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So here’s a center-left white dude of somewhat more consequence that Seth Moulton about to render the latter’s candidacy yet more risible: Former Vice President Joe Biden will join the crowded Democratic primary field with an online video announcement on Thursday, followed by an event with union workers in Pittsburgh on Monday, NBC News reported […]

I, For One, Welcome My New Robot Ninja Apex Carnivore Overlords

Can’t stand the news anymore.  The FAA, Boeing, and the Trump shutdown — enabled by the GOP Congressional Kopromat Caucus — all contributed to the deaths of the Ethiopian Airlines 737-Max. Trump, risibly, fantasizes about thugs crushing…well, you and me.  41 GOP senators saying, “yup. Let’s gut the Constitution and abandon the American experiment so […]

Paging Mr. Baron…Paging Mr. Miller…Norwegian Anti-Fraud Squad On Line One

Mr. Baron and Mr. Miller, you may recall, have a close relationship with the cheetoh-faced, ferret-heedit shitgibbon. We don’t know the name of anyone who may have displaced Miller and Baron in the Orange One’s heart, but he is clearly keeping busy: A total of 329 candidates — 217 individuals and 112 organizations — are […]