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FTC and healthcare cost control

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was in the news earlier this week.  They, in conjunction with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, are filing suit to stop a hospital chain merger in the middle of that state. The Federal Trade Commission has authorized an action to block Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s (Hershey) proposed merger with PinnacleHealth […]

Choose 2: Healthcare costs and choices

There are three competing choices in the American healthcare system. Reasonable costs Unlimited choices Quality care At best this is a one plus one of two choice scenario.  You can have reasonable costs and quality care by restricting choices, you can have quality care and unlimited choices.  It is very hard to have reasonable costs and unlimited choices. […]

Reference Pricing tweak for Medicaid

Reference pricing is a common payment reform for commercial insurance.  Common, non-urgent, deferrable procedures are prime candidates.  Hip replacement is the classic example in California.  There, CalPers sets a flat fee for hip replacement.  If a covered individual chooses a hospital that has a price below the benchmark, CalPers pays the full benefit minus any normal […]