Tuesday Morning Open Thread: High Summer

(Jeff Danziger via GoComics.com)

Because a commentor asked: Any (other) Jackals attending the World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin this weekend?

It was in August that Richard Nixon helicoptered out of the Oval Office, one step ahead of the law…

And some genuinely good news…

Open Thread: Jimmy Carter Has No Hecks Left to Give

Former President Carter is a Baptist gentleman of a certain age, so language. But he does have a standing bias against parasitic worms

The current Oval Office Occupant, needless to say, treated these comments with his usual class and graciousness. Suck on it, Donnie, President Carter has a Nobel Peace Prize and *he* didn’t even have to go sucking up to the Swedes for it…


Friday Morning Open Thread: Well, *That* Was Timely…


Thursday night:

Potential Friday distraction:

Monday Morning Open Thread: The Struggle Continues

2020 Election Open Thread: Never Forget