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Smart Money, Scared Money. Plus, Bonus Tikka

First the reward (no sing-for-your-supper spiritual joylessness here!). Here’s one fat cat that is Warren-curious:   Tikka has views on the e-book vs. book-books debate. E-books…nah. Yup. Books it is! (I find myself more and more on the opposite side of this divide; I spend more than half of my reading time on my Kindle […]

RIP Toni Morrison

We’ve lost a giant. Thread here for any remembrances, or just literary fandom. I’ll start: the writing speaks for itself. Others speak of her unparalleled commitment to other writers, of color, of course, but also to anyone driven to the vital act of committing words to paper: I just retweeted that one.  Then there’s this: […]

An ABC of Election Theft…

This is amazing…a font created entirely out of gerrymandered districts:   Go here for a proper, high resolution image of the font, and the chance, if you’re so minded, to download it for free. Here, by the way, is my first composition in this latest gem in the long history of typography: It’s all a […]

Alright. That’s Enough Respite

Here’s a slightly wonky way into a pragmatic reason why the moral catastrophe that is Republican immigration crimes is bad for America’s bottom line, and not just its moral standing. Changing U.S. demographics can decrease the productive capacity of the economy through slowing labor force participation and population growth. Holding labor productivity constant, slowing participation […]