Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Dance Party!

Spirit lifter from staunch commentor LAMH:

So I’m watching anything else but more political news, and watching some of the MTV Movie/TV Awards…. And this happened:

Chadwick Boseman won for best Hero for Black Panther and he did this:

Chadwick said we should honor real life heroes as well. So he called up James Shaw Jr and gave the award to him and thanked him for his real world heroism!!!

At the same event, Michael B. Jordan also won an award, for playing EriK Killmonger in Black Panther. And said: I’m shocked that I won this award for Best Villain. I thought for sure Roseanne had that in the bag.”

And for a coda, professional vote-suppressor Kris ‘I Too Am Super Racist’ Kobach got told to SIT IN THE DUNCE CORNER, AND FEEL SHAME.
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Russiagate Open Thread: “But — But — He’s A Wealthy White Man!”

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To The Surprise of No One Open Thread: Prelim Reviews of The OIG Report

I hope Comey’s enormous self-regard can keep him warm, because from the early reports he showed all of his manly white arse when he decided that FBI norms about “nonpartisanship” didn’t apply to James Comey. Decent people are appalled that he chose to put his thumb on the scales… and Repubs are furious that he didn’t bury the evidence better.

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Excellent Read: “Ninja Supreme Court Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Fun With Fame”

There’s never a pause in the rush of BREAKING NEWS these days, so I’m just gonna start posting good links irregardless. From the New York Times, “The star of the documentary “RBG” has embraced her popularity as another tool in her effort to help women advance”:

WASHINGTON — No one knew when, or even how or where, Ruth Bader Ginsburg would pop up. The Supreme Court justice was due at a screening here of “RBG,” a new documentary chronicling her exemplary life. But she was not tied to the night’s tightly scripted schedule — at some point she would just appear, “like a ninja,” an organizer said.

Gathered in a theater at the Naval Heritage Center, the crowd was amped. There were lawmakers (progressive Democrats and a smattering of conservatives); the justice’s family, friends and former law clerks; her colleague Justice Stephen Breyer; and self-described fan girls and boys…

When the justice arrived, bodyguards encircling her, the audience gave her a standing ovation, then hushed until she claimed her seat. She wore her hair pulled back with one of her beloved scrunchies, in navy velvet; a maroon tweedy blazer; slate-blue belled slacks; jewelry in just about every possible place jewelry can go; and carried her own large handbag. In front of her, arms shot up for the stealth selfie-with-a-famous-person snap. She didn’t mind.

Justice Ginsburg is an unlikely celebrity but then again, we live in an age full of those. What makes her ascendance to pop culture icon — the Notorious RBG, y’all — truly surprising is that, at 85, she is having fun with her unexpected fame, and making careful and inspired use of it for her own savvy ends.

“Ruth was so far ahead of her time that she was alone for decades,” Gloria Steinem wrote in an email, listing the ways her friend and feminist compatriot of nearly half a century has been at the forefront of cultural shifts. “Ruth acted on the intertwining of racism and sexism long before it was called intersectionality. And she was principled in her own field,” the law, even though, as a woman, she was not initially welcome in its highest ranks…
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Repub Venality Open Thread: Terrible People “Guarding” Our Borders

Late-Night Russiagate Open Thread: The Cloud Strikes Again

Oughta know to leave those tech toys to The Youngs…

Russiagate Open Thread: Paul Manafort, Short-Time Coffee Boy

The Oval Office Occupant is incapable of not drawing attention to himself, even when doing so is obviously gonna make a bad situation worse. He’s like a toddler who bursts unexpected into the grownups’ cocktail party, face covered in crumbs, screaming I DIDN’T DO IT I DIDN’T DO IT THAT BAD MAN MUELLER AND THE FBI ATE THE COOKIES! (Also, he’s soiled his big-boy pants, and from the acrid smoke now billowing out of the kitchen, managed to set something on fire.)

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