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Go sign up

Open Enrollment on Healthcare.gov and almost all of the state based marketplaces just opened up. California has been cranking for a couple of weeks now. Go sign up if you need insurance. Folks who are currently covered by individual market policies, you are being auto-assigned similar plans to whatever you currently have. You really should […]

Electoral victories and Medicaid

In seventeen hours, Virginia will start accepting enrollment for their new Medicaid expansion.  Coverage goes live on January 1, 2019.   Virginia will start accepting applications for Medicaid this Thursday. It’s a big day for the nearly 400,000 Virginians who will qualify for Medicaid coverage. 1/ — Joan Alker (@JoanAlker1) October 29, 2018 Virginia is […]

The Give a Damn Factor and Enrollment

Paul Shafer, Erika Franklin-Fowler, Laura Baum and Sarah Gollust *, **have a new paper out that evaluates the change in information seeking-behavior when Kentucky went from a state government and governor that strongly supported the ACA to a governor and state government that strongly opposed the ACA. Governar Beshear wanted to make the ACA work and […]

What to expect in the next Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for the ACA starts on Thursday morning.  Of the three Open Enrollments that have been partially or fully administered by the Trump administration, this seems likely to be the most boring.  We are in a steady state of predictable policy with few, if any shocks.  Yesterday,  at the Health Affairs blog, I laid […]

Free Gold in Oklahoma

Twelve counties in Oklahoma have an extraordinarily odd pricing arrangement.  Anyone who qualifies for premium subsidies on the individual market can get a $0 Gold plan***.  Below is the relevant part of the pricing table for one of the counties. QHP 2019 Master table State County Metal Level Issuer Name Plan ID – Standard Component […]