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Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Copyrighted 2018 Tom Garrahan RightHandedLeftArtist I don’t think we have highlighted this illustration yet. I was holding off while trying to find attribution. Unsuccessful so far…I’m sure one of you will correct that Thank you Mag! I’m so tired of this administration. Open thread

Respite Open Thread: Apollo 11 in Real Time

Oh the Apollo 11 in real time site is live and it’s spectacular: listen in / watch the countdown to launch begin (L-15h)https://t.co/papa2YlC5K pic.twitter.com/phBGxnllvM — Bobak Ferdowsi (@tweetsoutloud) July 15, 2019 You can link up at your actual time of day, or choose any point in time in the mission. I’ve been soaking up all […]