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My Kingdom For An Honest ID Advocate

Presented without comment: At issue in the Dover lawsuit, brought by 11 parents in Federal District Court, is whether intelligent design is really religion dressed up as science, and whether teaching it in a public school violates the constitutional separation of church and state. The More center’s lawyers put scientists on the witness stand who […]

Required Reading

Brent Scrowcroft says important things in the New Yorker. Go read. Done? OK. First, the color commentary. If you saw the last Bond flick, Die Another Day, you’ll remember the climactic father-son confrontation on board a burning cargo plane. That’s what I think is going on here, minus the part where the son electrocutes the […]

Closed Session

Call this blog fashionably late for the party. It appears that Harry Reid has invoked Rule 21, which closes the Senate to the news media, in order to chat about that “phase two” of the Senate Select Committee on Inteligence. You’ll recall that Pat Roberts (R – Kan) promised to follow up the report on […]