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Good news everybody

Just some more good news: Nice chart from @HHS_ASPE on different measures of the uninsured rate. https://t.co/uGhGn759s6 pic.twitter.com/fi3uij9jqm — Margot Sanger-Katz (@sangerkatz) March 3, 2016 and the good news will probably continue for the first quarter of 2016: expected ++ gains from Exchange ++ Montana and Alaska Medicaid and a decent economy still supporting good […]

What’s the 1,000th worse case

Nate Silver is arguing on Twitter that the current Republican primary and the probably Trump nomination is the GOP party elite’s 997th worse case. He offers the 998th (Watergate Part Deux) and 999th(Aliens)… @ObsoleteDogma: No. 998 involves a Watergate-style scandal, No. 999 involves space aliens, and I don’t even want to think about No. 1000. […]

Dean 2004, Obama 2008, Sanders 2016 and white liberals

Just a few quick notes on the current campaign through the eyes of a white liberal who has never felt the Bern. On fundraising through February 2016: Sen. Bernard Sanders may have lost a majority of states on Super Tuesday, but he continues to pull ahead of Democratic presidential primary rival Hillary Clinton in the […]

Oscar and OMG losses

Bloomberg is reporting that Oscar Insurance, the shiny new disruptive ™ health insurance company with an awesome web app is hemorrhaging money in New York: Startup Oscar Health lost $92.4 million in its New York health insurance business last year, a sign that insurers of all sizes are struggling in the new markets created by […]