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Thanks for all the fish

Aquarium rewards dolphins w/a fish if they bring a piece of litter or dead gull (to help keep pool clean) One dolphin starts (1) tearing pieces of litter into smaller pieces & trading each piece in for a reward & (2) stockpiling fish to lure & kill gullshttps://t.co/RiCw3yyuXy — Julia Galef (@juliagalef) January 9, 2018 […]

There will be lawyers (CSR Edition)

Health Affair’s new ACA blogger, Katie Keith, writes about the first of many lawsuits concerning Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) subsidies: On December 28, 2017, Maine Community Health Options (MCHO)—a nonprofit insurer in Maine—filed what is believed to be the first lawsuitagainst the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for failing to reimburse marketplace insurers […]

Risk pool surprises and rates

My basic heuristic for analyzing the individual health insurance market under the Trump Administration so far is the following: >=100% Federal Poverty Line (FPL)($12,020) to <=400% FPL ($48,080) Okay or better off <100% FPL minimal changes Healthy people above 400% FPL better off Not health people over 400% FPL screwed There are some serious caveats […]

Gold in the Terrapin state

Maryland released their state based marketplace results. The headline number was 153,000 sign-ups which is drop of 4,000 from 2017. The distribution of enrollment is interesting as it suggests prices matter a lot. Enrollment rose in rural areas, including an 11-percent increase in the Far Western region of Washington, Allegany and Garrett counties and a […]

Price levels by payer

Health Affairs has a new article out that looks at relative prices paid by a variety of insurers for common primary care office visits. Third party means the insurer and out of pocket is the combined co-insurance and co-pay that the patient pays.  There are a few big take-aways. The three private programs (Employer, Marketplace/Exchange […]