[SingleTearPepeGIF] Open Thread: Sad Little Nazis in Disarray

TL;DR — when it comes to literal Nazis, always root for injuries.

First, there was this tragicomical story in the Daily Beast

Prominent neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer might have to reveal its funding, thanks to a new court filing in a lawsuit against the website’s founder, Andrew Anglin.

Anglin is currently on the run from two lawsuits. One of those lawsuits, by radio host and Daily Beast contributor Dean Obeidallah, accuses Anglin of defamation after The Daily Stormer accused Obeidallah of orchestrating a bombing at a 2017 Ariana Grande concert in England. In a new filing in the case, Obeidallah asked a judge to let him enter a discovery process for Moonbase Holdings, LLC, a shell company The Daily Stormer used to make its financial transactions look more legitimate.

If granted, the discovery process could reveal who funded Anglin’s hate site.

Anglin, who claims to be in Cambodia, has not responded to Obeidallah’s initial complaint, the Southern Poverty Law Center first reported. As a result, a clerk of court ruled declared Anglin to be in default, allowing Obeidallah to seek damages in Anglin’s absence. In his new filing, Obeidallah asks to investigate Moonbase Holdings before pursuing specific damages…

“At one point it appeared that Defendant Moonbase received approximately $3,405.70 per month in credit card donations through Hatreon,” the new filing in Obeidallah’s lawsuit reads. Hatreon is a crowdfunding platform beloved by hate groups, who are often banned from platforms like GoFundMe and Patreon.

Since February 9, 2017, the site has been down, its homepage displaying a notice that “pledging is currently disabled while we upgrade our systems.”

With Hatreon on hold, Anglin has claimed to be nearly broke…


Aaaand… here come the Nazi Rosencrantz & Guildenstern!

The alleged dox appears to have grown out of a running spat between white supremacist Christopher Cantwell and infamous neo-Nazi troll Andrew “weev” Auernheimer. Weev has accused Cantwell of being a federal informant and Cantwell has responded by accusing weev of colluding with @Ricky_Vaughn99 to deliberately split the far-right movement between “vanguardists,” i.e. those who advocate for militant street action, and “mainstreamers,” embodied by Vaughn…

The dox comes at a pivotal moment for the alt-right, which has been embroiled in several publicity and legal scandals over the past few months. In February, Elliot Kline of Identity Evropa was revealed to have lied about his military service record. March saw the collapse of the Traditionalist Worker Party following Matthew Heimbach’s arrest for battery, domestic battery in the presence of a child, strangulation and intimidation during an affair with his benefactor and father-in-law’s wife…

The pseudonymous Ricky Vaughn Twitter account — named after a character from the 1989 film Major League — was highly influential in spreading the ideas of the racist alt-right in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. Peaking at 62,000 followers and posting some 221,000 tweets, an MIT election study during the primaries ranked the Twitter account as more influential than the accounts of NBC News, Stephen Colbert, and the Democratic Party among many others.
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Tuesday Morning Open Thread: The Revenge of Warren G. Harding

A return to ABnormalcy, people!

On the one hand, cynics might point out that Melania would seem to be all too happy to poison her spouse, if that becomes necessary. Unfortunately, things move so much faster these days, I’m not sure we can tread water for another six years. Bess Levin, at Vanity Fair: “Pro-Business President Throws His Hair-Curler In Wall Street’s Bathtub”:

Something you may have picked up on in the 71 years that Donald Trump has polluted the earth is that he has a pathological need to take credit for events, real or imagined, even—or perhaps especially—when his connection to said events is incidental at best… Nowhere, however, does this phenomenon rear its papaya-colored head more readily than when it comes to the economy. So obsessed is Trump with the idea of having the power to move markets that he once straight-up bragged about crashing healthcare stocks. In general, though, the 45th president has stuck to taking credit for positive economic indicators, even if the actual credit belongs to his predecessor. So it’s rather curious that Trump has lately seemed intent on scaring the ever-loving hell out of investors—a strategy that Monday resulted in the Dow falling nearly 758 points midday to close down 458.92 points; the S&P 500 dropping 58.99 points; and the NASDAQ sinking 193.33 points. For the history buffs out there, equities recorded their worst second-quarter start since 1929, shortly before the Great Depression.

So far, the president has been unusually bashful about the matter, not tweeting even once to claim credit for sending the market off of a cliff (if he had, we assume the tweet would have been along the lines of “I moved on those tech stocks like a b*tch”), despite the fact that he may actually deserve it. Granted, diagnosing markets is generally a losing game, but experts believe that yet another of Trump’s early-morning tantrums about Amazon combined with a sluice of Trumpian bullshit to precipitate Monday’s slide…

Nor did Trump’s outlook on trade in general, which was served a dose of reality over the weekend when China announced it would slap tariffs as high as 25 percent on 128 American-made imports, including wine, pipes, and pork—the latter being a significant moneymaker for farming regions that voted for Trump. China had been expected to hit back following the president’s tariffs on aluminum and steel, but this was a more significant response than expected, with Beijing presumably taking one look at the White House’s additional China-targeted tariffs and saying, Screw it, we’ll do it live.

Taken together, these factors had Wall Street in a cold sweat. “The Trump administration’s announcements on trade sanctions in total so far encompass a relatively small portion of overall U.S. trade,”Jason Pride, chief investment officer at Glenmede Wealth Management, wrote in a note to investors. “However, this could only be the beginning, as the Trump administration ponders the extension of further sanctions on the Chinese trade relationship.” Nick Raich, C.E.O. of The Earnings Scout, told CNBC: “The new bearish narrative is that tariffs implemented by the Trump administration will spur a global trade war that would spiral the world into a recession. We understand the fear. We get how bad a global trade war would be on future profits.”…

Professional Republican:

Open Thread: “President” Grampa Needs A Nap


It’s not just that President Donald Trump loves Dobbs’ show and his on-air style. It’s not just that the president asks West Wing aides and confidants if they’ve seen specific, recent segments of Dobbs’ program, or that Trump calls the cable-news personality semi-regularly to gossip or solicit counsel, or that he’s boosted Dobbs on his Twitter account. It’s not just that the president has sat for a friendly interview with Dobbs or that he is on a first-name basis with “Lou.”

