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Send a Little Love

Scout loves using her Bixby as her personal  pillow Bixby had another bout of a bacterial gastric event that he had last year. I’ll try not to get too graphic, but blood in his vomit and bowels sent us to the emergency vet, as my vet had two surgeries he couldn’t’ reschedule. Turns out that’s […]

Respite Open Thread: Peek-A-Boo

I can’t even with this being so cute: CU Boulder gets in on the April Fools’ fun, but Bobak takes it and runs with it: Can't wait to see @WilliamShatner as instructor again https://t.co/3Me0xQJvT3 — Bobak Ferdowsi (@tweetsoutloud) April 2, 2019 The Academy wouldn’t let me get past the three interns I accidentally beamed into […]

Open Thread: What Teddy Bear?

This entire thread is epic. I wish I could embed the entire thing for you, but you’ll just have to click over to read the rest of the story (click on any tweet to get you there). So, hey.I somehow managed to book a creepy log cabin to do some intensive writing in for a […]

Respite Open Thread: Meet Watson

I’ve had a busy day that included eating at a “butter bar restaurant”. Bella La Crema had amazing food and the cutest decor. I’m sure no calories were involved. I’m actually attending a baking class there next week. There will be copious amounts of butter involved, I’ve been promised. I’m not really sure if it was a […]