Orville and Wilbur Update

Apparently the cat bleg for Orville and Wilbur was successful. Here are the details from Robin:

HUGE thanks to you and the Balloon Juice community, Adam! My daughter and I just dropped Orv and Willy off with Jenny and her daughter-in-law. We met up in St. Louis and the boys are Topeka bound!

Reid, you did it!

You guys housed my cats!!!

They’re Kansas kitties now.

Seriously, thank you so much.

I cannot thank you enough!


I’m not sure if the adopter is a commenter or a lurker, but hopefully they’ll sound of in the comments and let us know how things are going.

Here are the pictures Robin sent across.

Open thread!

My Brother’s Kittens Update and Bruised Peaches

So Seth was able to contact the rescue people, and they gave him a trap, which she ignored last night because he had fed the hell out of her, but this morning he put some chicken in it, came back a bit later, and had captured her. She and her kittens are now crated upstairs in his house:

There are also FIVE kittens and not three. Seth reports that the mother is not, in fact, feral, and has had human contact because now that she and the kittens are safe, she has been coming up to Seth and letting him pet her. Seth is already in love and it would not surprise me if he keeps the momma and several of the kittens. His working philosophy is you don’t go out and get cats, you just keep the ones that show up to you. He’s been dying to have a cat around since Speak and Whisper both died, so we are hoping things work out with his dog Boghan.

He also has given them amazing names already- he has named them “white feet” and “grey feet” and “white stripe” as featured here:


At any rate, I was giving him shit about the names and he just said they were temporary, and we both agreed that my stupid ass would have named them Gary and Fred and Agnes and never been able to tell them apart, so maybe short term descriptive names are for the best.

In other news, I went to the strip district in Pittsburgh to get some things for my dad and to pick up some olive oil (It’s cheaper for me to drive 30 miles to pick up a gallon of imported olive oil at 25 bucks than it is for me to drive 5 miles and get half that in whatever shit Bertolli is passing off as olive oil), and on the way home I stopped by a farm and orchard I had never been to called Simmons Farm. I had no intention of buying anything but then discovered that they were basically GIVING away bruised peaches for 35 bucks a bushel. That’s an absurd price. So, of course I bought them.

When I got home I discovered that much to my surprise, what they were passing off as bruised peaches are really just mostly oddly shapen or ugly peaches. Some were misshapen, some had some bruises, many were smaller than average (so I assume those fell prematurely when they were picking other ones and they just threw them in the shitty peach bin), etc. All told, there were only about 20 peaches that had portions of them that were unusable. I carved those up and threw the bad parts over the fence for the deer that come by every night and put the good parts in an 8 qt cambro and refrigerated them until tomorrow, and I will make jam with them. When the others ripen, I will can them. I might try to dehydrate some, too, for snacking.

Send money to my paypal account and buy stock in mason jars, I have a problem. In all seriousness, though, 35 dollars for a bushel is just ridiculous. Prepared, that’s like 300 bucks worth of product, and my parents want some more, my sister will want some, etc. And I like the activity and the thought of saving all that money and using something that might have been thrown away.

*** Update ***

Speaking of bruised peaches, my friend had his dog Zero fixed, and the vet told him to ice his sack five times a day for 20 minutes. I’ve never had to do this so I have no idea if the vet was just messing with him, but it’s happening and this picture is equal parts sweet and hysterical:

Senior Cat Rescue Bleg – Rhode Island

From commentor KSinMA:

My brother is moving from Rhode Island to the West Coast, and sadly he can’t take his cat with him.

Lily is a black and white female. She is ten, spayed, and is up to date on all her shots.

She is very friendly and a great companion around the house. Loves her belly scratched and is very gentle. Great with kids, but not with other animals.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, leave a comment below. Or email me at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail, and I’ll forward your message to KS.

Monday Morning Open Thread: Readership Capture


And an update on Elby from his new housemate Silvery:

Elby arrived a month ago tomorrow, after he was personally flown out here by his foster mom. He is super-sweet, and very much a schedule General. He lets me know when it;s time for his medicine, time to open/close curtains, time for bed, time to get up, etc.; if it happens on a schedule, he is on it. Elby believes that human beds were made for cats, and he does not understand why anyone wouldn’t want to spend all their time there, except for his window. He’s doing great and I am super happy to have him in my life.

This is him in the middle of telling me all about the window:

May you and Elby enjoy many happy days together, Silvery!

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Cat Rescue Update!

Loki and Fiona seem to be adjusting to their new home (and housemates) nicely. Many thanks to cat angel Greg M:

We did have the names crossed up. Loki is the Tortie and Fiona is the Blue.

Loki is certainly the more brave of the two. She was poking her head out as soon as I opened the carriers. For her courage she was greeted with a dog snout and a lick. She didn’t seem to mind.

After a few minutes I took both cats downstairs where we’re setting up their litter. It’s a large space so it’s not ideal for adapting them to their new place but because we’re still moving in it has lots of nooks and crannies for them. Also it will be easier to deal with any accidents. Speaking of, both cats seem to have used the litter box last night so I am less concerned about that.

After a few minutes I went upstairs to eat dinner. Loki took the 15 minute gap to leave her carrier and find a bookshelf to perch on. She hid there until I set out the food dishes. She go much braver as soon as she had some grub.

Fiona was content to stay in her carrier.

Pepper, our border collie, reintroduced herself to Loki. It looks like they’ll get along fine. Every time she tried to say hello to Fiona she would get hissed at and retreat. Pepper is not the bravest dog in the world.

For the most part that was the course of the night. I did, after four hours, decide that Fiona needed to come out of the carrier for two reasons. One: She wanted attention and was loudly letting us know she wanted attention. Two: I really wanted her to use the litter box. After I helped Fiona out of the carrier and let her have some lap time she was fine. Neither cat went back into their carriers.

That’s about it so far. I had been up for 18 hours at that point so I went to bed. This morning both cats were up and about and exploring their new digs. The first thing both of the kids did when they got up was to ask to see the kitties. It’s still early days but it looks like everyone is going to settle in fine.