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Medicare for (what do you mean…)

Austin Frakt and Aaron Carroll at the New York Times Upshot lay out the ten different Medicare for (SOMETHING) plans that are floating out there. They illuminate the trade-offs. They show the choices that the different plans are making. And then they bring in an expert panel of some of the best health policy and […]

New Mexico goes big and goes small

New Mexico is fascinating right now on the health policy front. They are going big: United States of Care applauds the passage of New Mexico’s Medicaid Buy-in Act out of the State House HHS Committee and the State Senate Public Affairs Committee!https://t.co/Nut0YqCl5m — United States of Care (@USofCare) February 15, 2019 New Mexico has been […]

Something good today

Let’s celebrate something good this week. It could be small. It could be big. Just make sure it is something good. For me, I’ve become an uncle again. I have two absolutely amazing new nephews. Their big brother is adjusting to the trauma of not being an only child. If everything works out well, I’ll […]