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Salmagundi Open Thread

Pedro doesn’t care much for doing tricks right now. In yesterday morning’s open thread, p.a. (First!) mentioned this BBC article about Matthew Anderson’s tweet about Mark Forsyth’s claim (I think this sentence has gotten away from me) in his book “The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase” that: As Mark Liberman […]


Anyone awake? So, I’m serving seared tuna (which has been marinating in teriyaki and rice wine for a while) with a mint, coriander, savoy cabbage and bean sprout salad, drizzled with argan oil and lime juice And I’m stuck as to what cocktail to serve with it on a warmish spring evening. Mai tais to […]

Miscellania Trump

The lesser of two evils (Baud) hovercraft says: August 31, 2016 at 8:38 pm (Edit) Francisco Goldman is reporting that the crime perpetrated against the nation of Mexico today is now being described in Mexico as the end of the PRI. The noose around their necks from which they will never recover from. To debase […]

NFT Open Thread

I can’t take it any more. I declare that the comments in this Open Thread shall contain no fucking Trump. Thread commenters may talk about whatever they wish, with the exception of: (a) all persons surnamed Trump; (b) all companies, trusts, political organisations owned or operated by such persons; and (c) their respective directors, employees, […]

Mai Tai Early Morning Open Thread

Have your man place, into a large cocktail shaker, a jigger each of fresh lime juice, Diplomatico aged Venezuelan rum (for the flavour), and British Navy Pusser’s rum (for the kick), along with half a jigger of Cointreau, a heaping half of orgeat and a small spoonful of brown molasses sugar. Have him add tons […]