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You’re Fired! and Ready to Go…Errr, P’raps Not

There’s much to be said about the still-unpossible fact that the shitgibbon is now president.  But in this day one of our national experiment in test-to-destruction governance, there’s something…missing. That would be a government.  Or at least, an administration. There are roughly 675 Federal positions that require Senate confirmation.* There are some four thousand more jobs […]

Government, Meet Bathtub

It’s easy to run a government that does (next to) nothing. Here’s where Trumpism — or really Pence-ism, or really, exactly what the GOP has been promising (threatening) will have its most immediate, and quite possibly its most damaging impact: Staffers for the Trump transition team have been meeting with career staff at the White […]

Odds and Ends

Consider this a proof-of-life post.  I went into a renewed Trump slough of despond a few days ago and am only now crawling out.  My reaction these last several days is summed up by this, fresh from my son’s vault of amusing internet clutter: I’m climbing out of my funk in a couple of ways:  for one, […]

A Hard Rain

I’m reading M Train right now — my way to push back on the news by diving into someone else’s struggle to live in the act of making work that cuts.  Just now, with the luck of the ‘net, my YouTube bot popped this into my recommend list: I am much moved by Smith’s break on stage […]

The Trickster God Is Toying With Us

There really can’t be any further doubt: On Friday night, Mr. Trump’s transition team insulted the American intelligence community by saying that officers had misrepresented the threat of weapons of mass destruction ahead of the Iraq War, meaning that they should not be trusted with their conclusion of Russian meddling in the presidential election. In […]

One More Thing: I Do Dare Call It Treason

There’s no way to parse what happened in the few weeks before the election without recognizing that both FBI director Comey and Senate Majority Leader McConnell effectively colluded with Russia to throw this election. Comey can’t not have known about the Russia connection to the emails, and yet chose to violate policy, precedent and explicit […]