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What would you prefer

Let’s do a simple thought experiment. Let us assume that you are need to buy health insurance on the individual market. We will also assume that there is only a single insurer offering a single network with a common set of benefits across all scenarios. What scenario is best for you of the three below. […]

I am shocked that gambling goes on here

New: at a recent Twitter all-hands meeting, an employee asked: Twitter has eradicated ISIS. Why can’t it do the same for white supremacists? One answer that is discussed internally, we found: because it would mean banning some Republican politicians too https://t.co/x6JRvdvJJG pic.twitter.com/VRnht57WkN — Joseph Cox (@josephfcox) April 25, 2019 Whose heart is having palpitations? Open […]

Objectives and regulators’ choices

State insurance regulators are currently thinking about the 2020 individual market. Initial rate filings are due soon and regulators have to check to make sure that networks are adequate, policies are compliant, and premiums are justifiable. For some regulators, that is all that they will check. Other states will have regulators that can be more […]