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Gold gaps in 2017

Gold plans on the Exchange are plans with a targeted 80% actuarial value. All else being equal, they should be more expensive than Silver plans with a targeted 70% actuarial value. This is overwhelmingly the case in 2017 on Healthcare.gov. The embedded Tableau map is a map of the unsubsidized premium difference for a forty […]

Once again to the phones dear friends

You know what to do: NEW: Lindsey Graham thinks his health bill would get 47-48 votes if vote was today. Says McConnell told senators at lunch he is "all in." — Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) September 14, 2017 Call the Senate. Focus on Senators not in the South and from states that expanded Medicaid.

Using Medicaid as an Exchange back-stop

Over at Health Affairs, I argue that Medicaid is an appropriate and available back-stop for counties that don’t have an Exchange insurer: Instead, Medicaid is better suited as a reserve parachute for bare counties. Temporary Medicaid buy-in would be a useful tool for state regulators to improve the quality of plans offered in counties that […]

First thoughts on the Sanders single payer bill

The Sanders single payer starts the needed process of fleshing out how single payer as envisioned by its proponents, would work in the United States.  This is a needed step.  We must have a blueprint with which to assess viability, identify areas of concern, note critical omissions and evaluate feasibility and points of weakness.  The […]

Good news everybody

Actually two pieces of good news: First, the uninsured rate by age and year: Amazing uninsured chart by age over time @uscensusbureau pic.twitter.com/8EYSVSqKRe — Altarum_CSHS (@Altarum_CSHS) September 12, 2017 We’re seeing gains through the end of 2016. Early data on 2017 shows no improvement but so far no losses in coverage. And then in the […]