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Writers Chatting: Chapter 7

I spent most of yesterday transplanting roses from the backyard (where nothing is safe!) to the front yard. These roses are from my friend’s garden and I’m looking forward to making my own bouquets this summer. I have an unbelievable variety and many, many plants. For today’s writing thread, I’m digging into my email basket […]

Writing Group Update and Open Thread

I’ve been debating a writer’s thread this weekend and YES won out. So there will be an one at the usual time,  12:30/11:30/10:30/9:30. Two things caught my eye today: For our New England friends, the Tall Ships are coming. https://t.co/2VFZKBqFWB — Miss T (@TaMaraRullo) April 21, 2017 There is a great slideshow at the link. […]

Elusive Backyard Dabbits

They aren’t as unhappy as they look. I’m about ready to head into the kitchen to start the roast. If you want, menu and recipes are here. Along with a bonus Bixby as a puppy picture I stumbled across in my photo files. How is everyone finishing out their Sunday? Open thread.

Afternoon Open Thread

Looks like we are on our own today. I rescued these flowers just before the snow last week. I have a new vase full that I rescued today from the backyard. Not safe from the galloping hooves of my beasts I’m afraid. Finally finished up the front yard and it’s all ready for planting – […]

They Did It

I suppose it’s nothing to joke about, but hell, what else is there to do? Senate Republicans used the “nuclear option” Thursday to change the chamber’s rules and clear the way for the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. The rules change will enable Gorsuch to easily pass through the Senate […]