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Scope of practice victories

Wonkblog is reporting on some good news that will continue to bend the cost curve while providing better access to healthcare to more people: The most recent wins came in West Virginia and Florida, where after many years of trying, lawmakers passed measures freeing up “advanced practice” nurses — those with more graduate education than […]

Referee use your whistle

My season is starting up again, so that means a few more refereeing posts. Last weekend, I was reffing a bunch of U-13 to U-16 games.  Most of those games were reasonable as the coaches were decent, the players tried to play smart and hard and the parents were reasonably well informed and well controlled. […]

The marginal importance of marginal ideological differences on the Supreme Court

I am not getting the argument that Obama’s choice of a moderate justice is a massive concession even if he can be confirmed before the lame duck session. Over a multi-iteration appointment game, I can see that, but in the single iteration the marginal variations of a typical Democratic appointment to the Court won’t swing […]

Presumptive nominees and procreating rats

With last night’s results, I think it is fair to say that the Democratic race is, absent strategic meteor strikes, effectively over.  The Democratic Party has a presumptive nominee in Hillary Clinton. The Republican Party does not have one yet.  Fivethirtyeight.com has a good chart based on delegate targets that shows the Republican Party’s most […]