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Multi-state plans and selection problems

Kaiser Health News has a piece on the failure of multi-state plans to be successful in the exchanges.  One of the big problems is pricing.  They are expensive.  And their analysts are confused why this is the case: average monthly premiums for the most popular silver plans, which pay 70 percent of medical costs, were […]

Problem with metrics and referee directions

Vox has a brief little informer on the relative risk of injury in high school sports.  I think it is useful, but reading the definition of injury makes me wary about the data source: This data on high school sport safety was included in a new study in the journal Pediatrics. The study primarily focused on […]

Case mix and cost studies

Case mix matters.  It matters a lot because different groups of people have very different sets of behaviors.  It matters because external actors that interact with different study groups have different incentives.  A new study reported in the New York Times makes that very clear: The research looked not only at Medicare but also at […]

A bit more on consumer directed healthcare

Stealing a long bit from Forbes interviewing Amitabh Chandra on his research in how high deductible health plans change behaviors: The switch caused a spending reduction of 12%— so HDHPs certainly save money. A 12% saving is really large. If the result is general, it implies that moving everyone to such plans would save about $300 […]