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Um, holy sh*t

Science is f*cking rad. Scientists Create Fully Functional Eggs from Skin Cells Using skin cells extracted from mice, researchers in Japan have produced fully functional egg cells that were used to produce healthy mouse pups. Should the method work in humans, it could introduce powerful new ways of treating infertility—and even allow same-sex couples to […]

Also too

I ran twelve seasons in high school (we had winter track). I also competed in college, if briefly and not well. In my experience locker room chat generally goes like this, roughly in order of frequency: * Getting our shit together so we can get to practice or get home. Most people don’t want to […]

Tonight’s big take home

Trump lost his goddamned mind in this debate. Nobody in a western democracy threatens to jail their opponent on live TV. This guy wants to be Vladimir Putin. I literally cannot believe that reporters will talk about fine details of this or that exchange when an American candidate for President went gibbering insane in front […]

Official Owen Ellickson appreciation thread

HEIDI: You burned your bridges. You can't unendorse now.CRUZ: I don't understand! I'm brilliant! How did this happen?HEIDI: (harsh laugh) — Owen Ellickson (@onlxn) October 8, 2016 GIULIANI: Sexual assault talk respahnse video, take 1!TRUMP: "Look, people… relax, OK?"GIULIANI: We nailed it!CONWAY: Try again — Owen Ellickson (@onlxn) October 8, 2016 GIULIANI: Sexual assault talk […]

Joseph Smith is not amused

The first person to withdraw his Trump endorsement after last night was Jon Huntsman. That was basically instantaneous, and perhaps not a huge surprise if you know Huntsman. Today we have Mike Lee, Gary Herbert and Jason Chaffetz. Utah, Utah Utah. Mitt Romney never considered supporting Trump for an instant. Anyone want to guess what […]

The unforgivable curses, a short guide

Some folks on Twitter and elsewhere have tried to defend Donald Trump, or at least minimize last night’s impact, by saying we already had all this on tape. He called Mexicans rapists. He called Rosie O’Donnell a pig. He said racist things about a judge, Miss Universe and a thousand other people. But the rest […]