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You See, The Country Has Mood Swings

Hmm, I thought this might be a political blog, but I could be wrong. I think we need a not-so-super Tuesday open thread. It looks like Michigan might be feeling the Bern and Nate Silver was caught off guard. Here is ABCNews Live election results Here is FiveThirtyEight and CNN. Pick your poison.  

Friday Recipe Exchange: Sweet and Tart

Since lemons were on sale, I was planning on this recipe last week***, but I never found time. This week I made time because I really wanted some lemony-blueberry goodness. It was very, very simple. Though I did manage to unnecessarily dirty quite a few dishes in the process. The basis for the custard pie […]

That Ain’t Right

Why can’t we just vote like normal people? It was recommended I read up on the rules before going to caucus tonight. So I did: Caucuses are fundamentally neighborhood meetings. You gather at the location designated for your precinct with other Democrats, vote for your preferred candidate and elect delegates to your county Convention and […]

I Owe It To Myself To Go RIGHT To The Edge

Looks like we could use an open thread. I just purchased Queen Latifah’s Beauty Shop and Moonstruck in the same order. Do you think the person who filled that saw it and went, “WTF? Crazy bitch.” I can’t help it, I’ll watch anything with Queen Latifah in it. I just love her. And my movie […]