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5 years and 3 days ago John gave me the keys

And I promptly crashed the blog into the ditch. We’ve dug out the Christmas decorations and started tossing them around. We’ve got the garage door openers installed, and the new snow blower is really something. So far, we’ve had two <3-inch snow falls, so I may not get to really give a work out for […]

The Republican Party is tearing itself apart. It’s about damn time.

The following is from a Tweetstorm I composed yesterday in the hours before that shitshow of a “debate.” There are probably some spelling and grammar errors, because for the most part, I just copied and pasted from my Twitter account, @soonergrunt. Someone asked me recently why I’m a dick to Conservatives who engage me on […]

It’s been a while. Love what you’ve done with the place.

Tonight I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled blog programming to tell you that a guy with whom I served in combat, Ken William “Wild Bill” Lynn killed himself this morning. I’ve already had my emotional reaction to it. I’m not posting this for your sympathy. I’m posting this because losing a friend sucks. I’m posting this […]

Open Thread

So Trey Gowdy and the Republicans of the House Select Committee On Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign basically cut their own asses off and gave them to Hillary Clinton, who obligingly handed them their asses right back. In other news today, A US Special Operator (probably Army Special Forces, but not confirmed) was Killed in Action […]