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You Know You Have A Problem…

…When you say sh*t like this: “As he puts on plastic gloves to serve food at NRG Stadium…President Trump turns to press and says: “My hands are too big!” Dude.  Special pleading like this only makes it harder to ignore the obvious inference. Seriously, Donald. Can we talk? I don’t care about your sense of adequacy, […]

Stray Thoughts and Mental Misdemeanors

I’ve been quiet for the last several days* for several reasons. I’ve been heartsick; paralyzed with rage, unable to form sentences;** and, perhaps most to the point, unable to add much, if anything, to what everyone else has been saying. What’s more, I’m well behind on my book project, and just about ever last erg […]

Darkness At Noon (Well, A Little After 10 a.m. From Where I’ll Be Standing)

This is a follow up to Anne Laurie’s post of earlier this morning.  My family’s headed out for Oregon in a couple of weeks, basing ourselves with relatives in Portland before heading a little south and east in the very wee hours of the 21st. We’re putting ourselves in the hands of the cloud-cover forecast […]