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Network Shock as a minimal issue

Kevin Drum raises a good question this weekend on different challenges (actual and political) that Obamacare faces in the next six to nine months: network shock might actually be a bigger issue. It’s one thing to get a rate increase. That’s bad, but it’s often tolerable, and everyone in the individual market is pretty used […]

Meet the Brady Family

I’ve been in correspondance with a commenter for the past few weeks about a situation where someone under Obamacare may be made worse off or at least no better off and I want to highlight the story as it is intriguing, real and verifiable facts.  I’m changing some names and fudging some details to protect […]

Obama tweak as Landrieu-esque

Doing a quick read through the New York Times reporting on the Obamacare tweak proposed today and it is basically the Landrieu plan with even less damage to the underlying risk pools of the Exchanges.  Here are the major points: Administrative change only Health insurers have the option of keeping the old plans in operation […]

Massachusetts Pace vs US Enrollment pace

Just a quick note concerning Obamacare enrollment.  Compared to the comparable time point of the 2006 Massachusetts experience, Obamacare Exchange enrollment pace is matching Massachusetts’ enrollment pace  for private insurance during the Bay State’s 2006 open enrollment period. At 16% into the open enrollment period, 2,089 Massachusetts citizens had signed up.  As a straight population […]

Looking at Landrieu’s plan

As a political matter, I understand the desire for Democrats to get out of the way of pissed off middle class people who actually have to pay a little more to get good health insurance that actually pays out.  As a policy matter, I really don’t care that there are some losers in a political […]