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GIGO in the OODA loop

Brad Delong has a good precis on how a functional political system performs quality control on its information and decision system: (1) Loss of position, (2) loss of informal influence, (3) loss of cushy life, (4) loss of liberty, and (5) loss of life–those are the five forfeits that can be imposed on the losers in […]

Provider sponsored plans and new entries

As a follow-up to this morning’s post on building networks, the blindingly obvious became obvious to me on a reread.  One of the big sources of new entries into the insurance industry has been the creation of provider-sponsored plans or integrated delivery systems or payer-provider systems (all the same thing, just depends on what set […]

Good news everybody

The % of people uninsured is at the lowest level ever recorded, but not yet zero. pic.twitter.com/whtIBcb075 — Larry Levitt (@larry_levitt) February 5, 2016 This is good news. The questions are how to keep pushing that number done some more and how to make sure that the people who are covered actually can use the […]