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To think, to drink and to waste some ink

An ode to quarterbacks as well as an analysis as how great process does not always lead to great results… Change and counters to changes The structure of language and concepts dictating physical realities Interesting piece on reference pricing and its impacts in California… When too many choices are bad To the extent that better […]

I aint got no Satisficing

Satisficing is one of my favorite concepts and words. Yes, my name is Richard Mayhew and I am a nerd of unusual size. And in a just world, satisficing and the related concept of bounded rationality would have made Milton Friedman a very smart, very interesting thinker who had some excellent things to say about the […]

I’m being oppressed and made better off

Conservatives are having fun with stories like the following: Ian Hodge, 62, is one of nearly 13,000 central and eastern Pennsylvanians who will soon need to shop for health insurance because Highmark Inc. is discontinuing their coverage at the end of the year. Highmark has announced it is withdrawing five of its insurance plans that […]

Time to make the donuts

The Donut Hole in Medicare Part D (the prescription drug benefit) is slowly going away.   Medicare Part D has four tiers of coverage. Here is the 2013 benefit design: Deductible phase where Medicare pays 0% (2013 $325) Basic coverage where Medicare pays 75% ($325.01 to $2,970) Donut hole where Medicare pays 2.5% ( $2,970.01 to […]