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Size matters

Size, once past certain threshold values, may or may not matter during sex, there are too many interrelated variables to tease out a definitive statement. However, size definitely matters in the ability of organizations to bear and spread risk.  Insurance companies when they are operating in a manner that benefits the public are supposed to […]

Expand and loot

Good news (via Politico) for Pennsylvania: Republican Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett is planning a Monday press conference to throw his support behind a version of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, industry and legislative sources tell POLITICO. Corbett’s eyeing versions of expansion that rely on private-sector health plans rather than adding to the public Medicaid rolls, similar to […]

Gini in a bottle

Let’s head to fantasy land — no you perverts, not that one… the one where Econ 101 is an accurate description of how the health service markets work.  In this world, information is widely disseminated, products and services are clearly differentiated, no single buyer or seller has enough market power to set or demand a […]

Payment models and death panels

JCJ asked an excellent question: Do you think in the future insurance companies will offer a single payment for services? My question has to do with my specialty – radiation oncology. If a woman undergoes lumpectomy for breast cancer and meets criteria for hypofractionated whole breast radiation (age > 50, no previous chemotherapy, separation (sorry, […]

Good morning and open thread

Good morning to everyone.  I’m nursing a bum ankle from a non-contact injury I sustained during my late night Men Behaving Poorly soccer league, so I’m wishing that the big pills in the little orange jar were something stronger than ibuprofen right about now. I also got to see Kid #1 do an amazing job […]

Adverse Selection in New York State

Currently New York State’s individual insurance market is structured with only one of three major components of the Obamacare exchange products.  New York state requires insurance companies to sell insurance to anyone who applies for it.  This is community rating and it is a shared policy with Obamacare.  However, New York state has no mandate […]