apparently meets that criteria in the eyes of right-wing activists.
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Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

I’ve always hated “when they go low, we go high”. I prefer this (from The Untouchables): “They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.”

While I don’t know if that’s exactly the right attitude for Democrats to take, there’s no doubt that Dahlia Lithwick (via rikyrah) is certainly onto something:

This isn’t a call to become tolerant of awful behavior. It is a call for understanding that Democrats honored the blue slip, and Republicans didn’t. Democrats had hearings over the Affordable Care Act; Republicans had none over the tax bill. Democrats decry predators in the media; Republicans give them their own networks. And what do Democrats have to show for it? There is something almost eerily self-regarding in the notion that the only thing that matters is what Democrats do, without considering what the systemic consequences are for everyone.


In the event that you doubt that the war is asymmetric, ask yourself how long it took for the same GOP that was disavowing Moore a month ago to embrace him, and to embrace him again in the face of new evidence. Ask how long it took from when Trump made it clear that he would wage war on Robert Mueller for Hugh Hewitt—purporting to speak on behalf of “a large swath of responsible center-right observers”—to call for an investigation into Mueller. This because a former FBI official sent pro-Hillary texts that now raise, according to Hewitt, “the possibility of shattering public confidence in a number of long-held assumptions about the criminal-justice system generally and the FBI and the Justice Department specifically.” The president just claimed the FBI is “in tatters,” but it’s the former official, who Mueller pulled off the investigation for the texts, who shatters confidence in the agency?


Unilateral disarmament is tantamount to arming the other side. That may be a trade worth making in some cases. But it’s worth at least acknowledging that this is the current calculus. It’s no longer that when they go low, we get to go high. They are permanently living underground. How long can we afford to keep living in the clouds?

I think some of the nasty shit Republicans are doing is short-sighted and will bite them in the ass. Democrats are now winning the 18-29 age group by 30 points in elections. It could be that in ten years, the national Republican party will be in the kind of shape the California Republican party is now, and that Democratic supermajorities are commonplace at many levels of government.

But, even if that’s true, will our country still be here after Republicans are through with it?

I’ll tell you this: when Democrats get control of states in 2018 and 2020 — and they will — they need to gerrymander back, not turn things over to a panel. And I’d like to see some measures taken to make it so that older people are less likely to vote. Maybe schedule a Matlock marathon on A&E on election days.

I just got to get a message to you

Another nothingburger:

Candidate Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr. and others in the Trump Organization received an email in September 2016 offering a decryption key and website address for hacked WikiLeaks documents, according to an email provided to congressional investigators.

I love this description: