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Pence Administration Cracks Down on Nefarious LGBT Plot to Have Children

As you are no doubt aware, same-sex couples cannot conceive children the same way opposite-sex couples can. While many choose to adopt, others choose to make what my husband and I call Science Babies. For male* couples, this usually involves one partner’s sperm and a surrogate; for female* couples, one provides the egg (and often […]

Online Privacy and You

tl;dr: scroll down to the part in bold if you just want a pro-privacy action item. Digital privacy has been in the news a lot, though you’ll be forgiven for missing it. About a year ago, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became active. You may have noticed that you received an email about updated […]

Cat Cake Open Thread

It was my birthday last week, and the people at work got me a cake: Seeing this cake cleared up a strange moment from the week before. I’d walked into the conference room, and there was a picture of Samwise up on the big screen. My team lead forgot he was projecting from his laptop […]