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Couldn’t Have Been Wall Street, Right George?

Guess who’s buying into the revisionist idiocy that Dems and poor minorities created the financial crisis?  George Will: Put on asbestos mittens and pick up “Reckless Endangerment,” the scalding new book by Gretchen Morgenson, a New York Times columnist, and Joshua Rosner, a housing finance expert. They will introduce you to James A. Johnson, an […]

Colbert’s Joke Is On Us, Apparently

Campaign finance reform advocates are worried that Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC shtick may open the door to some real abuses by the corporate-owned press depending on how the FEC rules.   For its part, the commission has been treating Colbert’s request like any other. It’s created some quirky moments, like when Colbert had to assure the […]

Selling Snake Oil

Josh Marshall notes that Republicans are completely uninterested in jobs right now.   We know that congressional Republicans are saying they won’t allow any more stimulus spending. That’s been more or less clear since last November’s election. And that doesn’t surprise anyone much since, while it prevents any real action to boost the economy, it’s […]