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Changing spreads in 2019

The Kaiser Family Foundation is keeping track of 2019 rate filings for the ACA. Their Table 1 has the least expensive Bronze and Gold plans as well as the benchmark Silver plan in a single major city in each state that they’ve updated. This is very valuable albeit incomplete data as the story in central […]

You be the referee

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. The England-Belgium game is going to be one hell of a refereeing challenge. Both England and Belgium will be advancing to the knock-out round. The problem is one side of the bracket is far scarier than the other side. The winner of the group […]

Actuarial value and plan choices

High actuarial value is better, right? Well it depends. It really depends on what you assess your prospective personal health risk to be and how much of a hit you can absorb. And from there, it is a matter of interrogating the benefit design of plans. Let’s look at two Gold plans I designed using […]

Whose costs: My costs

The Kaiser Family Foundation does frequent polling on a wide array of issues. They have a recent poll on politics and they probed a bit on what people actually mean when they say that they are concerned about health care. The key thing was personal costs and not systemic costs: When asked to say in […]