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Data hunt bleg

This is a research information bleg. Martin Gaynor linked to a very interesting study from 1998.   not a dime’s worth of difference between for- & non-profits in terms of cost & outcomes https://t.co/NwIj8NymFJ https://t.co/eZ8brBASbT — Martin Gaynor (@MartinSGaynor) February 29, 2016   It was an examination of Medicare data and how prices varied or […]

Bifurcation of America

Minnesota and New York are getting to the levels of universal coverage that most European nations have. They are tweaking their systems and prepping waiver requests to extend coverage to currently excluded populations and improve affordability. We get graphs like the following:   MN Uninsurance at 4.3%-Lowest ever! @kenneygm @larry_levitt @larryrjacobs @publichealthumn https://t.co/O35K66lET9 pic.twitter.com/t8nzrFAKRR — […]