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“Dear FSM! Make It Stop!” Silly Pix Respite Thread

So, our criminal president is (by Turkish proxy) bringing death down upon innocents who thought they could trust US friendship. His party, most of them so far, is just fine with that.  He is actively working with every bad actor available to enrich himself and steal the next election.  He is publicly admitting new impeachable […]

IIIII’mmm Back….

Been off the grid, deliberately, for the last week. Nothing happened, right? I’ve got some saved up fury, but while I was driving in a remote corner of northeastern California, the shuffle function in my music app kicked this out of the depths of my music library:   It was a scary time when this […]

Another One Bites The Dust: Joi Ito, MIT, and Jeffrey Epstein

I haven’t said anything here about events at my home institution, MIT around the news that Joi Ito, the director of the ‘tute’s Media Lab had taken donations for the lab and cash for investments under his control from Jeffrey Epstein — after his conviction for various forms of the sexual predation of girls and very […]