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The Supreme Court thoughts

Here are a few thoughts on the Supreme Court vacancy as my kids are slowly quieting down for the night. First, a 4-4 court from a liberal perspective is no worse than the current situation.  Crappy decisions like the DACA decision out of the 5th Circuit will continue to be affirmed.  However the affirmation will […]

The Sovaldi that wasn’t

Last summer every insurer in the country was rerunning their models on how the next wave of cholesterol drugs were going to blow up the cost structure.  A new set of inhibitors were coming onto the market.  They were priced at over $1,000 per month before discounts while the drug class they would be replacing, […]

The establishment is the kiddie table

Via Political Wire:   new Morning Consult poll finds Donald Trump with a huge national lead over his GOP rivals at 44%, followed by Ted Cruz at 17%, Ben Carson at 10%, Marco Rubio at 10%, Jeb Bush at 8% and John Kasich at 4%. The consolidated establishment lane of “responsible” Republicans pull in 22%. […]

When the Republican offer is not nothing

Idaho is advancing a non-Medicaid expansion plan to provider health “coverage” to its working poor. The Idaho Reporter has the details: Gov. Butch Otter’s administration formally introduced its health care plan Thursday morning, which a top official billed as an Idaho solution to insurance coverage gaps. Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Director Dick Armstrong […]

Workplace safety and worker rights at all workplaces

Just saw two interesting articles on labor safety and organization. In Florida: Alexa Rohlsen says she danced at a strip club to pay her way through cosmetology school, but these days, it’s been a struggle…. When she injured herself falling off the stripper pole, she had no insurance and so she was on her own […]