Twitter Meltdown in 3…2…1

His twitter feed is a thing of beauty. If he’s reading it, his head must be about to explode. Some of my favorites:

Also, I cribbed this from someone last night and I think I’m going to have it made into a t-shirt or better yet, frame it:

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” Please let this also be my life’s legacy.

Take This Ban and Shove It

The 9th circuit issued a unanimous opinion upholding the suspension of the Muslim ban. Here’s a copy of the ruling:

Open Thread: AWKward, Judge Gorsuch!

Note the senders: happy-chat morning tv show, and a conservative who still thinks Hillary would’ve been a terrible president (although better than the current occupant).


“I watched last night in amazement, and I heard things I couldn’t believe!”

ICYMI: Our Would-Be Ruler Verbally Assaults A Federal Judge

Remember when we could joke about “Friday news dumps” because they were the exception? Weekends, one more thing the Republicans were looking to destroy as they ushered Lord Smallgloves into office…

So-Called Judge

The countertop inspection on the judge who blocked Trump’s immigration order is going to be brutal:

“I will now step back from my very precise legal practice and give you the following observation — from me,” he said.

He spoke of the police — training and accountability and leadership: “The men and women who go out and walk around Seattle and proudly wear the Seattle Police Department uniform,” he said. “They are entitled to know what they may and may not do.”

He breathed in again. Then he spoke of protests against police that had spread across the country, and FBI statistics showing that black people are twice as likely to be shot dead by police as their share of the population would warrant.

“Black lives matter,” the judge said.

His words, the Seattle Times noted, caused “a startled, audible reaction” in the courtroom. Here was a federal judge echoing a slogan used by protesters.

Robart was not done. “Black people are not alone in this,” he went on. “Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans are also involved. And lastly and importantly: police deaths in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and let’s not forget Lakewood, Washington, remind us of the importance of what we are doing.”

Robart was appointed by Bush II and confirmed by unanimous vote. Trumpelstiltskin has already called him a “so-called judge”, so I assume Minister of Propaganda Bannon will start smearing the guy immediately.

Let’s Start Our Day on a Positive Note

That’s better.

On the SCOTUS appointment, the one really nice thing is I have to spend zero time learning about the nominee. You simply oppose anyone who is not Garland, because obstruction should not be rewarded. Period. End of Story. Dems filibuster him until McConnell blows up the filibuster.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Plan Your Week in Advance!

(Jack Ohman via

A little gift for those who need to update their protest calendars (hope Kay sees this!)…


Apart from scheduling, what’s on the agenda for the day?