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It Takes a Father

Obama excoriated absentee fathers during his father’s day sermon today in a speech that sounded eerily like Laura Ingraham, minus the batshit lunacy: “Too many fathers are M.I.A, too many fathers are AWOL, missing from too many lives and too many homes,” Mr. Obama said, to a chorus of approving murmurs from the audience. “They […]

Straight Talking in Circles

Ouch: Robert Greenwald takes McCain to task for a few of his about faces. Maybe Hillary is staying in to take McCain’s spot when he is forced to drop out? speaking for me only. I am not saying this to be snarky, but merely to point out that I am not John. Well, actually the […]

No Scruples

No Quarter’s Larry Johnson has it from a few unnamed sources that a juicy, if completely unseen video of Michelle Obama hating whitey exists. Actually, he does imbed a video, a completely unrelated GOP ad featuring Michelle Obama’s “first time in my life” flub. To spare you from increasing his page views: I now have […]

Open Thread

Take a break from the battlegrounds for 5 minutes and laugh, Mr. Cole: And on a different topic, one that relates (however tangenitally) to polical bloggers, Buzz Bissinger (author of Friday Night Lights, a superb book) lost his mind on Costas Live last week in a panel with Will Leitch, founder of Deadspin.com. Bissinger reminds […]

School Safety

By way of introduction, Wayne Dolcefino is Houston’s scoop investigative journalist, sort of our city’s version of Carl Monday. He does also expose city corruption frequently, something for which I think he does deserve credit. In this particular expose, he confronts the founder of Parkway Christian School, which boasts “a program based on Christian character, […]

Spirits Blogging

This is Tito Beveridge, carrying a bottle of the beverage that bears his name. Tito Beveridge has been a fixture on the streets of Austin and Central Texas for years, nearly to the level of Leslie the transsexual mayoral candidate (image not safe for sensitive stomachs). He is a geologist and UT graduate who made […]