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More on Kentucky

Via Tbogg:   Basically Bevin wants the other states to take care of his poor people. Must be a states rights thing: pic.twitter.com/j6IAAV3EsY — TBogg (@tbogg) November 4, 2015 The 1115 waiver is how Montana, Alaska, Iowa, Arkansas and half a dozen other states have expanded Medicaid.  If straight up Medicaid expansion is replaced with […]

Kynecting the elections to policy

And now that officially sucks. Tue Nov 03, 2015 at 5:22 PM PT (David Jarman): To recap, Republican Matt Bevin (whom you might remember from losing his tea-flavored primary challenge to Mitch McConnell in 2014) has won a surprising (to the extent that no poll had given him the lead) victory in Kentucky’s gubernatorial race. […]

Location agnostic billing

Congress and the President actually solved a real problem in American health care this week.  The recent two year budget bill has a $9 billion dollar savings from Medicare that is being driven by how Medicare pays charges at doctors’ offices that were bought out by hospital chains.  The National Journal has more: will change […]

The communication challenge

Roger Moore downblog made an excellent point that I hope I would have eventually bumped into over the next ten to fifteen thousand words: It seems to me that the current insurance situation creates the worst of both worlds for consumers: there are enough choices to be confusing, but many of the choices are essentially […]

Communicating simplicity and complex benefit design

Andrew Sprung reminded me that not all of the Exchanges can be easily spammed at the subsidy point. @charles_gaba @bjdickmayhew I like California’s standard benefit design.https://t.co/1xW88R7Qw3 Easier to understand on-exchange. — xpostfactoid (@xpostfactoid1) October 31, 2015 Covered California is what is known as an active buyer. They solicit bids for standard coverage packages and reject […]