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Atlanta Pro-Israel Protesters Bring Assault Rifles, Handguns, Call Islam Religion Of Death

There’s been a lot of attention placed on antisemitism at Palestinian solidarity rallies, particularly in Europe (the ADL has tried to make the same case for protests in the United States, but their evidence amounts mostly to a handful of signs comparing Israel to Nazis). What’s been given less attention is the blatant extremism of the […]

Jeffrey Goldberg Concern Trolls About Dead Muslims In Not-Gaza

Concern trolling is a fine art in politics, especially on the Internets. Case in point: Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic and Bloomberg View staffer who writes almost exclusively about Israel and perceived threats to Israel (he’s a former Israeli prison guard who admitted to beating prisoners, FYI). Now, he’s complaining people are writing too much about Israel: […]

How Israel Helped Birth Hamas, Plus Ned Lamont In Gaza City

There’s always a lot of chatter about Hamas, and how Israel can’t deal with Hamas (pro-tip: it does, where do you think those ceasefires and prisoner swaps come from?), and if Hamas wasn’t there, this would all be over anyway because the problem is hummus, I mean Hamas (watch the fun short musical West Bank Story for […]