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A Cure for Your Imposter Syndrome (Open Thread)

Many of us suffer occasional bouts of imposter syndrome*. Michelle Obama is one of our number. Former first lady Michelle Obama confessed she still suffered from “imposter syndrome,” even as her memoir, Becoming, broke sales records last month and became the year’s best-selling book 15 days after it was published. […] Asked at the event how Obama felt about […]

Early Weekend Open Thread

I found pictorial representation of how I feel several times a day, having started a new job, and moved to a new city, that feel far above my station. I shouldn’t say too much about work, but everything you’ve seen on Silicon Valley is true. Folks seem to have collectively decided work was over around four. […]

Afternoonish Open Thread

My mom always said “wave bye-bye to Denver!” when we’d leave town, when I was a kid. (She still does, but winkingly.) I’m here at the airport, ready to wave bye-bye to San Francisco. So long, old frenemy. It’s been real. But I have to go make different mistakes elsewhere now. Open thread! Anybody else […]

Halloween Mood Open Thread

Looks like we could use an overnight thread. Possible discussion topic: Which picture of this cat better represents your feelings about the season? Who’s ready to twickOtweet wif ze kitty devil for Meowlloween?👹👻🕸🕷 #CatsOfTwitter #cats_of_instagram #catsagram #FridayFeeling #catdevil #Halloween #FlashbackFriday #9gag #animalsofinstagram #BuzzFeed #cat_features pic.twitter.com/mh0Jnv3BsS — TarsuszeExotic (@TarsuszeExotic) October 19, 2018 FBF to when I […]

About Those Recent Polls

Yesterday, there were some polls–from NPR/Marist, NBC/WSJ, and Gallup–that had some folks here concerned. According to their data, over the last week, GOP approval has increased, as has GOP voter enthusiasm, to the point where both measures roughly equal the numbers for Democrats. These are real numbers, worthy of the same consideration we give any […]