Maybe A Little Respite? Last Day Of Summer

How are you spending your last day of summer?

Gabe’s favorite hangout

Zander guarding the garden

And bonus puppies

Respite open thread

Boghan and His Kittens

Apparently, what my brother’s dog really needed and wanted all his life was kittens:

According to Seth, the black kittie with the white spot on her/his chest and the one with white feet have already secured their forever homes. I will have a video up in a little bit but apparently it is processing forever.

Floriduh! Woman Or Cat Blogging? You Make the Call

We report, you decide!


Open Thread!

Respite Open Thread: Maysie and Tux Update

My tolerance for stupidity has reached empty, so once again I’m tuning out. Except probably to hang out here for the debates.  For those of you who need a break, Sister Rail Gun provides us with the perfect antidote:

They weren’t able to get handoff photos, because as you can imagine, it was hectic.  But here they are settling in. More from Sister Rail Gun:


We got them both into their room. They checked it out and said, “Yep, that’s a litter box, now where’s the food?”

We have Maysie in her favorite spot, by the window overlooking the bird feeders.

Tux behind the ironing board.

Tux and Maysie in the scraps pile behind the ironing board.

Maysie after Tux gave up on the game of tug. They were each pulling on the dangler when Tux said, “Oooh, right, there’s food here!”, let go, and turned away.

Maysie in her new favorite sleeping spot.


Sister Rail Gun has promised more videos when available – you can click on the video and actually subscribe to be notified.

This is a true respite thread. I don’t care if it only has 2 comments two hours in, if anyone is feeling like I am, they need a break. So as best as I can do, here is your cuteness break for the morning.


Guest Post: WereBear And The Advantages Of Adopting Two

So while we are all ooooo-ing and aaah-ing about the latest Balloon-Juice adoption, our very own WereBear had a spell cast over her by these two little sweeties. When I read her blog post I asked her if she’d share it as a guest post here. I thought with all our cat adoptions recently, it would be nice to remind people we have a ready resource for those pesky cat and kitten questions. I was also wondering if you guys would be interested in her doing guest posts a couple times a month, maybe answering your burning cat questions?

Meanwhile, here are the latest members of the extended Balloon-Juice pet family. From WereBear

image of two tabby leopard-spotted kittens, one with red collar and one with green, sitting on the tray of their big wire cage and looking at the camera filtered with a bold art filter

Welcome, MC Hammer and Fresh Prince!

Yes, two Beta Cat Type boys. The smallest Cat Social Unit.Which is how, and why, they came to live with us yesterday evening. Because it was a rescue.

offer I couldn’t refuse

These kittens were part of the shelter system. They were in no immediate danger.

I was so not in the market. Mr WayofCats had been very sick, which dragged me down from exhaustion. Finances were even tighter as a result.

When Tristan kept scratching his head and making Owie! sounds, I got him into the vet’s as soon as they opened. Then this happened.

image of two gray tabby kittens reaching past their cage towards a cat carrier on the chair next to them
Tristan, sulking in carrier on right (not seen) while Fresh Prince and MC Hammer express concern.

These two kittens, working as a team, moved in the big cage to get on the shelf nearby. Then, still consulting each other, they stuck their paws out or made facial expressions of concern. The sides of this carrier are made of mesh. They and Tristan could see each other.

I said, “See, Tristan, they are worried about you.” But I’d already seen enough to know I was in trouble.

They were a bonded pair.

Cat Social Units

Tristan’s problem was cleared up with an exam and two shots. But my problem continued. These two kittens needed to be adopted together.

But it would also mean they would have to wait, growing up in cages and playrooms, getting longer and leggier and (to the unenlightened) less-cute every day. Which was better than the alternative, which was to break their little hearts by separating them.

“They are so attuned to each other,” I remarked to the person in reception.

“The shelter wants them to stay together.”

Then we both made those quick sad faces. We knew that was a barrier to adoption.


Fresh Prince and MC Hammer, their shelter names, had an extraordinary connection for kittens so young. They were 3-4 months old, and had been rescued from a feral colony.

At the beginning of fall local shelters were often jammed by these successful strategies. Which was good. But so many competing choices set this pair’s odds of adoption back even further.

Watching them play and communicate like an Impossible Mission Force, I saw what the shelter had seen. These two weren’t twins, but there was a very strong brother bond.

Both Betas, but I figured Fresh Prince, with his abundant white from chin to tail, had more Gamma. While MC Hammer showed signs he leaned towards the Alpha side of the range.

I could not catch a break. They would be exactly suited to joining my Cat Civilization. Just when I was halfway through my upcoming book on that very subject, with proper choosing and introductions being featured prominently in it.

So I was looking at a future where I kept my mouth shut, and the entire time I’ll be writing a book about cat partnerships. I won’t know what happened to these little fellows. Or I can go by the shelter and see how they are still waiting for a home.

Writer’s block is hard enough. I caved and asked for an application.  Read more