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Owning a vote

Dave Weigel at Slate notes that the Dems are amazingly united in their opposition to Republican extortion attempts: They honestly expected a few of the Democrats to crack—after all, four of them are running for re-election in states that voted for Mitt Romney. “If you’re a Mark Pryor,” said Ted Cruz last week, “if you’re a […]

Tipping and paying for performance

I’ve enjoyably wasted a good chunk of my morning reading about a tipless restaurant (thanks Aimai) When in time we started contemplating the elimination of tips from the Linkery, Ilooked for actual research on the subject, and found Michael Lynn’s then-recently-published“Tip Levels and Service”. This paper shows that in spite of what people think motivates […]

Does this Qualify?

We’re in the biggest open enrollment period of my lifetime.  Open Enrollment is when people who don’t have a plan can get a plan and those who have a plan can change plans without penalty.  Open Enrollment is a common feature in any non-NHS system including the German, Dutch and Swiss as well as the […]