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I never said that

You know the crazy dream where you just did something with potentially catastrophic consequences and you beg the universe for a chance to take it back*? Apparently Donald Trump thinks you really can do that. Probably that is what growing up in a gilded little box does to you. Let’s say that young lord Fontleroy […]

Open thread

I spent a year and a half investigating the Clinton Foundation and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. ***Update*** OK, enough Clinton-Trump for now. You know what this blog needs? A pug named Dumpling. Treat? Crap, I’m out of treats. Chat about whatever.

Memo to women everywhere

1. Find out if you work in a state that mandates two-party consent for recording. New York lets one person record a conversation without telling the other. 2. If you think your boss is likely to lech on you, get it on tape. There are so many good apps for that. 3. Sayonara, asshole. [FOX […]

Wrong frame

This is Trump's Hail Mary play https://t.co/EwtyLE975m — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) August 17, 2016 A hail mary implies you are only down by one touchdown. The Breitbart gambit is Trump swapping his beaten, demoralized starting line with some third stringers who are desperate for game time and nobody cares if they get hurt. Steve Bannon […]