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Pat Robertson Has No Influence

Nope, none at all. Just ignore the horde of Robertsonites who control major portions of the federal government. It’s fairly obvious that each Republican faction cannot possibly control the party at once. Moderate Republicans want lower taxes and government out of their lives, the religious right damn well wants feds in your bedroom and up […]

The Shrillness Spreads

Joe Klein, tomorrow: In the upcoming issue of Time magazine, out Friday, columnist Joe Klein considers what he calls the Bush administration’s “epic collapse.” He concludes with a statement that may make some wonder if he is hinting that the president ought to be impeached. Klein claims, in referring to the president, that he has […]

Abu Gonzales, Meet Oversight

Hobby horse time! Question: How can you tell when a government agency has gone for years without effective oversight? Answer: It gets sloppy, keeps poor records and starts breaking the law. Question 2: What happens when oversight comes back? Answer 2. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales has retreated from public view this week in an […]