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A Debate Activity

Yo, y’all. I just made my ritual debate night donations.  Tonight it was small $ to Hillary, Maggie Hassan, and the Balloon Juice Act Blue fund. If any of you share my superstition (donations when you’re nervous, pissed off at something, or what have you, have more impact than any others), I offer you the […]

Kitten Tikka Masala Weighs In

Tikka has decided to make his views on this election absolutely clear:   I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t take another debate.  My spouse and son will be glued to the set while I’ll be at a bar with a friend in the science museum business.  We’ll talk shop, mostly ignore the baseball […]

All You Need To Know About Paul Ryan

This: …the speaker is torn between his personal feelings about the tape showing Donald Trump discussing grabbing women by the genitals and his desire to preserve the historic GOP majority in the House of Representatives. My reaction: A) Profile in Courage. B) Put his picture in the dictionary next to “Party Before Country” I have […]

Two Things That Happened And One That Didn’t

I’m going to keep this short (you’ve heard that before from me) because my disdain for punditry extends to my own attempts. Still, it seems to me that there is one real measure of success or failure (“winning” or “losing”) for any political event: did what just occurred move votes to one side or the other. […]

A Question For Mitch, Paul And Friends

Sopan Deb tweeted out a truly illuminating passage of the thoughts of our would-be dear leader, AKA the Mangled Apricot Hellbeast.   Every Republican leader — and especially all those facing the voters this fall — should be compelled to explain how all this adds up to a commander who could be trusted with a push […]