Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Choose Your Path

Good people:

Very, very bad person:

Mr. Pierce, at Esquire:

This shouldn’t be about paperwork. But it’s about paperwork because the government of the United States is now dedicated to pulling up the drawbridge by whatever means necessary. You don’t even have to anticipate the kind of refugee crises that are coming as the climate crisis intensifies. You just have to look back through history and imagine, say, the coffin ships getting turned around because the starving Irish didn’t have the proper documents. Or you don’t have to use your imagination at all. Just google S.S. St. Louis. This country was born to take the fire out of desperation and devastation. Our government is toddlers playing with matches.

Monday Morning Open Thread: Gonna Be Another Long Week

Overlooked (among the chaos) story of the weekend:


(Could be worse, after all — we could be forced, by some unfortunate confluence of malign forces, to be working for the GOP… )

Always Be Grifting Open Thread: #TrumpSharpies Are the New MAGA Hats

Which happens first?

(a) Trump discovers Parscale is ripping off HIS campaign, noisily fires him; or
(b) Trump decides Parscale is getting too much attention from HIS media, ditto.

Fellow Repubs, of course, have already stolen the concept…

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Democrats Prove Smarter Than Republicans

We had the good sense to reject a blowhard billionaire out of hand…

… While the Repubs aren’t even bright enough to prevent a notorious fake one from taking over their party like all the many other businesses he’s already run into bankruptcy!

“Superior Genetic Material” Open Thread: Eric Takes Back the ‘Dumbest Trump Offspring’ Title

I’m absolutely sure Eric sent this *EXCORIATING* tweet on blast to every single Trump employee, because that Fahrenthold guy made him so BIGLY MAD.

Hopefully somebody (many somebodies) will screenshot Eric’s message, before he reads (has somebody read to him) the replies:

Only pro-Eric response I’ve seen, so far, with response: