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Changing the type of errors in directories

The  Wall Street Journal  reports on the new CMS regulations and fines concerning bad provider directories: Starting Friday, they could be costly for insurers. New regulations allow the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to fine insurers up to $25,000 per beneficiary for errors in Medicare Advantage plan directories and up to $100 per beneficiary […]

The morality of waiting for a pony

My  last post was a fairly technical dive  into Wyden waivers, subsidy bundling and actuarial value calculations.  It was an effort to explore a plausible future possibility space that in my opinion would lead to more people who are in the bottom half of our society to be made better off than they are today. […]

Wyden waiver, bundled subsidies, increased actuarial value and presumptive eligiblity

Wyden or Section 1332 State Innovation Waivers can go into effect on 1/1/17.  These waivers would allow states to rework their insurance markets (excluding interaction effects with Medicaid) as long as the resulting coverage was federal deficit neutral or better, covered at least the same services, covered at least the same number of people (with […]

GOP Elite delegitamization; Obamacare Edition

This is a good example of the process of how the Republican base has come to like Trump so much. Their elites either don’t know what they are talking about or are lying to them, repeatedly. @reihan @ptbrennan11 @KipPiper or more to the point, he’s included autos in the denominator but not the numerator. Assumes […]