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The business case for cures

Procopius in comments yesterday raised a point I’ve seen around a couple of times that I want to address as the logic is internally inconsistent with a core underlying assumption of the statement. I believe all the pharma companies have one thing in common. I believe they search for treatments that ameliorate, but do not […]

Expensive cures and NPV savings

Bloomberg has a good article from earlier this week that is looking at the genetic treatments that are in the pipeline that may be long term cures for rare and expensive to treat diseases. The most important paragraph from a policy perspective is the outlay/benefit dissonance: The new therapies aim to fix the root causes […]

Big news in Louisiana

Great news in Louisiana. A new pricing model was approved about two weeks ago for the Hepatitis-C anti-virals. The state will be engaging a single manufacturer for a no marginal cost subscription model of the Hep-C cures for two large populations at need. The state Secretary of Health explains some more in the Health Affairs […]