Respite Open Thread: Depending on Perspective


Let’s be honest: By the criteria of this batch — if you’re gonna include meatball subs, grilled cheese & pulled pork — America’s most popular sandwich is the hamburger, a front-runner of Joe Biden proportions.

Live Feed of the El Paso Police Department Update

Here’s the live feed. The update is ongoing. Was officially scheduled for 3:30 local time in El Paso, but apparently started early.

NBC is now reporting 19 dead and 40 wounded, though Sergeant Gomez who is doing the briefing is being careful about casualty numbers because he indicates they may not have all the updated information yet.

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FloridDuh! Woman: Electoral Edition

This is a little too on the nose for even Florida if you ask me.

Loomer is originally from the Miami area, but who has lived in Arizona and New York as well, has, apparently recently moved back Florida just to run for Congress. The Democratic incumbent is Lois Frankel, who has been representing this district,  since 2017 and prior to that represented Florida as the representative from District 22, which after redistricting is now represented by Congressman Ted Deutch.  Frankel has also been the mayor of West Palm Beach, and was the minority leader in the Florida state House of Representatives.

From what I know of Loomer – deliberatively and almost shamelessly provocative, racist and bigoted, especially against Muslims, friendly with either those in the alt-right and extreme right circles playing footsie with white supremacists and neo-NAZIs or actually with white supremacists, neo-NAZIs, the men’s rights nutbars and Milo, as well as being a fantacist and a conspiracist – I think the real reason for Loomer’s run is both to suck up money through donations and to force social media platforms to let her back on. I fully expect that she is going to use her candidacy to try to force twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to let her back on and monetize those platforms because if they don’t they’re aiding her political opponent in the election. All while monetizing her election as an income stream because she doesn’t actually have any actual employment.

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Friday Evening Open Thread: Clown Shoes

I’ll always have a soft spot for Michael Moore, because he reminds me of the best and the worst of the big, well-meaning, blue-collar doofuses I grew up among. On the one hand, he means well! He has a big heart, and it’s in the right place (mostly)! On the other… Dude, Michelle Obama is not your mother, your girlfriend, or your maid.

We’re in a mess, and dumb “populists” like you who didn’t even realize your own biases played no small part in getting us it. YOU get to start the massive job of cleaning it up. And maybe if you’re working hard enough, earnestly enough, the women in your life — and those ‘black friends’ you’re so proud of knowing — can find a space to help you without (also, again) taking on the thankless task of fixing up what’s gotten broken!

Also, too:

And while we’re on the topic:

The GOP’s Racism Problem: Nobody Wants to Be Last Off the Sinking Ship (Part 3)

As too many of us know from experience, there’s a feedback loop at failing organizations. Those employees with the best chances, or the best reasons, to escape announce they’re going to ‘pursue other opportunities’. Everybody starts circulating resumes, stockpiling office supplies, and keeping a running tally of who’s taking long lunches or spending time with HR. Every new departure adds to the sneaking conviction that the whole group is irretrievably doomed…

Here’s an announcement that seems to bode particularly ill for the industry reputation of the Republican Party:

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