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Single payer and distribution

Kevin Drum is defending Bernie Sander against the Wall Street Journal but I think he is implying something at the end of his piece that is very wrong.  His logic would imply that Vermont would be getting ready to ramp up for single state single payer with a go-live date of 1/1/17. Then there’s the […]

Game recap

Just a follow-up from this morning’s post about my game this evening. TLDR: I did not fuck up. Long version —   Good game but holy shit, those boys found new and interesting ways to hurt themselves.

Administrative expenses or fun with denominators

Medicare has a low administrative rate.  Medicare pays roughly 4% to 5% of total expenses for administrative costs.  The best run health insurers have slightly higher administrative expense ratios (8% to 10%).  Is this a slam dunk that Medicare is inherently more efficient than private insurers?  Not neccessarily.  I want us to consider the following […]

How do states save money on Medicaid expansion

Charles Gaba pointed out an interesting article on Pennsylvania’s conversion of the Healthy PA Medicaid expansion –that could not be called a Medicaid expansion  — to a straight up Medicaid expansion.  The state projects that embracing Medicaid expansion will save the state a massive amount of money to cover the same population. According to Sec. […]