Joy-Ann Reid Has Apologized

I wasn’t going to do a front page post on this, but the same clown has tried to spam two different posts on two different nights about this, so now that Joy-Ann Reid has formally apologized, I reckoned I’d put up a post on it. Here’s her apology:

And here’s her guest/fill in host and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart’s transcribed response:

My guess is that this won’t put the issue to rest. That the same people who have been screaming for Reid’s head all week will continue to do so. Especially as the person who went spelunking through a ten year old defunct blog in order to bring things to this point has now decided to go after Markos Moulitsas over something someone else posted on Daily Kos back in 2005 and appears to now be going after Rachel Maddow for backing (at this point in time) Tom Brokaw in regard to the sexual assault allegations against him (I’m not linking to that, you can go and find it if you want. Same twitter handle that was publishing Reid’s old blog posts).

I don’t know who this puritanical pony is who has decided to make it his or her work to go after these people because he or she is hiding behind a nym, nor do I really care why they’re doing it. But I reckon that he or she won’t stop because too many people are now weaponizing his or her work, which was likely the point.

One final and important point: does anyone actually want to be judged on something they wrote ten years ago? Or twenty? Or five? Or, in some cases, one? When they’ve clearly based on recent words and deeds changed their positions? Just in my professional work alone my views have changed significantly in the past decade largely because of adding first an experiential element to my work when I left academia and began doing applied work for the military and then when I transitioned from doing tactical work to strategic level work. Nothing is static – not people and not the world. Everything changes. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worse. Perhaps, just maybe, we should cut ourselves and each other a bit of slack. After all we’re only human.

Open thread.

GOP Stupid Venality / Venal Stupidity Open Thread: As Above, So Below

Both Steve ‘Pigmuck’ King and Louie ‘Dumbest Dude in Congress’ Gohmert are quite silly enough to have called this hearing out of genuine confusion about Facebook’s filtering protocols, or in sympathy with the “rights” of a couple of African-American Trump supporters to monetize the How-Can-He-Be-A-Racist-When-He-Has-Black-Friends market, if only they’d been able to keep a straight face…

(Spoiler: Diamond & Silk were not “censored”, although it’s an open question whether or not they understand that.)
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99 Lustballoons Open Thread: The Charlie Rose Show Proposal

This *has* to be regarded as a trial balloon, since nobody who’s been in professional media longer than a week would ‘casually’ mention such a scoop to Tina Brown without expecting her to share it widely. I blame Donny Dollhands and his GOP enablers — those goniffs have cranked the news cycle for ‘powerful men acting out their worst fantasies’ so high, every other walking nutsack figures they’ve got cover.

From Vanity Fair, which has been at the glossiest intersection between pop culture and politics since it was revived during the Reagan era:

The question here seems obvious: who on earth is making this proposed series, and in what universe do they imagine viewers will tune in?

Rose was fired from CBS This Morning and his eponymous PBS show last fall following allegations of sexual harassment from multiple women; in a statement given at the time, Rose apologized, but denied the accuracy of some allegations. “I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings,” Rose said, “even though I now realize I was mistaken.” Rose’s agent did not immediately respond to V.F.’s request for comment regarding the new project.

Why would anyone think a series in which Rose interviews other men who have been accused of sexual misconduct is a good or necessary idea? That might remain a mystery—but the report should also be received with skepticism, since as of yet, it’s unclear who is actually trying to make this series happen…

Without knowing who is behind this potential project, it’s hard to know how likely it is to come to fruition. Though one might think toppled Hollywood titans wouldn’t want to draw attention to themselves with TV appearances, such a thing wouldn’t be completely outside the realm of P.R. possibility; Ben Affleck, James Franco, and Billy Bush have all logged late-night appearances to talk about the controversies that have surrounded them in the wake of #MeToo revelations or allegations. And as Roseanne’s massive ratings success has proven over at ABC, Nielsen does not distinguish hate-watches from earnest ones. So while it’s difficult to imagine Charlie Rose’s supposed #MeToo redemption series making it to the screen—and it’s worth regarding the very idea of such a series with a large grain of salt—perhaps it’s best not to write the project off completely just yet.

One difference even I can spot: Affleck, Franco, Bush, and Sara Gilbert (the executive producer / driving force behind the Roseanne reboot) are all at least a generation younger than guys like Rose and Weinstein, and there’s evidence that members of top advertiser-desirable demographics actually want to see them on screen. Matt Lauer’s borderline — he might be young enough to pull off a comeback, at least on a cable channel aimed at the adult-incontinence-and-diabetes-meds market — but that’s even more reason he shouldn’t want to publicly bracket himself with the other ‘Cosby, only White’ putzes, yes?

Reverse-Midas Open Thread: Adieu, Dr. Jackson

Had this post all written & scheduled, checked the twitters one last time before going to bed…


Of course, Trump hasn’t got the guts to actually fire anybody, especially someone who might be tempted to admit on the record that maybe Lord Smallgloves’ physical status was not quite so magnificently godlike as is currently the pretense. Also, how long will it take to find a replacement who can juggle the Oval Office Occumpant’s Adderall / sedative dosages correctly? Politico‘s ‘Morning Playbook’:

… THE PRESIDENT’S NOMINEE to run the beleaguered VA has never managed more than a small cadre of people, and is now up for a job that involves managing the second-largest government agency, a department with 377,000 employees. He has also been accused of dishing out prescription drugs recklessly, allegedly passed out drunk at a hotel during a presidential trip, is said to have banged on a woman’s door after a night of drinking and allegedly crashed a government car after boozing at a Secret Service going-away party. Jackson has denied many of these allegations.

THE GENERAL CONSENSUS: Dr. Jackson will withdraw, which will give the president a chance to nominate a vetted candidate that the Hill can confirm. This is an election year. Republicans want the president to make things easy for them…

Given the information currently available, I kinda feel sorry for Dr. Jackson. He seems to be a perfectly competent mechanic for human machinery; Murphy the Trickster God knows that neither admirals, doctors, nor mechanics are generally famed for their temperance and humility. You might well trust your mechanic with your wallet, if not your life… but you wouldn’t necessarily propose he be promoted to CEO of General Motors. Or Microsoft.

But that’s the problem: Everyone Trump touches ends up the worse for it!

It would be funnier if there weren’t so much hanging on the resolution of this issue…

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: That State Dinner — Early Reviews

I guess the good news is that Donny Dollhands didn’t try to return Louisiana to France, in hopes of pocketing the refund for himself…

From the Washington Post‘s style page:

On an already symbolic evenin that carried the added pressure of being the Trumps’ foray into official diplomatic branding, the first couple managed to pull off the glitzy party in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, without any major glitches. There were the bigwigs gussied up in black tie, the fine china decorated in gold, the long red carpet, the thoughtful toasts. All in all it was a state dinner, but in and of itself that is something.

Remember back on the campaign trail when then-candidate Trump denounced state dinners altogether? Speaking about “China and others” who allegedly “ripped off” the United States, Trump said that the White House should “forget the state dinners that cost, by the way, a fortune.” Hamburgers, which POTUS unabashedly enjoys, and a conference table were all the pomp and circumstance he needed, so the campaign bombast went, to iron things out.

My, how things have changed…
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