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Most People Aren’t On Twitter

As somebody who is Very Online™, I find it helpful to sometimes take a step back from the outrage du jour and remember what most people actually think. So, I was excited to see that Nate Cohn and Kevin Quealy have a piece in The Upshot today outlining the difference between ‘online’ Democrats and ‘non-online’ Democrats. Today’s Democratic […]

Guest Post: Transgender Day of Visibility

(This is a guest post by valued commenter Sister Golden Bear.) As I mentioned in the comments, today is Transgender Day of Visibility, held every March 31, intended to honor and celebrate transgender and gender non-conforming people (GNC) — both those visible and those invisible. It started a decade ago but only took off a […]

Meanwhile, in China

The Telegraph has interviewed eight former detainees from China’s Muslim concentration camps, where roughly one million Uighurs and Kazakhs are detained. This is one of the least-horrifying things described: In order to receive a small portion of rice at noon and 6pm he, like all the others, must praise the Chinese president and shout “Long live […]