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10% 834 Errors

Okay, I’m back from visiting the parental units and enjoying yet another show of how the Granddaughter Rules play out.  My dad was always involved with us, but his involvement usually stopped at baths, balls, books, banks and trips to the airport.  That was where the combination of his knowledge base and societal expectations of […]

Extinguishing the Green Lantern again (or what John and Scott said)

Jonathan Bernstein makes a very good point on the Democratic coalitions of 2007/2008: One key point that Lemieux doesn’t mention this time: in one sense, this really isn’t about 2009 at all. It’s about 2007 and 2008, when the three leading Democratic presidential candidates converged on essentially the same plan (with Obama famously omitting the […]

The Insurance Triple Slash

Baseball analysts who can actually add value to most discussions of prospective value strongly discount the Triple Crown triple slash numbers of batting average, home runs and RBIs.  They also discount the pitcher slash of wins, ERA and strike-outs.  Both sets of numbers are traditional short hands to indicate quality play but better data and […]

Good news, too many ads

I was at physical therapy this morning.   As I did my stretches and balancing exercises for my ankle, the local generic “alt” rock radio station was being piped through the speakers and Good Morning America was on the wall television. On the rock station, I heard a Healthcare.gov “I got covered” ad, an ad from my company advertising […]