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Not substantially different to spam the Exchanges

There is a problem with how  the second Silver subsidy point is calculated for the PPACA Exchanges. A company can offer numerous plans that have minuscule differences in benefit configuration.  Each plan counts as a separate entry in the Silver category, so a company can spam the Exchange with isomorphic plan designs.  If a company is […]

Deductible types

Commenter Keith asked a good question about understanding health insurance in my last refereeing post: what is the definition and implication of embedded? (HCA-HDHP). TLDR: All else being equal, the same dollar level of family deductible as an embedded deductible provides slightly higher actuarial value coverage than the same dollar figure for an aggregate deductible. […]

Bush Medicare plan

Read all about @JebBush‘s new entitlement plan that saves $2.7T over the next 20 years: https://t.co/bRWAuricap pic.twitter.com/h0I7SsXvtH — Loren Adler (@LorenAdler) October 28, 2015 Loren Adler has a deficit reduction fetish that is a bit creepy as he and his group prioritizes no debt without looking at either value of what is being bought with […]

Cadillac tax alternatives

Self correcting mechanism. Cap of tax exclusion could also work this way & would be more progressive. We need one https://t.co/ROERP10yua — Don Taylor (@donaldhtaylorjr) October 26, 2015   Duke prof making $125k & admin $25k pay same premium for health ins. Caddy tax will affect both same. Cap ESI exclusion >impact on Prof 1|2 […]