Indeed, much of this can describe Trump’s relationships with various other television personalities. What sets Dobbs apart is the degree to which the president views him as a political and populism godfather, the #MAGA Socrates to Trump’s Plato…

During the more intense days of the tax-bill push, Trump made sure to have his White House personal secretary get Dobbs on the line. And toward the conclusion of one memorable meeting, when the line was disconnected and Dobbs said farewell, Trump looked up, smiled, and simply told the room, “Love Lou.”

“He cherishes Lou,” a senior White House official told The Daily Beast. And the feeling is, evidently, quite mutual…

For Dobbs, however, Trump is a revelation as much as a cause. For years, Dobbs has staked out a position for himself as one of cable news’ most strident and devoted immigrant-bashers, as well as, more recently, a staunch crusader against what he lambastes as multiculturalism’s excesses in American life—to the point where he has repeatedly attacked St. Patrick’s Day and other “ethnic holidays.”

Much like the sitting president, Dobbs has also long railed against the forces of political correctness and was similarly an early mainstream promoter of racist Obama birther conspiracy theories. Also like the president, Dobbs earned himself the political backing of Trump’s one-time White House chief strategist and campaign chief. According to two sources familiar with their past discussions, in 2010 Bannon tried, but ultimately failed, to convince Dobbs to run for president as a right-wing populist firebrand.

“Dobbs is pretty strong on immigration enforcement issues… so better that the president listen to him than his son-in-law or his daughter,” Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies and a leading activist for a stricter immigration system in the U.S., told The Daily Beast. “Dobbs has been talking about immigration for years. He has a certain body of knowledge that other advisers, even people working in the administration, don’t have.”

Though Trump regularly calls Dobbs to riff on immigration and other issues, some of the president’s earliest political supporters have hopes that the Fox host will play an even larger role in the second year of the administration. That is especially true for those pushing a more nativist immigration policy, who see Dobbs as potentially a useful cog in keeping Trump on his America First track…

Breaking: Noor Salman, Widow of The Pulse Nightclub Mass Shooter/Mass Murderer, Found Not Guilty On All Counts

Justice, justice you shall pursue… — Deuteronomy 16:20

Jeltsen did an excellent piece of long form reporting on Salman that really gets into the details of why she was even charged.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Noor Salman looked up as the prosecutor directed the jury’s attention to a copy of her 2011 marriage certificate. There, on the screen, was her looping signature, right next to Omar Mateen’s. Proof she wed a killer.

The 31-year-old widow shivered and hiked a purple blanket up to her neck, glancing over at her team of defense attorneys for reassurance. They often soothed her in court with physical touch, squeezing her shoulder or patting her arm. Her fear was palpable.

Later, Salman watched herself on the same screen, testing perfumes at Victoria’s Secret. In the security camera footage shown to the jury, she sniffed a paper strip, then passed it to her husband for his thoughts. He must have agreed; they left with a shiny pink bag.

While her husband was committing mass murder, Salman was in her pajamas, asleep in their home in Fort Pierce, Florida. Seven months later, she was charged with aiding and abetting her husband and obstructing justice for allegedly lying to the FBI. Prosecutors claimed that Salman helped her husband scout potential locations for the attack, created a cover story for him and participated in unusual spending.

The seemingly ordinary excursion to a mall store was now center stage in a federal terrorism trial. In the days leading up to the shooting, Mateen spent thousands of dollars on Salman, buying her clothes and jewelry, including a diamond ring. Prosecutors suggested she got the gifts in exchange for agreeing to help him carry out his heinous plan.

There was zero evidence that Salman was radicalized herself, they admitted. Instead, they argued that she was content to trade her husband – the sole provider for her and her 3-year-old son – for baubles and designer wear.

Salman, who did not testify in the trial herself, pleaded not guilty, and maintained through her lawyers that she had no knowledge of Mateen’s plans. When he began showering her with presents in the weeks before the massacre, Salman was optimistic about their future, her lawyers said, and believed it was a sign her husband – a brutish, abusive man who only permitted her a $20 allowance each week – was changing.

For the 49 families of the victims, the trial was an opportunity for closure. And yet, they didn’t get to see the man that took their loved one’s lives. Instead, they got his wife.

Outside the federal courthouse, on a lunch break from the trial, Salman’s cousin was seething. Susan Adieh, didn’t recognize the one-dimensional cliched caricature the prosecution had described, and she didn’t understand why Salman was on trial. The wives of other terrorists and mass killers never faced charges. She wondered if her family’s religion played a role, even though Salman was not religious.

After all, they were Muslim.

Susan Clary, the family spokesperson, said that many other relatives wanted to come to support Salman, but they were afraid. As Muslim Americans, they worried about being associated with the terrorism case; their jobs could be at stake.

After all, they were Muslim… Pretty much sums it all up right there. Somewhere the shade of bin Laden is smiling. He got almost everything he wanted, as delineated in his manifesto, out of the 9-11 attack.

Click over and read the whole thing. And recognize that on this Good Friday, which is also the first night of Passover, justice has prevailed in a courtroom in Florida.

Stay frosty!

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Friday Morning Open Thread: Break Out the Kevlar News Vests

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