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Obstructionist Open Thread

p.a. says: November 12, 2016 at 10:36 pm (Edit) We have to be hard. They are now beyond ‘usual evil’ (h/t Dumbledore). We can’t do anything to soften their incompetence. Total noncooperation. The Constitution and the progress of the last several generations is at stake. If their supporters can’t learn (and they can’t) they have […]

Artists In Our Midst

As promised, herewith your Artists In Our Midst thread. If you are any kind of creator – artist, writer, blogger, photographer, musician, inventor, designer, sex toy entrepreneur, gardener, whatever – professional or otherwise, and you want to give yourself or your stuff a plug, please do so. If you’re not and you know someone who […]

Late Night Open Music and Nothing to do with the Election Thread

Hello kiddies… are we all enjoying day three million of the 2016 election campaign? I’m distracting myself from refreshing PEC just one more time by listening to the big, beautiful and very sexy Lizzo, while baking laxative-laced treats for the Trump campaign after party. What’s keeping you sane? (I know, there are some fundamental assumptions […]