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It turned into a ballroom blitz

This morning Martin Longman made what I think is the first correct interpretation of what happened with Ted Cruz last night. Yes, the Trump campaign had Ted Cruz’s speech in advance. I am sure that they read it. They almost certainly discussed it with Cruz. So how could such a disaster happen with their eyes […]

Stay away from Cleveland

Folks, I know how tempting it is to go to the snakes’ den and tell them what you think to their face. I have done it. It’s cathartic. It feels great. Please don’t. From a tactical perspective the convention does not need our help to be be a complete dumpster fire. Half the people in […]

Open Thread

Congratulations to Boris Johnson for being named Britain’s new Foreign Secretary. Apparently Nigel Farange was busy and the raving monster loony guy demanded crocodiles in the Thames before he’d consider the job. I suggest Boris work on protocols for his first meeting with the ambassadors from Scotland and newly reunited Ireland.

Open thread

Pareene is right of course, Democrats have a bad habit of attacking the other guy in strategically stupid ways. So do Republicans! Not many politicians have Obama’s knack for sparring. However, this election we have little Damien from the Omen all grown up and running for President so we probably should think things through even […]