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Uprising in France

As I write this, rioting in France has spread beyond Paris and may yet cause widespread and lasting damage. I’ve seen the projects around Nancy, France’s third largest city, and I can tell you that they have the same hopeless, dehumanizing character, which I will (perhaps unfairly) describe as a social landfill, as the Parisian […]

Camera Question

For my wife’s birthday I’m planning to buy a digital camera to replace our beloved, stolen Sony DSC-V1 (no, funny guys, it’s not a dual-use gift. I have my own camera, but it’s an old Nikon film model and she likes digital). I had planned to pick up the Sony DSC-V3, but I know that […]

Steelers News

In Steelers news, Pittsburgh’s near-loss to the Baltimore Ravens finally convinced whomever to give Ben Roethlisberger ‘s knee the attention that it deserves: Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Thursday morning after suffering a lateral meniscus tear against the Ravens on Monday night at Heinz Field. The procedure, which was done […]

Friday beer blogging: Act Globally, Drink Locally

Picture this scenario. On friday nights you could stop at the local brewpub, but instead you shave a few bucks and stop at the chain sports bar down the street. Now imagine that the brewpub owner, a decent guy who lives with his family a few blocks down the street, sold one too few beers […]

Rhymes With Cheese

For the Republican party, the multiple Jack Abramoff investigations freeze the bowels in a way that the Plame case never will. Rove is dispensible, and you can proably get by if Bush himself resigns in disgrace, but practically every Republican in Washington connects in some way to Jack Abramoff. Not bad in itself; the problem […]