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13-0 and referee thoughts

The US Women’s National Team demolished the Thai team in a pool play round game in the Women’s World Cup by the score of 13-0. There is no optimal way to get out of this game. For the United States, their objective of the game once it got out of hand in the 56th minute […]

Everything is awesome until there are trade-offs

Early this year, Kaiser Family Foundation released a poll showing Medicare Advantage was popular: (56 percent) favor a national Medicare-for-all plan There is a fairly typical partisan split on all of these proposals. Buy-ins are more popular than replace the entire system plans. Incidentally that is why I think a Medicare/Medicaid buy-in approach is what […]

High cost can be high value

A new article just came out in JAMA this morning. The authors look at the thirty day cost of care for Medicare beneficiaries dependent on whether or not they go to academic medical centers or community hospitals. In this cross-sectional study of more than 1.2 million hospitalizations, major teaching hospitals had higher initial hospitalization costs […]