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The politics of no CSR funding

I don’t think Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) subsidies will ever be appropriated.  I have a hard time lining up the policy and political incentives in a way that have 60 Senators agreeing to vote on it.  I think the politics don’t line up as the policy foundations are changing. My friend in Chicago was complaining […]

GOTV for Health this weekend

Maine is trying to expand Medicaid. There have been bi-partisan bills that have routinely passed both chambers of the Maine Legislature. Governor LePage (R-ME) has routinely vetoed these bills. That cycle may be broken next week as Maine has a ballot question on whether or not the state will accept Medicaid expansion. Maine Medicaid expansion […]

Deductibles and distribution

Within the ACA, plans are grouped into metal bands.  Those bands have a target actuarial value with a band of allowed variance around that target.  After a plan shows that it meets the allowed actuarial value without going the maximum out of pocket limit nor violating the non-cost sharing preventative services restriction, insurers are allowed […]

FUD and confusion are profitable

A new paper just was released in the Journal of Economic Perspectives that looks at the value of too much choice in health insurance (Erickson, Sydnor).**  There are real costs to too much confusion as people will often make choices that are inefficient.   Insurers like inefficient choices.  They want people who are likely to […]

An Oops in your favor (New Mexico Edition)

Christus Health Plan made a mistake in New Mexico.  They filed the wrong rates for their plans this year.  The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is allowing them to correct their rates at the next data refresh.  This data refresh will be in the middle of the month.  Until then, CMS and Healthcare.gov […]

Take your time and shop on the Exchanges

The Department of Health and Human Services released their 2018 ACA plan summary report earlier this week. This is the most important table in my mind: The Silver Loading is making Bronze and Gold plans much cheaper.  9% more people who are subsidized are able to get low premiums plans.  As we looked at earlier […]