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Wave around the Waiver

In the previous post, there were a couple of good questions about the Arkansas Medicaid “private option” waiver.  The big one is would the Bronze plans on the Exchange be effectively useless to someone making 75% of FPL as they could not even look at the co-insurance and deductible as plausible payments. Here is a […]

Arkansas waiver news

CMS approved a waiver for Arkansas for Medicaid expansion. Instead of doing the mechanically simple thing of just expanding Arkansas Medicaid for individuals up to 133% of poverty line, Arkansas will engage in premium support. Individuals who are newly qualified for Medicaid in Arkansas will get a voucher to buy a policy on the Exchange. […]

To think, to drink and to waste some ink

An ode to quarterbacks as well as an analysis as how great process does not always lead to great results… Change and counters to changes The structure of language and concepts dictating physical realities Interesting piece on reference pricing and its impacts in California… When too many choices are bad To the extent that better […]