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General Morning Outrage

@mkegop You can delete, but you can't hide. pic.twitter.com/24Qp5tE0Ml — Miss T (@TaMarasKitchen) September 25, 2018 I hate these people.  If you’re on Twitter, feel free to go express your outrage. (If that tweet disappears, I have a screenshot) UPDATE: I’ve added my tweet with the screenshot My morning started on a frustrating note. At […]

Open Thread: Whataburger, Whataguy

I wish any of my current Senators were half as inspiring as Beto: I interrupt your Friday night to bring you this important video message: Just a guy, sitting in a @Whataburger drive-thru, hot off the heels of telling Texas why he wants to work for them. I don’t know about you, but that’s my […]

So You Want To Vouch For Kavanaugh’s Character

How about this. If the press (or anyone) is going to delve into every aspect of Dr. Ford’s story and life, how about they also interview every one of the women who signed that letter of support for Brett Kavanaugh? Ask them to answer these questions with as much detail as is expected from Dr. Ford: […]