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Gentle reminder

Why does torture exist? If you set aside petty sadism, leaders sometimes need things to be true that are not only false but so wrong that no one credible can be persuaded to lie about them. If the threat of losing your job or prison can’t persuade someone to lie then you torture them until […]


President Donald Trump is considering introducing legislation to provide a pathway to legal status, but not immediately to citizenship, for illegal immigrants in the United States, CNN reported on Tuesday, citing a senior White House official. Either a senior White House official is about to get fired, or else I will have to revise my […]

Open thread

I imagine the National Security Advisor selection process went something like this. Trump: someone GET ME PETRAEUS aide: I got Petraeus! Trump: Daaaavid Trump: hello? Trump: all right whatever, run up the flagpole that we might pick John Bolton. See what response we get. aide: Sir, the red phone’s buzzing. Putin: NO THE FUCK YOU […]

Shit sandwich

Remember that wave of relief when you saw the credentials of the guy Trump picked to take over Flynn’s job? Looks like he felt a different kind of wave. President Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser, retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward, has turned down the offer, a senior White House official said on Thursday. […]

Hard out there for a Putzder

Various sources report that Trump’s pick for Secretary of Labor doesn’t have enough votes and will withdraw. You know what that means? It means he will pick someone worse, and then you’ll all feel REALLY dumb. Like for example…actually I can’t think of anyone worse. Carl’s Jr is pretty much the bottom of the barrel […]